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    That is sweet, your definately a very gifted artist, both thumps up.
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    I'm going to use the necromancer build, I've always been looking for a good necromancer build.
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    Quote from Stormcat

    Acid - what was your secret to getting the TCP/IP game to work? None of us are having any luck.
    Me and my friend connect through TCP/IP, by simply using the IP address. Make sure it's the external IP address and if you have a router, make sure the port is open to use Diablo.
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    Quote from harleq01

    To be honest I don't understand why people hate on pvp so much. Too hard to play against players as opposed to AI? I've heard countless arguments from both sides and to be honest I believe that in the end competitive PvP (esports) is what's going to allow a game to thrive.

    For example. When The Burning Crusade for WoW came out, the arena following was HUGE. A lot of general pvp demographic knew the top players and the top teams by name. In the Blizzcon 2008 tournaments there was just as many people watching the 3v3 arena matches as there are people watching the Starcraft/WC3 matches. So what about Blizzcon 2011? You guessed it, small turn-out indeed. WoW still has a tremendous amount of players. But the players are just zombies in that game now. Sure there are die hard PvE guilds with die hard PvE players who only log on during raid hours, but come on, there's a reason why the game is slowly dying despite the creative innovations implemented in the PvE encounters.... BECAUSE THERE IS NO HYPE. There is no venue platform where die hard fans are screaming at the top of their lungs, chanting for their team. PvE brings excitement to an individual, not as a group.

    So I ask, please don't turn D3 into a game that's only surviving because of numerous expansions. And please let it survive because of the passion that the players have for the game.

    TL;DR: PvP eSports is the way to go; just as watching an NFL game is better than watching people playing Madden against AI's.

    I with you on that, I simply don't like the one on one competitive pvp that gets out of hand and ruins it for those who are seriously playing. Team pvp is where it's at.
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    Yeah, that sounds awesome, a kind of chance to go beyond the game and put your skills to work as a team against other teams on a seperate mode.
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    Quote from jaco111

    How many people want Diablo to be an eSports? I know I would, it would give Diablo pvp a whole new meaning. I think it would work great and get better the more blizzard works with it. You can compare it to wow pvp (I'd rather not lol) Diablo has Line of Sight, Cool-downs, Crowd Controls, Buffs, different builds for variety and does take teamwork and skill to win. Diablo 3 has already become way more complex than click-to-smash like in Diablo 2 (don't get me wrong I love Diablo 2). They could incorporate multiple pvp version like TDM, LMS, CTF or whatever the players want.

    I was lucky enough to go to last years Blizzcon and exsperiance the Diablo 3 pvp multiple times. All the classes were very balanced there was no annoying healer like in wow and it was a whole lot more fun than wow. They could also incorporate an arena system and have the finals at Blizzcon every year. Sense they don't do Warcraft tournaments there is a spot open. If started early the eSports would last a long time since there is going to be 2 or 3 exspansions with the game.

    I know the said they wouldn't do it but they also said that if there was enough of us who wants Diablo 3 to be an eSport they would do it. So who wants a more competitive pvp?

    I think your on to something, that diablo has all the makings of a competitive esport. I also think it should be a little more seperate from the main diablo game,
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    posted a message on Direct quote from Jay Wilson supporting PvP in Diablo 3
    Quote from Gryzorz

    I'll tell you what I understand, you tell me what you understand.

    We make [them] good, strong competitive games. StarCraft is one of the best examples.
    = Starcraft is a competitive PvP game.

    We definitely want there to be a PvP mode for PvP players, and we would like that mode to be a really serious, skill-based, very strong [aspect of the game]
    = We want D3 to have PvP (we knew that from a long time ago).

    I feel that on the side of all our games, we really try to make PvP games that cater to a competitive player, first and foremost
    = We try to please competitive PvP players in all our games

    But in terms of what our actual plans are for Diablo III, we don't have anything to specifically announce right now, mostly because we're still messing around with a bunch of different ideas.
    = But we don't know about Diablo 3

    edit : summary :
    Starcraft is a competitive PvP game. We want D3 to have PvP. We try to please competitive PvP players in all our games, but we don't know about Diablo 3.

    Now, your turn !

    Thanks for clearing things up, competitive pvp players do need an outlet to let off their steam. But we are arguing over something that hasn't come out yet.
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    Either way, I have this uncanny ability to root for the underdog. I think monks are being highly underestimated, there is a place for smashers, but when the smasher can't smash anymore, who's going to heal them.
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    posted a message on Do you think Barbarians will be viable in pvp?
    Quote from burninfate

    Most of the other classes are ranged and have movement abilities to avoid leap. Where do you think a Barbarian will be, 1-5 in pvp?

    When I look at barbarians, I think of the Hulk, we all need those that want to smash things.
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    Quote from Molster

    Player Versus Player
    A sizeable portion of the Diablo community has always enjoyed the fact that players can fight against each other. Diablo III has expanded this system in order to create a more robust player versus player (PvP) community.
    • In the Arena, players will fight each other in teams of 4 characters.

    I enjoy hearing the teamwork aspect of pvp, instead of a FFA, relying on each other to accomplish a goal.
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    Quote from Rizh

    I haven't read throu the thread so dont hate on me!

    But I did read your conversation, and it seems as if you're friend can't accept that he's wrong, and that argument about LoL is just Gold.
    I tried to make a similar statement awhile back but I just couldnt find a good comparision so thank you for that!

    I don't have any problems with PvP being in a game like diablo the only thing that really ticks me off is that some random people claims that Diablo 2 was all about PvP when that's clearly not the case, you people are acting like blizzard OWE you guys to focus on pvp elements in a PvM game just because some part of the community from diablo 2 pvp'ed. And what I mean with you people, is simply people like this "Friend" guy, I've met alot of them, to many in fact.

    I mean to demand pvp focus in a pvm game is like: I ate my TV once, so If you are going to make more TV's you damn better make them edible.

    I'm in aggreement on this one, I don't have a problem with pvp, but I never saw Diablo a game centered around pvp, I saw it as a co-operative game center around team work, dedication to each other and a chance to see how far we can get together, Not how far we can get against each other.
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    posted a message on Anybody died in normal mode?
    I've died several times in normal mode, it's all apart of the learning process.
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    posted a message on Is anyone else tired of the complainers?
    I think
    Quote from Quazzar

    I just finished Belial on normal difficulty and I died like 5 times in a row, until I found the right build to annihilate him.

    I've died before that with the WD... my main. The game is captivating on a number of points. Such as the environment, the story is interesting, and the magic items are a plenty.

    The only MAJOR problem I have is with the legendary items... they aren't LEGENDARY. They should be hard as hell(inferno) to get, but they should be godly.

    Besides that the game is stellar in my opinion. It just came out, so it's going to go through growing pains... but people still complain it's too easy, because I can just use the Ah... well don't then idiot.

    So many complaints and it just came out, let them sort it out. Atleast we finally got the damn thing. I understand people are people and they like to complain, but Blizzard always said we'll never meet your expectations... why? Because people are messed up and expect the unattainable. Be thankful the game is as good as it is.

    I think they just burnt themselves out and won't admit it, Diablo3 is awesome.
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    posted a message on Better to farm gold than items?
    When they brought in the AH into Diablo, getting gold has become a little more important.
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    Quote from Murderface

    Didn't I tell you to explore the depths of the maggot lair until you find the valley of snakes, (the maps are changed) then walk out of the valley and BAM! cows. (but you will die)

    I hate the maggot lair, even worse when you take a team through those tight squeezed tunnels.
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