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    It has been confirmed that "rare" will be more desirable in the end game in comparison to "unique". I have came up with a great idea to add more depth to end game itemization.

    Since "rares" will be regular items attributed with prefixes and suffixes, why not make a system where certain prefixes and suffixes worn together give you some "bonus", some sort of synergy effect.

    These system I am proposing is for items are not to be used as "set" items! This system is for rares is for RARES only, and intended to be much more flexible, rewarding, and most of all, difficult to obtain than set items.

    These effects and synergies will have to be discovered through "trial and error" and no one is 100% sure if there is another "bonus" or synergy out there that is better than their current set up.

    So for example You have the following rare items: Bleeding Gauntlets of the Wolf, Wizards boots of the Wolf, Heroes Breast plate of the Wolf...

    With all these 3 items "of the wolf" equipped you get a bonus called "pack master" which may give you +15vit, +15 stam, etc, etc,

    And perhaps there is an even better bonus if you have 5 items "of the wolf"

    This is just one of many ways this system can add more depth, complexity, and repeatability to Diablo 3.

    Then to make it even more complex, players may see to have both the prefixes and suffixes the same for all items thus giving synergies from both prefixes and suffixes.

    IE: Heroes Breast plate of the wolf, heroes gauntlet of the wolf, heroes belt of the wolf.

    This synergy will give bonus from having 3 "Hero" prefix along with the "wolf" suffix.

    giving you the +15vit, +15 stam, etc, etc, of the wolf, in addition to a "Heroes" bonus

    Another way this synergy can be used is if a number of different prefixes and suffixes are combined to create a bonus

    IE: Heavenly helm of the Hawk, Slashers gauntlet of the snake, Rangers bow of the monkey, thieves boots of the bear, arcanists belt of the boar.
    Since the player uses 5 items all containing animals, the bonus could grant "of the beast" synergy where it would add certain stats

    Now obviously this could add significant depth to the game!
    I could think of tons of cool synergies from different prefixes and suffixes.
    Maybe there could be a set where if you combine the prefix or suffix or all the names of the 5 brothers on Mt. Areat. When you get 3/5 of their names you get a small bonus, and when you collect all of them you get an awesome bonus. Or perhaps you collect all your items with only the name of a specific brother, and you get an awesome bonus for a certain barbarian build that coincides with the name of that specific brother.

    Technically there would be a most desirable combination of prefixes and suffixes for ever class according to play style and build, and yes it would be theoretically possible to obtain every piece of gear with the same prefix and suffix, but to do so would require a TREMENDOUS amount of time and effort. Thus adding to re playability and the never ending quest for most players to get the "best gear"

    what do you guys think?

    Also if any one thinks this is a good idea, and has access to the official diablo3.com forums, please just copy and paste this post on to the official forums with a link back to this page. I would do it my self, but I can't.
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