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    I copied this from EU forums and just pasted it here. Long post but read it when you have time.

    This guy Triphex, Buried this well thought out and written post inside another thread.

    He deserves to have it listed here imo.

    LOL... just kidding, there is no PVP in Diablo 3 so you can't lend me your ears and I can't kill you for them because this game sucks. But here is my story...

    Forward: Blizzard, you were a great company. So great I was always wondering who would dethrone you one day, and then it came to me…

    About two years ago I figured it out. The best case scenario was that other companies would rise above you with even greater standards in video games and their games would surpass yours; this would lead to your downfall if you did not keep up with the standards.

    Well, other video game companies did rise with great games and standards, although yours were still great too, but you got greedy and then started to drag your feet, and then you just threw it all away. So while other video game companies rose above, that is not really what led to your downfall, more the worst case scenario happened: You let greed take you over and you threw away your standards. You let GREED change your games so you could make more money. GREED threw away the fun. No other game company brought you down… In other words, you stabbed yourself in the heart and not even in a noble way; nothing like seppuku here. Just… you jumped into a tank, sealed it off, filled it with your own excrement and drowned to death. You crashed the Titanic into the iceberg on purpose to prove how unsinkable you were… but guess what? You started to take on water. Sure when Diablo 3 set sail everyone was excited… but after playing it for a bit we soon realized how far the game had already sunk, how far you had sunk Blizzard.

    You’re lucky though Blizzard. You are. Thanks to patches, you can save this ship before it hits rock bottom. You can patch it up and send out life boats to get those passengers back on who already bailed. It will take work though, and you do owe us all a refund on our trip and half off on the next; maybe a couple of free meals as well… Actually, if you just fix all the holes, rebuild the ship completely to get it where it should be (re-due that POS excuse of a story), and set it on the correct course, I would be satisfied with that. I will even help you rewrite the story and fix the game for free, you just need to put me up in a place and pay for my food.

    I am not meaning to bash you. You just deserve one heck of a scolding; a spanking for acting the way you did. What? Don’t think you acted like a child? You let greed change not only the game but your ideals. You let your petty greed change the drop rate to suit the RMAH which disgusts me to no end. Is WOW not bringing in enough money for you? Don’t think you deserve the harsh words? You betrayed your ideals Blizzard, you betrayed your goals, and you betrayed your fans. You deserve way worse than this.

    This is intended to tell you what is wrong with the game and what you can do to correct these outrageous mistakes. How do I know what is wrong with the game? What makes me so sure? Well when a game does well in market you make a sequel. With the sequel you continue the story and the game. I say “and” in italics, bold, and underline because you have seem to have forgot that. See with a sequel you want to continue the game; not remake it entirely. What you want to do is take the good from the old game, keep it, and add to it where you can! Let me repeat that. Keep the good, and add to it where you can. It is also good to add new content as long as it is just as good as the old and is a great and welcome addition. I will explain later and give examples since you have seemed to have lost the understanding of what this means. The other thing you do with the sequel is you take out the bad if there was bad. Normally in a game with high standards and goals there should not be much bad. I will give examples of this as well.

    Don’t worry, there were some great ideas put into Diablo 3; it’s not all bad and I won’t just talk about the bad and the horribly ugly, but also the good. A few things were done right and someone deserves credit for those creations, whoever thought of them, possibly the original Blizzard North team. You can save this ship from sinking all the way to the bottom. It will take a lot, but it is worth it. Just as the batman movies were redone, this game already needs it.

    Dear Blizzard.

    Oh Blizzard, what have you done?

    I remember first playing Diablo at my cousin’s house back in 1996 (Released Dec 31, 1996) and then playing Diablo 2 just 3.5 years later on June 29, 2000. And wow, Diablo 2 deserved the number 2; it was a great sequel to the game. How might you ask?... well for starters it came out in 3.5 years…

    The story was interesting and well wrote for the time, the cinematics were gorgeous, and they, Blizzard North, improved on every aspect of the game. They got rid of the bad, such as the elixirs and the gold taking up inventory space and what was good, well what did they do with the things that were good you wonder? Well I will tell you Blizzard! They kept and improved upon them! Yes, kept and improved! They did not get rid of, or throw away, they kept and made them better! I know you might not understand what I am talking about, but I will get to that later, so don’t you worry your little eyes.

