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    Quote from Abob»


    But Ill repeat this as many times as necessary,

    Targeting specific employees by name should be unacceptable and unforgivable. Blizzard as a company made the decisions regarding Immortal, not Nevalistis, and not any other single employee.

    Since the average Diablo player is old enough to have played at least 2 of the games, were talking about people in their mid 20s at least, and frankly those few people in their mid-20s unable to understand the basics of job description would also be unable to understand how a computer works, so we ALL have enough intelligence to understand the separation between company and employee responsibility. Its not fucking rocket-science, whether you like her or not Nevalistis is employed to inform, spin and hype. So to those attacking her personally, take a break from the pathetic impotent keyboard warrior trolling, and allow that testosterone high from your perceived personal sleight to dissipate then maybe you can think clearly enough to take part in a conversation that leads to something constructive rather than just seeking support for your own false-convictions.

    you are totally right and i would count the lazy pun as more of a friendly jab. but the rest i've said isn't against the devs. it isn't against nevalistis. it IS against the community manager job. that job is done poorly, very poorly. the CM is the liaison between the playerbase and whatever is on blizzards side.

    - we have five posts on May 1.
    - two posts on May 2.

    + 28 days +

    - one post on May 30.

    + 70 days +
    - two posts on Aug 8, the day of the hype video.
    + 54 days +
    - one post on Oct 1.
    + 37 days +
    - two posts. one generic about forum stuff, one is the quick word from blizzard

    when i look at blues from WoW.. yeah, we have a very inactive CM position. again, it is the CM and not the person. if the CM isn't given anything to work with, the CM cannot post it. should the CM engage more, especially after this blizzcon? what do you think? should the CM try to fan the flames somehow, anyhow? at least SOMEHOW give us the feeling that this isn't the light at the end of the tunnel? or worse, the light from a brighter, more mobile future as it is..

    i don't have anything against her. but reading about one MVP from 2013 who broke into tears and who knows as much as we do is really gruesome. not standing by the community isn't very nice in these trying times. i think we all would like to hear something. taking our feedback over the last years did nothing, maybe we could be provided with any info about multiple projects? at this point, even the smallest morsels seem to be nice..

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    Quote from SpidaFly_»

    Honestly I don’t think the “sky is falling” attitude is warranted.

    Plenty of people were plenty excited about the past console releases, and I found them to be vastly inferior to the gameplay experience on PC/m&kb. Clearly this didn’t turn enough people off to keep them from making a Switch version. I’m far more put off by the switch version than a new full title for mobile.

    Mobile devices are getting impressive. Whatever one’s personal issue with the features and prices of current gen mobile devices, the simple fact is that they’re successful. Immortal might be a great game - we simply don’t know enough yet.

    Anyone ever play Eternium? I think that game is a “proof of concept” that gesture based controls work well for an iso ARPG (imo a better fit than any controller i’ve played with so far). Now consider that Eternium is not a triple-A title with the kind of team and money behind it that Immortal has/will have.

    If shop transactions run wild in Immortal, only then will I be disappointed. Do we know anything about this yet?

    Regardless - as someone with 26 years of serious gaming (I’d say easily 90% on PC), I think mobile gaming is here to stay, and it is certainly not always a bad thing. Tech and trends move on. Embrace it or be stuck in the past.

    ....... Unless there’s $99 p2w “micro”transactions. Then screw this, torches and pitchforks.

    But until we know more, I simply don’t think the game can be dismissed just because hating on the mobile gaming trend is “cool.”

    sorry, but you are wrong.

    in march next year, RoS will turn five. there is still the same old endgame as of release and that is rifts. now added with artificial difficulty in the form of higher numbers to achieve higher numbers while playing in the constellation of the correct numbers.

    they added the micropaymancer dlc along with some shabby anniversary filter and went silent for the rest of the year until 08.08.2018, where nevalistis told us about the hot burning forges at blizzard and i vaguely remember some tweet that diablo fans will be really excited for blizzcon 2018.

