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    As i recall cooldown was a thing i diablo 2, maybe they had another word for it.

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    - Away with the big damage numbers, this means all these damage % increase legendary items and set needs to be nerfed or removed. Instead add special rune or elemental effects that can alter skills or even make them stronger(due to new mechanics).

    - Decrease legendary drops and make them feel more rare and unique.

    - Rework and balance item so that blue and yellow items can be viable at level 70 instead of being just a source for crafting materials.

    - Away with loot 2.0 make the majority of items usable by all classes and further tweaked with class gems and runes.

    - Away with Rifts and GRs look into adding more endgame event's like epic hard world threatening Boss fight requiring tactics and skills to overcome, players can be rewarded with specific class drops from the different bosses. Bounties needs to be switch out with these events.

    - Instead of the now scrapped rift add legendary dungeons with unique looks, traps, monsters and bosses. Again this need to feel special and epic in scale. Add random modifiers for better loot drops.

    - Introduce the Druid class.

    - New crafting system which allows players to be more in control of the items effects, the used crafting materials will determine which stats/effect the item will have, and the rarity/power of the material will determine the power of the item.

    - Back with the pvp challenge mode from D2 or make those arenas available for players to have fun in.

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    I wish they would make it possible to use the non class sets with Legacy of Nightmare/Dreams bonuses this would add even more build combinations...

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