    When I first heard about Diablo 3 back in June of 2008, over four years ago (more time than it took to make Diablo 2!!!), I was excited to say the least. So excited it made me forget for a second that I was studying abroad in Japan, hell I even felt like I could flip a car with one hand!; especially some of the smaller cars over there.

    You sure took your time with it though. I guess it was to be expected since you basically fired all of the people at Blizzard North, who created Diablo 2… It was for the best right Blizzard? You were looking to create a great game still right? Your main goal did not become “How can we make money monthly from this game?” Right Blizzard? Right? Blizzard??!!!!

    Yes, yes, of course, no way your core values would drop, let alone plummet to the bottom of the ocean. I mean the subscription from World of Warcraft has to have given you enough money for the rest of your lives. I don’t know how much solid gold toilets cost, but I am sure you all have plenty of money left over even after filling your house with them. So where were we? Ah yes… getting closer to release.

    With the release date of Diablo 3 fast approaching you guys gave a bunch of beta keys to a good number of websites. I was excited to try it out so I signed up at a number of websites and won one. I was a bit worried about how the beta looked from watching other people play via live streams, but I was sure once I sat down and played the game I would have that Diablo feeling back once again… Turns out that this would not be the case…

    Sadly after playing the beta, it did not feel like Diablo should. I tried though Blizzard I tried! I tried to pretend like the feeling was there and it was just my imagination and told myself that it just had to be the beta… Yes that was it! It was just the beta! But I had this aching feeling that would not go away, this feeling in my gut that I have come to trust. This feeling of doubt, of lost hope… Feelings that you Blizzard had strayed from your path of righteousness and that you were going to ruin your greatest game to come.

    Too many things were missing that were so great… The beta had got rid of some of the great things in Diablo 2 and replaced them with what???… with??? With nothing!!! Stat points were put in for you, skill points were gone, runes were taken out, but the word was used… for what? For a dumb name-usage to change what your skill does? Seems like it would make more sense to call it talent focus, or skill change… maybe you go to a teacher to learn the new abilities… I mean it seems like you are trying to make Diablo 3 like WOW. You got a mini action bar going, you got your cool downs, you got your legendaries in the game, you got your WOW boss battles, you got a different type of secondary skill consumption (mana/mana, rage/fury, spirit/spirit, etc), level cap 60, cant change skills without a timer. Seriously is the next class in the expansion to Diablo 0.3 going to be the Death Paladin? A Death Paladin being a cross between a Death Knight and a Paladin from WOW with their moves but with some of the moves of the Paladin and Necromancer from Diablo 2 as well. Now don’t get me wrong if you use this I expect a cut. (All jokes aside) I am surprised there is not an armor set that makes your Monk look like a panda bear! That would be hilarious! Not really though… Keep your games separate before they just blend together… or is that what Titan is? But seriously you keep WOW and Diablo separate or have you just run out of ideas since you have lost all your good employees it seems?

    So enough with the rant, lets hear what you did right, what you added to the game; and don’t worry this wont take too long.

    1st of all, the physics! I love the physics in the game. Nothing like watching those bodies fly through the air and the skulls go rolling.

    2nd Being able to change the skill with a rune. I think it should be called something else but it sure is cool. Like you combined the cold arrow, ice arrow, and freezing arrow (from the Amazon in Diablo 2) in one and get to change it with runes; though it should not take away your nephalem stack. Also, this should be a side thing. I want the skill tree back. I want my skill points back with a 20 skill limit.

    3rd Treasure pygmies/goblins, love them! What a fun idea to add in the game! Like a replenished chest but you have to kill it in time and sometimes fight through hordes of monsters. Wish there was a thing that would alert you if you hit it off screen though. Your character should say something… Although… maybe they are just you mocking us? Like the little guy shows you… how you are just a greedy little child counting your gold and once we come after you, you just run away through hordes of trash and try and escape with our earned cash?

    4th Running over gold to pick it up, what a great idea… Although in Diablo 2 you did not really pick up gold, you just sold staffs and wands that had +1 to any skill or more. I really hate having to stop and turn around because a stack of 1500 gold dropped… Pauses the whole hack and slash…

    5th The nephalem stacks. Cool, I reached max level, give me a bonus! Oh you want to take it away if I change my build? Wait… you want us all to be diverse yet you force us to find the best build possible since we have to stay with it the entire time? This makes no sense? Who does not go online to find out what the best build is and sticks with what the pros are using? This is worse than Diablo 2… But the stacks are a nice idea!

