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    posted a message on So Discouraging
    The end game is a stock simulator game.
    If I farm the AH I will get richer really faster than farming monsters. (i discard drops because i'm sure i will not get any useful to me)
    Thats really a shame, I want to kill things, not play the money game.
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    posted a message on Real Money Auction House is Live
    Quote from digitalizm

    Quote from Aggressive

    If I ever buy anything from it, then I will for sure wait for a few weeks until it have settled.
    Current items for 250 dollars....just makes me wanna laugh.

    there are items which are sold for over 700€ (1190$) at ebay. wouldnt hope "too" much, top notch items will remain unbelievable expensive, mediocre items will probably become pretty cheap (20-50€, which are 34-85$).
    best example
    http://www.ebay.de/i...9#ht_560wt_1396 (auction is over, so there is no problem with linking it)
    what amazing sword!!! Really lucky the guy who got it!
    Its incredible how people can spend the amount of money to feed a whole family on a single game equipment.
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    posted a message on 1,394,110,408 Gold ....
    I wish he could give me 100 million =//
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    posted a message on does attk speed work with venom hydra?
    Quote from FatalCharm

    I read somewhere that attack speed doesn't affect tick speed of poison or the actual heads shooting the poison. but it will affect damage of those ticks.
    Yes, exactly that!
    It does not make hydras attack faster, but they are going to hit harder.
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    posted a message on What I dislike about this game
    The same thing happened to WoW with the LFD system.
    It is faster to join a game and start to play with this system, you don't have to spend time looking for people. But on the other side you don't have to make friends, you won't need them again...
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    posted a message on seriously the guy that invented cooldown on deaths
    Quote from Cavar

    That 30 seconds gives you time to rage...
    And time to think about an strategy!! If you are getting 30 secs you aren't doing so well!! hehe
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    posted a message on Is it possible to "appear offline" while doing single player?
    It has been posted on official forums about this, if my memory doesn't fail, blue posted they are going to give an attention to it!
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    posted a message on Finally got my refund!
    Quote from EggoWaffles

    Quote from EggoWaffles

    Quote from EggoWaffles

    @Straighouttacompton (Seriously?)

    You use the word Fanboy a little too much. All you do is make yourself look like an uneducated troll. There are 2 sides to every coin, one being fanboy and one being a hater. You really fit the hater.

    Just because some one enjoys the game doesn't make them a fanboy, just because some one wants to call you out for the retard you are, doesn't make them a fanboy.

    I'm sure once you get out of middle school and high school, you will understand a concept like this.

    Coming from a guy that compares Buying D3 with buying a Burrito...hahaaha :D

    Perfect rebuttle. Guess this is what I get for trying to debate with a 12 year old.
    Good response, sure proved how a Burrito and D3 is connected to each other now, rofl.
    Speaking of young age..

    God this coming generation is pretty dense. I fear for this planets future. You think I'm trying to connect D3 and a Burrito? Your country's public school system should be ashamed.
    Oh god i hope he learn what a metaphor is when he get to middle school.

    I think the only reasonable excuse is if you dont know ABSOLUTELY nothing about the game and you don't like the replay/farm style, but even if you play one time only for the history it is still worth 65 bucks.

    I dont care about blizzard money, and I dont care about this guy money.
    I'm discussing his attitude, and I still think geting the refund and posting on the forum scream: "LUK HOW SMARTAZZZ ME IS, ME PLAY DIS FO FRREEEE"
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    posted a message on Ranged are at an extreme disadvantage in Inferno mode...
    As a ranged, maybe unfortunately, kiting is a playstile in diablo. If you don't enjoy it you should try the melee classes.
    And stacking resis, vitality is a inevitable to go trough inferno even with high kiting skills! Just use your slow abilitys and have fun!
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    posted a message on Finally got my refund!
    Quote from Mikuro1

    Not entirelly sure why you think its needed to tell everyone that you got a refund?

