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    Europe or NA?

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    I'm "new" to D3 (Used to play it from release when AH still existed and stopped around 1-2 seasons after RoS came out), I play exclusively on HC since there's where the true challenge is at. Brings more excitement and makes my heart race at close calls.

    I also play seasons and a little "off season" in between seasons to try things out.

    However one thing that is important to me is "community". Having people to play and chat with. Since D3 usually only have players in start of seasons, after a month it dies of a lot. Even more so on HC because there is already a lower amount of players. I use the community finder and the Clan finder but even if I join the "biggest" communities with around 150 people and 50-70 online at the same time, it's dead quiet. When it comes to Clans it's either hardcore leaderboard pushers who requires 5 billion paragon in current season or they are inactive/doesn't respond.

    Anyone else experiencing this? And if so, do you have a active social clan?

    Best regards, Erik

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