    Five things you added that added to the game… You did not really do them all right… but I would say it was a plus…

    So what are the core things that should come with a sequel?

    The most important part!
    - A continuation of the game and story
    - A well thought-out, great continuation of the story with returning characters
    - Game play remains as fun as before, things that worked were kept and/or improved upon while things that did not were taken out.

    Secondary important parts but are not required.
    - Better graphics
    - Better sound
    - Better cinematic quality
    - Other simple helpful improvements (i.e. being able to stack gems, increased inventory, change your character hair color, face, etc… maybe running over gold and picking it up should not really count then?)

    Alright now let’s look at some of the greatest and most fun things about Diablo 2 that you decided to throw out! (Not really in a particular order)

    1. Unique items. Changing the name to Legendary and making them all pointless and unable to find ruined the main thing of the game: the loot. I remember checking the website every so often to see if you had posted the stats of the legendary items. No wonder why you did not… What a joke. In Diablo 2 the items were great because even though they might be for a level 15 you would still use them because it had some stat that was just that great. Those unique items were items of legend. The things in Diablo 3 are just a joke.

    2. Set items, Diablo 2 had great sets, and you could find them! Diablo 3 messed those up even worse!

    3. Multiplayer. I was looking at the forward to the Diablo 3 strategy guide, which I did not buy, but in the forward Jay Wilson talks about 7 core things that make up Diablo. One of these he said was multiplayer… So if multiplayer is such a big thing… why did you take away they ability for soldiers in Iraq and other places to be able to play over lan when they don’t always have an internet connection? Why did you lower the party size to four? Oh you lowered it so that way even if we were playing four of the five classes we would all get items to drop for the class we did not have. I get it now. But how could you say that and lower the number? Jay… saying one thing and doing another makes you a liar… Way to lose trust in fans. But there are countless other things you have messed up on Jay, after all you tell me what is fun in Diablo 2, and you tell me what I remember as well.

    4. Stat points! Yes Jay, because I am too stupid to figure it out. It was fun to decide what armor I wanted to wear. It was fun to look at my max required strength that I needed and calculate everything. It was fun to put more into a stat just because I wanted to and I had the freedom!

    5. Skill points. This was one of the best parts of the game. Saving up points for that level 30 skill, deciding just how to build your character, love it!

    6. Being able to move from act to act. The game felt connected. Diablo 3 just feels like a mess.

    7. Runes and their words. Wow it was nice to be able to make a pretty sweet weapon just out of some easy to find runes. And the flavor spells some would have. Like being able to teleport when you were not a sorceress, awesome!

    8. From 7 gems to 4… Really? Just stupid… I bet Jay thought it would just be too complicated for us… Don’t forget we also had jewels!

    9. The Horadic Cube. Made 3 rings into an amulet, 3 amulets into a ring, upgraded gems and runes… for free. Sorry Blizzard but were you trying to destroy the fun?

    10. Fun loot/item modifies 100% chance to pierce and knockback. Awesome. 350% enhanced damage, sweet! No we got a random 1-5% on Windforce? Maybe for a WOW game where you have 24-39 other people all attacking the same guy…

    11. Weapons, armor, and helms having more sockets. Now you get one with weapons… Thanks for nothing Blizzard!

    12. Quests with good rewards! Like getting to imbue something, getting to name your own item. Getting skill points, stat points, runes… What do you get in Diablo 3??? A very very trivial amount of gold and experience… What the hell is even the point of giving 600 gold??????? I just defeated one of the seven lords and you are going to give me 600 gold??? Does that even make sense? I can find more than that by killing a single creature and all the towns folk can come up to reward me with is 600 gold? Is Blizzard taxing the town’s folk too? Is that all they can afford?

    13. More skill points in a skill = more damage… Not my weapon damage being all my skill damage… Just plain stupid. Who thought this was fun and a good idea? People over developing WOW?

    14. PVP. Its not out yet, and when it comes, I am sure they will mess it up.

    15. Casting a town portal when things got tough. Nope, have to not be hit for four seconds before I can go back. What if I want to cast it and fight a bit longer? Nope, one or the other. Way to ruin everything Blizzard!

    16. The chat channels. It was cool to see all the people at the bottom with their armor and weapons. I was able to whisper them and find out what it was. Now who do I look at? Just the random 1-3 people I see in a game. Yay! Thanks for nothing Blizzard.