    sure, they didn't hype us. we hyped ourselves. but weren't the signs in our favor? were there any polls or opinions that gave voive to the lack of diablo games on mobile? did we run this game for nearly five years with changing devs and no real development, no real communication about the state or the future and the little wish that there'd be some form of exciting announcement at blizzcon 2018?

    yes, the signs were in our favor. no, nobody asked for mobile. yes, we endured much of the same old, hoping against hope that somewhere a real forge was in fact, really hot.

    this immortal will come to pass. it will have your $99 transactions and i guarantee you, even more. and like every good mobile game, these $99 transactions amount for nearly nothing in the grand scheme. heck, i could buy crystals in galaxy of heroes for the chance of 5-330 (most characters unlock at 30 shards which are gateway drugs, 330 maxes the character out) for $20-$40 and only get 50ish. that is the same in most successful mobile games and diablo immortal won't be the exception to that rule.

    and i tell you: people will suck it up. players like me won't make it past the initial free energy. i never spend much time in one sitting, maybe 30 minutes if a game requires full focus. but after that? you wait real life hours for energy. you get bonus drops for daily logins and if you miss one, you lose your consecutive logins. you get bonus items for playing X hours, while that shiny little button tells you to further that bonus by investing some small amount of money.

    after one month you are fatigued and if it didn't kill the franchise up until then, it will be done by then. mark my words. immortal is an abomination and moneygrab of the worst kind and blizzard deservers every ounce of backlash.

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    so no d2 remaster any time soon. by the way: those scarce morsels of news are still news. why don't they get to the frontpage?

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    Quote from vinnehehe»

    Quote from Bleu42»

    Quote from Bagstone»

    Quote from Bleu42»

    Quick thought; can they just be called primal legendaries? Primal ancient legendary just is a little gobbled up ya know?

    Obviously no one will call them primal ancient. Primal is just fine. Just like most people say "I found an ancient item" and not an "ancient legendary item".

    Well yea haha I know WE will. I'm talking about how to me it looks silly on the weapon: Primal Ancient Legendary Two Handed Axe. But that's just mo.

    Lol ye I'm very much looking forward to finding Primal Ancient Legendary Ancient Parthan Defenders

    As to whether these primals are a good thing or not, I think it's nice to have items to hunt for.

    I mean,loothunt wasn't part of the game anymore as it's literally raining legs, it was a stathunt not a loothunt so I like the idea of having a range of rare legs.

    The way they've done it though is a little dissapointing, just adding some main stat and a little dmg.

    Hoped they could've used their imagination a little bit more.

    using their imagination a bit more would result in them creating new items with fluff text, possible lore connections and new / unique effects. instead they tweak and change existing items, modify some game modes and let the game move on with no real impact. they change numbers, we kill bigger numbers with even bigger numbers and all "progress" feels hollow.
    "uhh, i beat GR121 yesterday! it was exhilarating!" wow. that sounds great. how about the time we managed to kill our first hell lord de seis in the chaos sanctuary? THAT sounds like a name. GR121 could be some planet. yawn.
    and now they tweak everything a bit more so that we could beat GR125 one day. "BUT IT HAS XX% MORE DIFFICULTY! DON'T YOU RECOGNIZE MY ACCOMPLISHMENT?!"
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    Quote from horrax1»

    Quote from Hellgate2038»

    Does nobody realize that this is actually a good thing?

    Paragon will now be even less important considering the diminishing returns on mainstat...

    This is a step in the right direction people!

    Exact the first thing I thought.

    Same was when they announced Caldesanns...

    It's about the grind yeah, but it's Diablo.

    I rather search for a primal ancient item than mindlessly farming paragon.

    But lets be honest it only diminishes the gap between 24/7 players and players (like me) who are efficiently playing between ~3-8 hours a day.

    Players with less playtime or determination will still suffer from this. It's why I can understand the mostly negative feedback.