    Some may call this fanboi-ism, so say what you will. The fact that you gave the developers your money and played their game for 65 hours, only to decide you didn't like it and wanted a refund in the first place is flat out retarded. You basically pirated their game, you played it as much as you wanted to then threw it away and got all your money back - if thats not the closest thing to piracy I don't know what is.
    I agree with this post.
    If blizzard wasn't a billionaire industrie I would feel bad for the developers... You've spent 65 hours playing it, you enjoyed or you woudn't play for more than maybe 5 hours... But you didn't knew it was a replay gamestyle or you couldn't kill some rare packs on inferno, so you got pissed and want your money back without even wait some weeks to the game get stable/fixed.
    You enjoyed the lore, the game, you played for more time than most SP games, and you don't want to wait for fixes that ALL ONLINE games have, Blizzard is really doing a great job with their servers, many companies wouldn't handle so good with SO MANY players at the beginning, and they are fixing things!
    You are really spoiled boy or you are really hard to please... either way, good bye and be happy on your life!
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    posted a message on Power Leveling, Item Level Update, User Questions Answered, Blue Posts, and Diablo Wallpaper
    This leveling tricks are sooo boring, i couldn't do the same trail more than 4/5 times, but it is just me, as stated above, for alts and hardcore characters it is a good time saver.

    And THANK GOD for the magic weapon buff icon!! I can't understand why it wasn't done since the beginning, the amors have icon and i can see it really clearly on character, i do rather have the magic weapon icon then the armors icon...
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    posted a message on So you thought Inferno was impossible? Try hardcore inferno...
    Quote from Nokturnal1

    Quote from Wuzzle

    Quote from Nokturnal1

    Cool. That doesn't make it any harder though. If you come across something you don't like, you leave and skip it.

    But he's not leaving or skipping it. He's playing as the game was created to play and he's doing it legit. I think this proves it can be done and it really is for the hardcore fans. You wanted a hard difficulty, here it is!

    Well then he is a total baller. I hate it when I read builds and people literally put, "So if you come across vortex mobs, skip those, same as teleport, invulnerable minions, and mortar." Its like.. what?

    Quote from YoLoDrScientist

    i disagree with Nokturnal1 quite a bit.

    not dying once all the way to and through inferno -- same as softcore?

    .......he can just buy good items from the AH like the rest of us softcore players? Also, the HC AH is identical to the SC AH.


    What? Your post doesn't really make sense.. I stood back and tried to compensate what you were saying but all I could gather was you disagree with what I said. Which is fine. Hardcore is hard because if you die you have to start over. But If you pay attention, play carefully, you survive just fine. That doesn't make it "harder" it just means you are willing to go the distance to survive. Having a 10% durability loss as the only penalty in softcore means, AHH Lets just run around and spam and kill shit and see what happens.
    Same enemies, same difficulty, different attitude.

    And having to pay more attention or thinking more about the strategy doesn't make it harder?
    All the stress of not dying doesn't make it harder?
    Only monsters with more HP and more dmg make it harder??
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    I'm still lvl 24 and i have so many things to do, oh god I will take months, maybe years to complete everything on this game, it is so awesome.
    Thank you blizzard!
    You no-life boys, go play round based games like dota or battlefield 3, you will never finish the content!!! THERE ISN'T ANY!!! HAHAH AHR HRHA OOHHH AVBBABABAH AHAH HAHA YAYAHAHB ABBAAA
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    posted a message on why just TDM arena? and why so long?
    i would like to see some kind of battleground for diablo 3, and don't really enjoy that much the arena style...
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    posted a message on Most Awesome Video Spoiler Ever. Diablo III Launch Update - RMAH Push Back, Blue Posts, Giveaway
    Quote from Benegesserit

    Quote from gran0ls

    Quote from kwonton

    Act one might be down by monday at best?

    "Method just finished inferno act 2."

    With such speeds ferno will be beaten this week1 today

    This was expected per Bashiok due to exploiting or cheesy tactics you really should be watching their streams and not just posting the articles.

    They are skipping nearly every dangerous mob and exploiting the AS helping res bug (which is on the known issues post).

    Good analogies were: Taking a helicopter near the top and climbing the rest and claiming first to the top.
    Watching a video at 10x and saying you were the first to watch it.

    They're the first to beat bosses, but they're only getting there because they're able to do what Jay said (in an interview during the media blitz before release) you wouldn't be able to do and that's bypass the hard mobs. So exploits as well as the fact that they aren't even playing the game as it was intended.

    If you really think it's time to complain about killing bosses only making the game way too short, then you don't know how to play Diablo. These guys think what they are doing is relevant and too many WoW nerds are taking the bait as if world firsts have ever been totally legit.

    The only thing wrong on Blizzard's end was not mixing up bosses to do more things in higher difficulties. I was really disappointed when I heard that but it pretty much proves they want your top challenges to be rares and champ packs so perhaps the only softcore achievement we should consider is first to clear all combos of champ pack/rare affixes.

    OOhh thank god we have inteligent people in this world!

    The only time I opened their stream, they were wiping on a rare mob at act 1, and it was at least the 10th try...
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