    17. Being able to smash pots and have stuff come out. My magic find and gold find affecting chests and urns… Oh that was in the game at the start, but I guess it was so OP you had to take it out… What a joke… Seriously you are nerfing a pot of ashes? What is wrong with you. That is like an adult taking candy out of a piñata. If there is no point to breaking them now why don’t you just remove them from the game?

    18. Naming games for what you wanted to do.

    19. Multiple good ways to build a class.

    20. The game being fun. Playing the first time… just seemed like I was rushing to get to level 60… Normal Diablo 2 was more fun. Normal Diablo 3 was… disappointment after disappointment.

    21. When Diablo 2’s expansion LOD came out, you were not given 10 more levels or some stupid WOW crap like that which would make all your gear useless since it was not item level-cap+1,2,3 That’s what made LOD great, it just added new content. Did not make you grind, did not make you throw away all your items like WOW does with its expansion and level raises… Just was more fun. Ill be surprised if anyone is still playing WOW 12 years from now, but people are still playing Diablo 2.

    Ok, there are more things, but 20 is enough, if you don’t get the picture by now, well most of you should have seen something in the game before you released it… Wake up already.

    Alright so what you did wrong in Diablo 3? So what are your top 10 greatest mistakes? Well sorry could not even narrow that down to just 10…

    Killing Deckard Cain! Screw you blizzard. You killed the most iconic game character in the series in a horrible way! I did not want to curse, but damn… This made me so mad. So let me explain to you who Deckard Cain is and how we all loved him and also let me explain to you how much of a joke Jay Wilson is…

    Deckard Cain was much more than just an old guy who would identify items for us, he was like our grandpa. He told us stories, watched us grow, helped us on our way, and was always there for us to give us knowledge. He was not annoying, he was awesome. He is the one guy who I would love to say with and listen to.

    Here is what Jay had to say.

    “Jay: "It’s one of those things where if you love a game (Diablo II), then the things that are bad about it become endearing. Everybody remembers Deckard Cain saying, “Stay a while, listen.” But the reason they remember it fondly now is because it was so damn annoying! He said it every time, and you had to talk to him so often!”

    Jay, you are a fool. I can’t believe Blizzard hired you and I can’t believe they did not fire you after that statement. First of all, we all love Deckard. Second of all he was not annoying. And third, do you understand the words you speak? Endearing means to make dear or beloved… So if it’s bad, why would it become endearing? But let’s say some people thought it was annoying… well it was not really annoying then if they started to like it and hold it dear. Then it was something good now wasn’t it? Or lets say that you believe if we love Diablo 2 so much we will even love the bad in the game? Is that what you meant by that statement? If so you are a complete idiot! First of all there were bad things in Diablo that we did not hold dear. We did not like simply because we liked the game. So was your thought process “They liked Deckard Cain? Well then if it has the word Diablo on it they will like it no matter what. So it does not matter if we screw Diablo 3 up since they will endear it.” Was that your thought process Jay? You are such an idiot!

    Alright let’s say you wanted to kill Deckard Cain, no matter what. Here is how your thought process should have worked. First, it was going to be an awesome and honorable death in a cinematic where Tyrael is just a moment late but gets to hear his final dying message/words. 2nd the one who would kill him would be none other than Diablo himself. 3rd it should be deep into the game, towards the end, maybe at the very end to leave up to an expansion…

    So here is an example… A fan fiction I came up with. At the beginning of act 3 and more toward the middle Deckard Cain started noticing that his grandchild Leah was acting stranger and stranger and at the end of the act the cinematic goes to confront Leah about it. He then catches her showing signs of Diablo or speaking demonic, something along those lines, and figures it out. Cain speaks the word “Diablo” quietly as if questioning and Leah/Diablo hears him. She says “How clever you are old man.” (In a Leah/Diablo/demonic mixed voice) Or something along those lines and begins to charge at Cain. Cain being the last of the Horadric mages would be able to cast a few barriers and shields to stop the first few blows of Leah. Leah would than get mad and something like the spike used on Imperius in the cinematic would come forth to break the shield and stab Cain in the stomach/chest area. Leah/Diablo would sense Tyrael coming and would get ready to flee. They would both say a few more words and then Leah/Diablo would jump through a portal he was working on at the beginning of the cinematic just before Tyrael got there, still angel Tyrael (none of the crap they did to Tyrael would have happened in my story), and hear Deckard Cain’s last words. Tyrael would make sure Justice was done, both for Cain, and Leah. He would try and save Leah/her soul. And he sure as hell would not turn to wisdom at the end of the game. I wont get into too much detail about it.

