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    Quote from FreddyBenson

    i agree with 2, but its 2012 people

    the no pvp at launch sucks, but im sure we weill have it in within 6-10 weeks after live

    Fair enough, but as said before, just enjoy the game, get your 60 gear and then pvp :P
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    I love that the OP has only 2 posts. Kinda sad when you wait till the game is announced before bashing it when the rest of us have been patiently waiting and discussing the pros and cons instead of attacking one another. Is he in the beta? I'm guessing no
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    I'm one of those guys who enjoys a massive game manual to read when, heaven forbid, I am not playing the game, such as Diablo III.

    I really hope, as in the previous Diablos, it is massive for me to enjoy as some alternate toilet reading. I just like to learn as much as possible about the games I'm playing, as well as any hints or tricks that can add to my game. I hate online manuals! Like what the crap!

    Collector's edition would be nice also! Soundtrack and some other goodies ^_^

    What you guys think?
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    Screwtape was in his study deep in thought when a knock came at the door. "Come in," he replied. Opening the door was So'kar his second in command. Clad in his usual black and red granite armour which seemed to seethe with his breathing, coarsing with the burning lava held within it. And slung across his back, one of his many trophies, a great fire sword which he had conquered a huge old demon in possesion of it. He had his masters respect and loyalty to his master in return.

    So'kar wasted no time in stating his business. "My Lord, my apologies for intruding. I do not know if you are aware that there has been much talk among the common rabble that a new power has emerged from the City of the Damned. He calls himself Namphiel. They say he is gathering an army."

    "What sort of army?" Screwtape asked. For he himself had been relatively unnaware of a gathering of any kind. Though, he thought, these new lords don't last long. Hungry for power and always a clever lieutenant waiting for just the right time to strike and take up his master's throne. Did these new lords ever learn that to rule in hell you must rule with fear and without question. No second chances, no forgiveness, nothing.

    "I dug a little deeper," So'kar reflected. "and learned that it's a first wave intended to infiltrate Sanctuary with sleeper demons, which would explain why some of your acquaintances have been called to him as well, my lord. And a few old acquaintances at that. Some say he will be the next great Dark Lord, to rule over Heaven and Hell on top of the human world" Screwtape's head came up at that and So'kar hurriedly added, "but it is only just talk my lord."

    "So he is going to Sanctuary is he?" Screwtape thought aloud. And with the mention of infiltration he was surprised that he himself had not been called before the others. No matter, if this squabble of ragtags were going to Sanctuary then they had best be about it, even without him. And good luck to them without Heaven sticking their angelic noses in as well. He was not proud. Was he? He supposed he must be jealous. The opportunity to be on Sanctuary once again would be an enjoyment, a sort of holiday. He would go. He would! "You may take your leave now So'kar, well done, I... I have some business to attend to." His lieutenant bowed and left his study, closing the door leading to the outer processions of The Shroud main hall behind him.

    Screwtape sat back in his large throne-like chair slightly puzzled. He let out a sigh and got back to the immediate work on his desk, so many papers to go through. Why did he have to bother with papers? Frustrated he yelled "This is hell! What do I need papers for? And! Ah!" He laughed at his gestured fist, he would find out more about this rabble rousing and their new lord later. He reminded himself of the vital papers infront of him. He tried to focus his attention once more to the situation at hand. 'But why now?' he thought, as his mind momentarily slipped away. The news had slightly disturbed him. Everything was running smooth and according to his plans. He had finally gotten hold of the ancient documents of which he had searched for what seemed like ages for. He had only scratched the surface of what power and what secrets they could reveal.

    He shook his head. 'Enough with these concerns, now for some of that human tea I have', he thought. He had acquired a taste for it after years of work on Sanctuary and he had found it helped aid his concentration. He tried to get up out of his seat and something tugged at him. "Ah so they want me after all," he said aloud. He grinned and all of a sudden he vanished completely leaving the study almost as it had been. A select few ancient scrolls that only Screwtape himself had seen had apparently managed to travel with him.

    He appeared, standing on a runed circle surrounded by red and black tiles in a giant hall. The high walls arched above, supported by jagged black spires of crystal. Imps skittered across the floors, carrying all sorts of tools, stone tablets, and even weapons in and out of doorways. Some of the creatures carried armfulls of old scrolls, dropping a few and picking them back up. Screwtape would have done anything to have a look at them. The place was a bustle of activity, it looked as if they were indeed preparing for war. The rumor appeared correct.

    "Another has arrived, my lord." said an unfamiliar voice. Screwtape looked to its source to see a rather odd looking figure, standing nearly 6 feet tall with spider like legs. It clicked across the stone floor, picking up a writing tablet with its' clawed hands, and began scribbling down notes on its surface. It looked like a list from where he stood.

    He looked up ahead to observe a giant demon around 9 feet tall, who sat atop a massive throne of obsidian. He glanced down at Screwtape through old yellow eyes, before raising a clawed finger to his temple in contemplation, as if considering what to eat for what the humans called 'breakfast'.

    Screwtape knew that the demon must have got hold of one of the summoning stones. He wondered what lost chasm he found it in or who he had killed for it?. He wouldn't mind having one himself to use for summoning his brethren sworn to The Shroud.

    The figure on the the throne abrubtly leaned forward and aided by the firelight Screwtape recognized the face and spoke before the demon could, "Namphiel is it? That's not the name I remember you last having. And no, no your reputation was quite different in those days wasn't it? But you appear to be doing better since we last met. State your purpose, why have you summoned me here?"

    Namphiel smiled, if you could call it a smile. "Greetings to you Screwtape. It has been a while hasn't it? But the old ways aside, I have a job for you."
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    Me too. Sounds sick.
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