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    posted a message on Nintendo switch new to game looking for help making a necro build

    @author use youtube and search engines, what kind of help do you expect ??

    Helping someone manually is waste of time, this is dead game, and the community is bad, i mean 99,9% of the time only noobs offer help to another in need.

    If you aren't a scrub - you wouldn't need to ask for help LOL.

    My example: i was doing 110 runs in 3 minute literally on day 1 of season on 800 paragon. After only 9 hours played.

    Read the guides > test in public games adventure mode > grind > figure things out > repeat.

    This is one of the easiest games in existence IMHO. Scrubs asking for help almost always have to wait hours and hours for decent help, OR read the guildes / watch youtube, easy as that.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 is dead <sadface>

    Diablo 3 is long dead, :(
    Community does not update things in here or other pages much...
    Those who are In-game are usually either maniac without life playing 16 hours a day,/or tryhard playing 145+ only,/or botter /or complete noob, there is almost no middleground. Only one or other extremes...
    Hardly ever within those past months i could find a party which would last an hour and is not full of cheaters. I mean whyy on earth would someone who plays this more than few months still need to cheat ?
    Every "decent" clan i was in, is full of cheaters.

    Pushing higher makes this game very unpleasant for noobs and casuals and for me too for that matter (but i played 16000 hours already and im bored of pushing), they do not understand how scaling works, I.E. we play 115 in 3 minute - fun, right, but then random pleb starts 125 and expects finishing this in time.... Not fun, undoable. Please learn math and L2p for that matter too...
    Even long time players sometimes can't even read the spells or items they use, how pathetic... Been playing for MONTHS AND MONTHS with bad build... Because didn;t read the description and doesn;t realize the synergies....

    I kinda liked this game at first, but the fun ended with introduction of Necromancers, then the Grind game began

    Forming a decent party even when using community chats takes forever sometimes , literally hours and hours, and there is (in my opinion) 70% chance there is cheater in your party anyway. "must have map hack and sh*t".

    500 players online in random games on realm ?
    800 players using community chat and still cant find party for an hour every single day?
    This game is a joke, Dead joke.

    All i wanted is decent party to kill those damned demons, undead etc, all i got is either powerleveling someone, or joining tryhard party with cheaters

    Pray D4 will be any better, but it won't.

    People think they want options, but even diablo 3 has too many options and builds, rendering the game unpleasant as hell for random and even for long time players like myself who went casual now...

    Its all fine, when you are noob, and only then. Fun stops when you have some experiance and comparison of how things work out..Otherwise you have to be suicidal or something , to play this game longer than a week or two each season.

    What to play now knowing that this was the game i loved so long

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    posted a message on !LFG!

    At this point in season, almost at the end when there is a lot of high level players, if you really want to play necromancer, you should start playing support build and spam 115 or higher in 3 minute easly like a walk in the park with random players, (and by "random" i mean you need necromancers damage dealers in your party , if not, always can quit game and look for next party in random public games) , all it takes is support necro build , relatively decent item rolls, and ofcourse using spells correctly .

    With this method you can get to 2000 paragon in 2 weeks playing few hours a day, and because its speedrun, it drops shit ton of items per hour, and gemups ofc, for your caldessans item enchantments.
    <exp per hour Most Effective Tactic Available>

    One of the best builds here you go > https://www.diablofans.com/builds/108517-s22-rat-shrine-znec
    with few changes> I made a comment in this build for relatively better build.

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    posted a message on I made a video parody about botters in Diablo 3

    Me: Likes.

    It is working on someones nerve, more dislikes than likes already.

    Sad reality is they think cheating equals to being good at game, even calling themselves "pro", or even worse, "gamer".
    Sad reality also, almost nobody cares.....
    Sad reality, according to my intel, inteligent beings should not "disturb" those ignorants, because it makes ignorants automagickally blame you for anything, which is partially true because they think its personal (oh no i cant let my ego think im bad person), taking responsibility is hard for immature beings. Blizz obviously knows the majority of people are idiots, Blizz needs the money, money doesn't stink

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