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    posted a message on Monk vs Inferno - solo boss kills [VIDEOS]
    I love how melee need to kite around with 10 times the defense as ranged while doing 1\10 the damage.
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    My friends thought it would be funny to make a Facebook album with 33 pics of them abusing my CE.

    I chose a chosen few, do not watch if you have a weak heart :DDDD

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    posted a message on THE PERFECT SNACKING BALANCE!
    Quote from Eggtchup

    If you can eat all that veggies and fruit, then why not just skip the hotdogs and eat some fish and cocked tomato instead? Hotdogs sucks anyways.

    Edit: Oh, and throw in some beans with the snacks.

    And dont forget to eat nuts.

    Because I tried to find balance between healthy and "junk", without feeling I'm sacrificing the fun of "pigging out" with junk, or without getting sick midway through, or gaining 80 pounds after a 24 hours of gaming session :P

    You should have fun :3
    Diablo 3 comes once every 2012 years, you should enjoy it to the fullest.
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    posted a message on Experience and Time to Reach Level 60
    I think he made that movie while being high.

    No way it will take 30 hours, 60-70% of the community is going to marathon at least for 12-20 hours, we plan on playing until we drop, which is around 30-40 hours. I doubt we will hit 60 so fast.

    Its going to take you at least a week for the super hardcore players, and about 3 weeks for the semi hardcore.
    You're forgetting movies, listening to quests, talking to npcs, salvaging gear, training blacksmith, putting stuff on AH.

    People who plan to rush to nightmare to get good gear are idiots.
    They won't pass the gate of nightmare with the crap gear they will get, or by missing those 3-5 crucial levels of finishing everything.
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson Top Tips for Inferno Mode
    Mhm. Nothing new :(
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    posted a message on Just got a Sad phone call about D3CE
    Ouch man.. sounds horrible :(
    I hope you find one, sounds like you deserve it.

    At first, I tried to get CE and it was nearly impossible. I had a friend who actually made a group sale and got about 25$ off for each copy, and I was too hesitant about spending 120$ on CE here in israel, and I missed it, and there was about 100 people who ordered it. I was really bummed out at first so after deciding I want CE, i checked around and finally pre-oredered mine about.. 2 months ago, since in Israel we weren't able to pre-order before, I even got myself an official pre-order T-Shirt!!! which is also rare!
    So bottom line don't give up, maybe this happened for a reason!
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    posted a message on Fear or being melee :(
    Quote from Veggie50

    I think it'll be fine. Jay Wilson has indicated that there are some mechanics ingame that are punishing to ranged, but not to melee, so it will balance out.

    That there is fear in facing inferno is a definit good thing though ;)

    The thing I'm scared most about, I think, is that i'll have to be armored to the teeth only to step into inferno, where ranged classes could "get away with" having less gear, since they can kite, and just not get hit at all. So they can slowly but surely go through inferno while I'm stuck in hell farming just to get into it.
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    posted a message on Two KEY Barbarian skills missing.
    I just don't understand why we don't have Shield Bash\Smash and Spell\Projectile Reflect.

    This is making me rage, there is no motivation to play with shields, fine, it adds armor, health, etc, but thats the usual stuff. Shields are supposed to be fun as well as protective, it should be a PLAYSTYLE rather then just equipping an item.

    Anyone else with me on this?
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    posted a message on I wish "Rage" abilities would be weaker, and have shorter CD.
    It's quite frustrating to have a 120 second ability on your bar. Even if they are "situational" as they are supposed to be, when you need firepower or a burst of damage, but still - these abilities are DAMN AWESOME and its a shame they need to have such a long CD.

    Look at other classes for instance (yes, I know I shouldn't compare, but still) - they ALL have a companion skill that has 100% uptime. ALL classes. We have companions that can be up only for 20 seconds. and the shortest you can make it is with sacrificing a passive to make it 80 sec CD. I don't understand it. Our companions aren't THAT powerful to justify a 2 minute cooldown.

    Wrath and Quake are also pretty amazing, yet I still don't understand why such a long time.

    Why not make them a bit less powerful, but have higher uptime?..
    For me everything beyond 20 seconds is too much. But if Quake would be 30sec, I would take it gladly. Even if it was weaker.

    And taking a passive for lowered CD's always seems like a waste to me :/..

    What do you think?
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