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    posted a message on Damage mitigation and stacking in groups.

    Hi y'all. I can't find information about how certain skills/items stack in groups.

    For example Strongarm Bracers work additive for the whole group (unless something has changed since I last cared to look it up)

    Haunt - Poisoned Spirit used to give 20% to the whole group but after 2.4.2 it only works for the WD.

    What other skills/items work for the whole team and which don't? Is there a megathread somewhere around where I can read up on things?

    Then on to the mitigation, I know they multiply with each other, but do they stack in one big formula or do skills that reduced damage done by monsters work differently from the ones that buff your damage reduction and which do stack between classes?

    This is mainly for my curiosity but I'd also like to know roughly how high the numbers are between different progression groups. (WD/WIZ/BARB/MONK versus WIZ/WIZ/BARB/MONK for example).

    Cheers, Dyrving

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