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    They seem to have the same "defensive" stats, SoH has Vit and low chance to chill and Azure has LoH and great freeze on hit. I would try to put a better offensive stat on the SoH. I've got one with atack speed and it's a beast. The proc, as said before, seems to be 100%. You can proc just from lightning and frost, but still, it's a great weapon.

    And it's got a socket. That pretty much wins any comparison. Haha
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    Quote from lilmasochist

    You need to stop putting the Item Giveaway at the top of the news. I keep thinking there's no new news.

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    Yeah, we're on the same boat. I'm stuck on act 3, spent all my gold and still can't go through Ghom.
    Honestly, I can't understand how people clear Inferno. I've been following streams, youtube videos, forums and all I see is people spending 2~4 million gold and clearing Inferno, piece of cake easy.
    Maybe latency, since I play with 250~400ms all the time, maybe weird builds (or exploit), but whatever. It's getting somehow annoying play almost 150 hours as monk and 100 hours as barb without some good progression.

    Still loving the game, however.
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    Error 37, I missed you so much!
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    Quote from lorien1973

    This is one of those "if you don't like it, don't use it" discussions, right? I don't mind seething in anger over the better loot rolls others get, but that's me. I'd just be wondering "why are they wearing that perfectly rolled item instead of RMAH'ing it?"

    That'll keep me wondering too.. haha
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    You're all welcome guys :)
    This is like, my first topic here, but I follow DiabloFans since ever, so it's nice to see some feedback.
    Well, some people are really upset about this, but as a former WoW player i really enjoyed tracking this kind of information and i did it because i wanted to.

    If someone doesn't want to see world firsts or who's leading this kind of "race", just don't search for it. With or without diabloprogress, i'm pretty sure we'll hear about who's the world first 60, world first inferno, world first inferno HC. Youtube is filled with players that are working on it (well, the way they can). Livestreams around the world will track that too.

    Well, if the world first/second/third or world best geared players are the best players, i really don't know and so far, no one does. In WoW, they use to be.
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    I just got an e-mail from WoWProgress, telling me that an analog DiabloProgress will be up on release date. I found it pretty cool and just wanted to share this. For those who don't know, WoWProgress use to track best "ranked" players and guilds, by progression and gear. It looks like it'll work the same with Diablo 3. More info at http://www.diabloprogress.com/

    Here the e-mail I got from them:

    "Hi Aldricks!

    If you are going to play Diablo 3, then you will be interested to see our new website DiabloProgress.com that will be fully launched shortly after Diablo 3 release.
    DiabloProgress.com will include:
    - progression ranking
    - leveling ranking
    - gear rankings
    and many other features!

    Based on information from developer interviews, Inferno mode is going to be really hard and there will be no official ladder. DiabloProgress.com probably will be your primary source about all the progression data and statistics for Diablo3.


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    For now, a PvE build with some nice survival skills or runes. For offensive, i got Meteor and Disintegrate, as Archon is defensive runed with Teleport. I tried to make it very balanced, so it will be funny to solo or group play.
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