    But in the long run it's a minor improvement to the game, especially if you're mainly playing NS.

    phew. i am glad, that there is a distinction between 3-8 hours per day and 24/7. now you can hope against hope that the last needed item drops, is not only ancient but primal ancient AND has the right stats rolled. which REALLY isn't more mindless than paragon grinding..
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    Preface: Many answers have been condensed, shortened and paraphrased. If you want the full context of everything, please go watch the video.
    No talk of launch date or pricing.
    How much of the D2 necro in the new necro?
    Travis played a lot of necro in D2 and was used as a jumping off point, adapting a lot of skills and themes into the D3 design of the class
    Is Revive returning?
    “Absolutely!” A massive undertaking but shaping up well.
    How will you make sure the Necro is different from the WD?
    One way is thematically, darker overall with the themes of bone and blood. Doing some very different things with pets, all are controllable to some degree with where to attack, what to focus on etc. Recently been messing around with different resource models i.e. with corpses and other abilities having blood costs.
    How will all the corpse based skills work since crits destroy corpses?
    Different than how things work in D2. A corpse mechanic had to be evented for the necro to use.
    Will there be aspects of the Poison skill tree from D2 integrated into the D3 necro?
    Not right now, encroaches on the WD. Not that many cool Poison skills so it isn’t going to be brought forward.
    Any love for melee-mancers? Would like to fight along pets.
    A lot of skills are up close and personal, and want to deliver on a close-range fighter style.
    Will Iron Maiden be brought forward as a skill?
    No plans to bring it forward, was decided that it wasn’t a fun gameplay style and that other skills could be used to fill that space.
    How many summons can a Necro have?
    “As many as Julian and the tech team will let me have” More server performance concerns than client concerns, but no defined number as of yet and no plan to set a number.
    What are the weapon types that necro can weild?
    Anything not class specific or bow or crossbow, will have their own class-weapon; scythes.
    Will Necro have Golems?
    “Yep, it sure will” Been working on them to see which ones they liked and which ones worked. Working on new golem types.
    How many types can be used?
    There are currently 3 worked out with room for 1 or 2 more, so 4 or 5.
    Will the Necro do damage itself or is most of the damage from pets?
    It can go both ways with pets doing most of the work or the necro itself doing the bulk of the damage. Many different avenues being developed.
    Two-handed scythe?
    Yes, there will be two-handed scythes.
    Will the Necro minions be temporary or will they be “permament”?
    There will be a variety of pets, some temp and some perm. Skeletal archers and mages will be making an appearance.
    Build a necro based solely on blood abilities or will pets have to be involved?
    They’ve started fleshing out something like that as it is a strong theme.
    Will the Necro start with four sets?
    Yes, that is exactly the plan. Not entirely sure what they will all do yet.
    Does the Necro have things that will do self-damage to deal damage?
    Yes, it’s turning into quite the thing and is becoming its own playstyle.
    Will the Necro have burst or will it be all dot based?
    Necro has nothing that is dot based right now, no dot spells. Everything is nukes, pets and cool utilities. It’s a way to separate the WD and the Necro since the WD is heavy dot based.
    Will there be further updates posted?
    Short answer is yes to keep everyone up to date. No cadence for updates right now but plans to show how things are going.
    Totally will. Was part of the Blizzcon demo. Massive snare and debuffs damage dealt by enemies.
    Special form for the Necro?
    No plans to do anything like that. Army of the Dead was a much cooler form of a longer cooldown ability rather than just matching the other classes. Not a mandatory requirement for classes.
    Damage only or decent support options?
    Don’t design explicit support options, but the Necro does have powerful curses and other things that can help groups out.
    Necro same release time for PC as console?
    Yes, goal to ship all platforms at same time.
    Will there be curses?
    In the lore is this the same Necro from D2?
    Short answer, no. (The people on the stream are not the lore folks by any means.)
    Comprehensive pet command interface?
    No, nothing different than the standard UI. However, a lot of the pet skills are very active in the way that they are used, and passively give you the pets.
    Necro part of RoS or as separate DLC?
    The Necro is a separate standalone pack, but as far as they know will require RoS to have. There is an FAQ on the battle.net site that has more information.
    Will necro be part of the group meta for GR?
    Absolutely hope so due to the unique mechanics that it has. Curses can fit into that role. Hoping that they will be able to fluctuate roles and use a variety of playstyles.
    Will Necro have its own set dungeon?
    Yes, with four sets there will be one for each.
    *Will there be life steal skills? * Yes, a lot of the blood skills will cost health along with essence so there are a lot of recoup health mechanics built in and can be used to benefit your group.
    Will Lidless Wall become a necro item?
    Maybe? Haven’t thought about it yet. Itemization usually comes later in the process.
    Anything else out there that look like they would be perfect for the Necro?
    All of the new stuff that they are developing, but not sure how much of the existing stuff will be converted to become a “Necro item.” Still finishing off skills and runes.
    Any challenges that have been faced so far?
    Julian – Revive: The game has over 1000 unique monsters and for Revive to work each of those could have 6 different varieties, so it’s going to be the most lavishly expensive skill to make bar none. The reason to do it is because it’s awesome!
    Travis – Corpses has taken a lot of time in figuring out how they work. Lot of challenges at the start of development and how to handle with the flow of gameplay and how the interaction works with corpses?
    Julian – There was a lot that went into how the corpses actually look and how they are identified on the battle field. They decided that the corpses should look all the same and behave the same to prevent issues with “saving” certain corpse types and making them easily identifiable.
    How do you handle the situation of no corpses at something like the rift guardian?
    There will be ways to make this work.
    Has there been anything that has come across with the Necro that has made you say “I can’t wait to finish this.”
    Travis – Really excited when it was announced that we were doing the Necro. Been a joy taking the thematic elements from D2 and adapting them to D3. Excited to have it in the hands of players.
    Julian – It was the day before I go on vacation when it was announced internally that they were going to work on the Necro and I wanted to make it absolutely clear that I WANTED TO WORK ON THE NECRO. I was sending emails while on vacation to make sure I got the point across that I wanted to work on the Necro. I’m really excited about the golems since we have sort of double-downed on them and spending a lot of resources on them to make them cool.

