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    Hey all you WoWtards! I'm starting an clan which will be comprised of elite players from WoW, SC2, and Diablo 2, so if you're skilled at PvP, then hop over to the guilds/groups section and check out my forum post to learn more!
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    I've added the application form, please feel free to apply now!
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    I think that theoretically, they are all even. Until we see how much of an affect gear will have on each class (we still don't know if lifestealing builds will work well at high levels, or mitigation builds, or how these will work together in group PvP, just to name a few variables) we won't know what class is balanced or imbalanced. It's also hard to tell how similar the game will be in terms of leveling and reaching level cap to Diablo 2. If level cap in D3 is at all similar to WoW, then we'll know pretty quickly (2-3 months) how each class fares in PvP.

    Based purely on what I've read however, it looks like in 2v2s, Barb/Monk, DH/Monk, and DH/Barb are all pretty strong in combination. Monk CC/support with what seems like an unstoppable killing machine in the Barb should make for a pretty solid team vs. All based solely upon how much damage they both can put out and how hard it is to stop them from doing that damage ALL the time! Same theory applies for the DH, assuming Lifestealing and slows are at all effective. DH Barb would basically be as high of a skill capped combo as you could use I think, since they're both very high physical dps, but the DH is somewhat fragile (Monk/Barb could probably beat this team).
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    Hello, I am ElGuapo!

    I'm currently disappointed with any current clans/guilds that are recruiting on this website, so I've decided to start my own (If you're a council member or leader of any of the Diablo 3 clans that are currently recruiting, please contact me if you are interested in merging talent, see below)!

    Let me tell you a bit about myself before you get all hot and bothered that I didn't apply to you!

    Previous Games/Guilds:
    In Diablo 1 I was primarily in the clan [420], and spent all of my time in Diablo 420. Since D1 was full of hackers, it was pretty boring as far as a competitive game, but made up for it by entertaining chat channels and chatbots.

    In Diablo 2 I wasn't particularly good, and only made it to like level 92 before I lost interest in farming Baal. I remember having a trapsin that was a lot of fun, so was my FOHdin now that I think about it... I think D3 will be a much more balanced game in terms of PvP, but there will still be a heavy amount of farming required which is where a skilled guild/clan comes in handy!

    In WoW I was in Drama, who were famous for the worlds first BWL clear. I stopped playing after season 4 of WoW in any serious manner, and only got to 2400 in 2s with a shadow priest. Right now I'm just putzin around with a RL friend on probably the worst server and battlegroup in WoW, basically waiting for D3 to release next year.

    As far as participating in organized PvP, obviously I'd be helpful and would learn on a much quicker curve than the general population, so having me on your team is better than having me on the team you're about to fight! As for right now, I'm just looking for 4-5 people who are highly skilled gamers to help me organize this guild so we can provide ourselves with the best possible chances when the game hits. Ideally we'll reach a healthy size of 20-30 people who are very good at what they do, but before release, I'm going to be limiting the guild to a relatively small size of 10-15 people (depending on how talented the applicants are).

    What I'm looking for in potential officers:
    -Highly motivated and mature (18+)
    -Incredible PvP experience in D2/WoW (Duelists/Gladiators are basically shoe in's), Masters in SC2
    -We're going to be organizing an elite group of players, so we're going to need to make sure you're loyal. Skype and Facebook contact won't be unorthodox among our guild, so chances are we'll be using it heavily aside from the guild website (in progress) up to and after release of Diablo 3
    -Strong communication ability
    -Relatively large amounts of free time to farm

    Potential Officer Applicants: Please fill out the following information and email me at ElGuapwho@gmail.com. Forms which are not completely filled out will be automatically rejected. I will try to respond to all emails within 24 hours to let you know the results! If you have knowledge in website hosting and forum management, please make that obvious in your application :D! Thanks, hope to hear from you

    Speedtest Result:
    Goto http://www.speedtest.net and run a speed test to Los Angeles, California. When Complete click "Share Results". Copy the link there and paste it here.
    WoW applicants (Only fill out if you play/played WoW)
    Armory Link(s):
    Highest 2v2 Rating:
    Highest 3v3 Rating:
    Highest 5v5 Rating:
    Highest RBG Rating:
    Please describe your PvP experience in detail:
    References (Anyone who can vouch for you, please leave a reliable way to contact them please!):
    Starcraft 2 Applicants (Only fill out if you play/played SC2)
    Highest 1v1 League:
    Highest 2v2 League:
    Highest 3v3 League:
    Highest 4v4 League:
    Diablo 2 Applicants (Only fill out if you play/played D2)
    Highest level achieved:
    Please list any notable achievements you've had:
    Please list your clan history and PvP experience in detail:
    References (Anyone who can vouch for you, please leave a reliable way to contact them!)
    All Applicants
    Additional Info/notes (Web design/Web hosting skills, Graphic Design, anything you think I might be interested in knowing about you!):

    Side Note: If you are the leader of a large Diablo 2 clan, or have a group of players in your pre-formed Diablo 3 clan whom you think are highly skilled (meet the requirements of joining) and wish to merge populations, please get in contact with me either on this website, or by email at ElGuapwho@gmail.com!

    EDIT: You can fill out the application now. (LOL)
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