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    I wish they will take the game seriously this time and do justice to the brand. I have no expectations myself though. I wish we will have at least a pk feature in the open world. But D3 also promised a lot and cut out feature after feature during beta. They also did blogs and listened to the community but in the end it was a mess.

    I wish a lot of things for D4 to get right , but I won't be fooled twice.

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    Quote from Zooheaded»

    I'm a little confused by the implications of d4 not being FTP, this implies that there is some sort of subscription fee after purchasing the game. When was this mentioned?

    Why would you assume it implies that ? They stated that it will be a one time purchase to play and expansions , with microtransactions in between.

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    Hi there.

    I don't know where you got your information but the D3 is in the hands of the classic games team for a long while . The second expansion was canceled and bits of it were released for free in patches while the new class, necromancer was released as paid dlc.

    There is no new xpac announced for d3, nor any future support aside from tech support, new infinity power creep 100000000% item changes and some new sets that will in no way make me reinstall d3 again.

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    There is a big visible line at the end of all their posts and blogs about systems. "Everything is subject to change by release" . Nothing and I mean literally no system they showed before d3 released remained . As they are now , those runes seems good but limited. What I'm concerned the most is the fact that there is no belt slot implemented so far in development and the limited number of sockets. True runewords require at least 3 sockets. I want trigger and 5 rune effects.

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    Nah, they just kept quiet on it until next BlizzCon comes. The game is ready for half a year now, at least that's what the China partners said. Why they haven't released it yet? Cause no one would buy. They wait to wash the hate on this BlizzCon with whatever bullcrap of lies they will announce about other Diablo projects , to hype people and then, you will see, they will release the game even during Blizzcon perhaps. And people will buy, cause that's how human mind work. They throw us a bone and we throw to them our money.

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    Quote from Pospa»

    Wrong forum dude, this is about Diablo, not that sh*t game.

    What diablo ? Please go back into your hole and enjoy your amazing mobile shit.


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