    didn't read the whole thing yet, kinda don't know if i need to given that they don't talk about price and release.


    okay, read it. jeez. Q&A. many Q, few definitive A. "don't know yet", "maybe", "that is the plan". as it stands now, they don't seem to have anything really working.

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    you can rule out diablo GO. pokemon was a major success due to its novelty, how would another game with a much smaller fanbase fare?

    you can rule out world of diablo. why threaten the big wave legion is swimming on top now?

    you can rule out diablo 2 hd as a serious game from which they expect that you sink many hours into it. they might brush it up a bit, but they won't compete with their own rpg game. also: no d2 hd without some major gameplay changes. i cannot tolerate that archaic gameplay in this day and age.

    you can rule out anything with the name diablo, unless it is a 4 or an expansion. the name just doesn't have a big ring to it right now.

    what does that leave us with? expansion, 4. announcing the 4 while the 3 is still hot (it is not that old nor is it fair to abort it in such a manner) seems impossible, if 4 is an arpg too. but why make a 4 then? it can only be an expansion, which should overhaul every mechanic in this game. loot 3.0, fleshed out follower system, complete revamp of that awful paragon system, meaningful seasons, randomness in this dull grind game (can't bring myself to grind three 65 gems for the journey while legion is installed. really.) and finally some high-res textures for the player characters. it isn't 2005 anymore.

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    i'd really like a 2.5 mini-expansion patch, laying some groundwork for x2 and patch 3.0.

    a bit of content map-wise, revamps to existing systems and addition of new systems and COMMUNICATION. after maybe nine to twelve months the release of x2 and the franchise is saved if the expansion is good.

    but we need changes. something. anything. QoL changes for example. something like transmog for d3 and wow did wonders to do something other than just romping through rifts. jeez, do something with the interface. incorporate elements from turbo hud or something. get creative! d3 looks and feels the same it did back when they released vanilla.

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    hey everyone.

    apparently diablo 3 turned four years on may 15th. no news, no thread? there was a blue post ( http://www.diablofans.com/blizz-tracker/topic/62374-happy-birthday-diablo-iii ), but nothing else like an event or something.

    why the radio silence about this birthday?

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    they did it solely because of you and that YOU cannot play. they didn't think about anything for three months other than wasting your only time you can play.

    jeez, man up already.
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