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    Quote from andidevi

    "Resource - Again... need some catchy name." what you said there is something like the stuff the barbarian has, or the monk: Fury and Spirit...but not bad, i liked that you said: "Starts out at a max amount.", but it would be too easy, eh?

    anyway, great initiative for the topic but patience and we shall all see about the 5th(i am more into finding out about the role Tyrael plays). with patience we can cross the ocean! ;)

    Oh yeah, I know it's soon enough. I just have fun doing things like making up classes. I was dorky enough to make a full on Fantasy based strategy board game when I was younger lol!

    As for the resource system (which I think could very likely work well). I was aiming for something similar to the Barbarians fury but instead of building up would reward you for the speed of killing not the amount of damage you take. Working like so:

    Start at 100
    Use ability X (75)
    Use ability Y (60)
    Use regenerating ability X (70)
    Kill Monster (100)

    That's only a VERY rough hacked up version of how it would likely work in-game.

    Quote from enkeria

    1. The announced the Monk instead of this character.
    2. That means the character's homeland is something about the desert.
    3. A patchfinder, ranger-type with traps is something most of us guess it would be.

    I could definately see it! Would be cool and not too dissimilar to what I have written down here.

    Quote from enkeria

    Cool tree you wrote down!

    Which one? Or are you referring to all of them?

    Quote from lowl

    this is probably hard to imagine but there is a possibility that the last class wont be bow/missile based... =O i know!
    Apparently all classes can use bows and a couple of them can already use them with EFFECTIVE abilities, whose to say that we haven't really seen the full skill potential for the monk? perhaps he/she has a skill tree (or whatever) lined up for such a focal?

    Nope, not that hard to imagine. And you very well may be right, I was just speculating. Actually this is a combination of a brainstorm between me and my wife. We were driving to the store for groceries and we just were discussing what we thought would be cool.

    Quote from lowl

    I think it will be a something less vague than a scout... like a taskmaster (lol thats also vague)

    Lol! Yeah "Scout" is rather vague but I couldn't think of anything better and I definitely didn't want this to be called "Range/Hunter".
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    Well it's my first time ever trying to "guess" at the fifth class, but I do know how many of these are out there. Ranging from deranged killer clown (Sweet Tooth?) to more serious Rogue/Ranger classes. I fall into the category of more serious guesses. Also, I discovered how bad I am at coming up with "clever" names for skill trees. So here it is!(Quoted for highlight)

    Diablo 3 5th Class


    Tree 1 - The Bow tree (Some catchy name as it covers both bows and Nature based magics)
    **The Scout has spent his/her entire life perfecting the art of killing from afar or not killing at all. A master of both his/her bow and the use of natural magics to enhance his/her chosen weapon.

    Tree 2 - Traps (Not unlike the assassin's but following the nature based theme. Also "Traps" is boring... catchy name please)
    **The Scout is trained in the use of traps for both evading pursuers, Ambushing key enemies and debilitating would-be combatants.

    Tree 3 - The evasion/stealthy tree (Again catchy name needed. Follows the nature theme and gives a possible druid-like element)
    **The Scout has also learned a various number of survival skills. Most of which come from the study of various animal life.

    Resource - Again... need some catchy name.
    ** Starts out at a max amount. The maximum amount increase based on character level. The resource is regenerated via killing an enemy or using certain abilities from Tree 1 or Tree 3.

    Basically I think this would make an interesting class. If no one likes the Nature theme change it to a mage-like theme and it should work the same lol.

    What do you guys think?
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    Let me break down how WoW's loot system worked b/c a lot of you guys sound like you've never played the game and are making speculations w/o the facts.

    every mob (monster) has a chance to drop a specific set of items. Here is a link to a WoW database website which gives the list for various mobs (monsters) of different levels and from different areas.

    Wendigo (level 6-7)

    Fallenroot Rogue (level 21)

    Princess Theradras (level 48 Elite [Dungeon Boss])

    Satharion (level unknown [Endgame Boss])

    Now if you visited the links you noticed the item level of the available loot went up as well. This was done on purpose as lower level characters were not able to participate in the higher level fights (level restriction on zone/dungeon). Also it made it impossible for players to fight any regular mob (monster) much higher level to them b/c of a fantastic thing called "crushing blow"... this made the bad guys do like 10 times damage to anyone 4 levels lower them them.

    This is something that is NOT based on Character level but a static pool that is randomly chosen from. And I think it should be this way. If I want a certain item I should know who drops it and if I want another it should be off a different mob with a static chance unaffected by any magical property.
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