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    So I'm looking at the top build for WDs this season. I've been mostly playing solo so far but I'm thinking about stepping into trying some group play. I haven't done it a lot and I can just imagine how when I join a group for some GR pushing, they'll be expecting me to spec into the trash killer version of the spirit barrage build.

    So the two builds are really similar. The biggest one being that in the "solo GR" version of the build, you would use Piranhas and Big Bad Voodoo where in the "group trash killer" version of the build you would be using Zombie Dogs and Sacrifice for the 20% damage buff that Sacrifice gives with the Provoke The Pack rune. So i'm looking at the two builds and comparing, and I can't help but wonder... Big Bad Voodoo has a rune that increases damage of allies by 15% plus the 15% increased attack speed, and Piranhado causes affected mobs to take 15% increased damage. For _everyone_ in the group. Sacrifice gives 20% increased damage for 5 seconds for _just you_, and also involves a whole extra rotation to have to manage with blowing up the Zombie Dogs to keep the buff up while also making sure to reset Zombie Dogs from Grave Injustice.

    How is the latter better for trash killing? One increases damage/attack speed of whole group by 15% + increases damage taken by at least some mobs by 15% for the whole group, while the other increases just your damage for 20%, and the latter is supposedly the top choice for GR pushing. It doesn't make sense to me. Even assuming two support roles in the group, there's still two DPS. So it's 15% attack speed/15% damage for 2 DPS vs. just 20% damage for 1 DPS. It doesn't seem logical to me.

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    How would I play Diablo Immortal? You download it on your phone, then use some kind of bluetooth game controller to play it? I've never played games like this on phones. Feels like a stupid question but I gotta ask. Also, how new does your phone need to be? I have a Galaxy S9 I think.

    I'm pretty out of the loop on the game. I was pretty negative about it after that Blizzcon. Was excpecting D4, etc etc. I've since come around a little, and I am trying to understand whether this is for me or not. It looks like a stripped down version of Diablo 3 at this point. The items (that I found using google image search) seem to have a lot less attributes per item, so it's mostly just some basic stats + legendary abilities. So it's basically Diablo 3 with less item stats and a whole new set of skills for classes with a whole new set of legendary abilities on items. So it's like if they did a new refresh of every item in Diablo 3 basically. Am I wrong? Why?

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    Agreed. And while on the subject, I also deter outlining with a colored line, like say there's a thin red line around the silouette of the mob you are mousing over. They are great QoL features for many games I'm sure, but they are also totally immersion breaking. Generally, I would love for Blizzard to just take a chance on it and just not have any such features at all, or to let the user disable them in an "Accessability" menu or something. Let me be confused about what exact mob I am attacking. Let me have monotone please. Not everything needs to sparkle.

    Furthermore, stop the homogenization. Stop implementing every market trend into the product. Dare to be one of a kind and not apply the "formula" each time. It's like with movies that now just swap out directors/producers/writers from one project to the next, even within the same franchise. Nothing hardly ever feels like its own, anymore. Nothing feels like LotR, or the original Star Wars movies. Cause those were created in large part by one person with one vision, not just the sum of the overlap of 50 people's visions.

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    what i'm wondering is, with the new skills they added, does the legendary follower item still let you unlock all skills? or did they remove or rework those?

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    Lots is lost in translation using google. Any french and german speakers that can comment on if there's any new info in those last two articles?

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