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    I would like to nominate LinkX for being such a great guy all around and Mephisto's Lament for having great music taste lol.
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    This could be a possibility. However there is no mention of this at all in any of the books or games. But adding this as a surprise in Diablo III would be absolute!

    Woot! 4k posts! :P
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    Bashiok recently commented on a member's question about Monster Mobs that aren't too generic.

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    This is more of a "is it easily possible?" or a "how can this be done?" to the techies out there who know 3d modeling and making games:

    I was looking at the new Unburied screenshots, namely this one (http://us.media.blizzard.com/1901200114/_images/screenshots/ss81-hires.jpg).

    On his own, the Unburied looks pretty cool. When there are three or four standing next to each other, exactly identical, it looks kind of less-amazing. What I want to know is can there possibly be a RANDOM generation of features on mobs (particularly big ones like this guy where you really notice it) such as the position/number of spikes on his back, the size and shape of head and limbs, etc?

    Does this put too much strain on CPU/GPU to be feasible? Will creating the code for this random model maker take a team of coders six months of hard work to get working? Would it be easier to just design say, 10 models of each mob and then when populating a map with mods, randomly select from these 10 models?

    Well to be perfectly honest all of these shots are set up. Generally you're probably not going to run into that many at one time. So a couple dispersed within a sea of every other monster, you don't see the stark repetition. I don't think normal spawning conditions would have that many facing you at once, especially because they're kind of tough.

    As far as having randomized creatures... mmm... it would take a lot of work but of course it wouldn't be impossible. The question is though, does that massive undertaking just to make sure a creature doesn't look the same as the one next to it matter when they're dead within a matter of seconds? Probably not.

    Or a more important question is, how many unique types of monsters do we cut from the final game so this guy doesn't always have an arm in the same place?
    The stark reality of production schedules! They give me nightmares too.

    There will be creature variations, but it's not quite the same as randomization of body parts.
    So there you have it, you probably won't see screens filled with nothing but the unburied.
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    posted a message on Diablo Quiz, Test Your knowledge
    1. What NPC in Act 3 has class specific intro for Necromancer?
    2. What is the name of the amulet you receive after completing the Halls of the Blind quest in Diablo 1?
    3. What type of magic is used to create the protective ward that surrounds Harrogath?
    Ancient Magic?
    4. How much gold did it cost just to look at Wirt's item for sale?
    5. What is the clan name of Bartuc and Horazon?
    6. What clan does Ormus most likely come from?
    A magi clan?
    7. What does the Assassin say upon first entering Blood Moor?
    "They will never see me coming!"
    8. Name all quest specific items in Act III (There's quite a few when you think about it).
    Brain, Heart, Eye, Golden Bird, Jade Figurine, Gibin blade, Kahleem's Flail, Kahleem's Will and I dont know if Mephisto's soul stone counts.
    9. What are the two possible lines Andariel says upon approaching you?
    Oh shit...never paid attention...um "Evil will..." IDK :(
    10. Name each NPC in every act that you use for gambling.
    Act 1-Gheed
    Act 2-Elsix
    Act 3-Alkor
    Act 4-um...shit...jamel?
    Act 5-Nihlathak
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    posted a message on Site suggestions (what do you want to see?)
    He is a suggestion, maybe instead of how many posts you do that gets you farther in titles, make a point system where a moderator and members judge on each others posts. The total amount of points determines your titles. This way you will see less spam.
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