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    posted a message on Season 7 End: October 14, Season 8 start: October 21

    Almost all the Youtube videos I've seen for some new tweak involve NS toons, as they have access to whatever goodie they need in order to explore the build. Most of the rest of Youtubes have been PTR toons, where the high drop rate also 'provides'. A handful of youtubes pop up about half-way thru the season about 'what I did'. With marketspeak Eras now being chanted by the coffee boy, unless you have a pressing need for a stash tab, or like ranking early, either you are gone, or in NS.

    The Era concept dropped down from corporate awhile ago, explains why so many people have retired or left. The slow filling of posted jobs means nothing is coming in the near future, and it doesn't hurt to fish in the meantime. The only interest I have in S8 is related to either playing something new, getting into an active clan so I can see what the 1000+ paragon game is like, or seeing if I can zoom up faster repeating S7 final build. Otherwise, it's NS to polish/explore S7 build or the backburner. S7 broke my S6 final build, so I'm somewhat happy that S8 will not break S7.

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    posted a message on patch with nothing?

    It cannot be a patch with Nothing

    as noted elsewhere, the sets MUST change

    and the Journey must change

    to not do both will be a long term error

    perhaps there will be a brief PTR to ensure that the changes worked, and maybe the impossible drops are once again 'fixed'

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    posted a message on 2.4.2 Round-Up - Monk
    Quote from kito90»

    lets nerf monks! yay!

    They did, the Sunwuko WoL Ephiany bug is now worse, and that means less surviability and thus lower GRs.
    Never seen a game nerf so much player power across classes, predicting mass desertions
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