    This is what you did… You killed him in the first act, in a shoddy in game cut scene, by the worst Diablo character, and possibly worst video game character, ever made. What you did was preposterous, ludicrous, ridiculous, senseless and more. You proved how much of a fool you are and especially Jay Wilson. Think I am wrong? Mind telling me how this stupid butterfly lives longer than the butcher? How is she a later boss than him? Just dumb Blizzard, just dumb.

    So back to the greatest mistakes in Diablo 3…

    1. Jay Wilson. First of all I can’t believe he is in the game. I want to log back into the crappy game just to kill him, but he should have never been a part of the game. The moment he started talking about how Diablo 2 was wrong, you should have known something was wrong with him and should have asked him to leave immediately. The fact that you are in the game just shows how egotistical you are. You just had to have your part in the game. You ruined what Diablo 3 could have been Jay.

    2. So if I change my skill or skill rune I lose my nephalem stack huh? You want us to use different skills and abilities… yet here you force us to keep what we have… You want us to experiment and be different from each other… Yet here you force us to use just 6 skills… find out what the best players use via internet and copy them, and stay with this only skill set of 6???… If we run into a unique monster who has affixes we just cant take down with are current set, instead of going at him again, we are forced to run because we cant change our skill set without being punished and losing our stack. And if we try and fight him… well then we are just punished with a resurrection timer and a heavy repair cost… A heavy repair cost and a resurrection timer. Can’t spell the word FUN without those words! There goes the fun. So let’s run away! Running away… My favorite thing to do in a video game! Even if I know that if I changed this skill with this one and activated this rune I could probably kill the SOB but then I would get punished and lose my nephalem stack. So much for a fun challenge Blizzard. More like, if you face a challenge, run to the RMAH!

    “Can’t beat that SOB monster with those crazy affixes? Don’t want to lose your nephy stack? Have you tried the RMAH? For just the low price of 250 dollars you could have one, repeat, one better item than you currently have. Maybe than you could defeat him… But maybe you should buy two or seven at that price!”

    3. Tyrael’s voice change – Again Blizzard go to heck for this one. I thought that pension my friend made to have Chocolate rain be the voice of Tyrael was just a joke! I never thought you were going to take him seriously… What made you think the fans wanted this?

    Unless Ed Trotta died, which I have heard nothing, then there is no excuse. It was fine that Tyrael made a stupid choice and figured ripping off his armor and losing his memory was the best way to warn us of the impeding doom. Great plan Tyrael, glad it worked out in this crappy story plot. It’s fine that you are Black or Arab or a mix, whatever… but why the voice change? Oh and at the end of the game you think justice has been served? What about Leah? How was she avenged? There was no justice? Lets see… and we killed Diablo… and then what… you guys decided to push his body of the edge? So the black stone could fall into Leah’s psycho of a mother’s hands or what? Is she going to shove that up her whoha just as she did Diablo’s hotdog? Is she going to give birth to all seven? The seven headed dragon Ta-tu-mut or whatever the his stupid name was?

    4. Every single boss in this stupid game. The bosses… Every single one mocks you and says you will never defeat me… Every god damn one… Then once you get them to X% health they get mad and say something like “Enough” where they throw their little temper tantrum and say something dumb like “Terr ray or” and taunt you some more..

    Magdha – She killed Cain? Are you telling me this stupid excuse for an overgrown fairy killed the most memorable character in the series? Are you freaking kidding me? This has got to be the biggest joke in the story! Do you remember how Cain started the game in the cinematic Blizzard? He was in a cathedral that got hit by a giant meteor that punched through at least five thick stone floors. So if Cain survived the impact of the meteor and pushed himself off the meteor onto the second floor as the meteor was passing through the cathedral or so, great, good for him. He is the last of the mage clan after all; he should know a few spells. 2nd option: Lets say Cain dodged the meteor impact and clumsily fell into the whole the meteor created; which I can see happening since he is old and did manage to get stuck in a cage in Diablo 2. So he fell down this jagged fire pit of stone, down two floors, and his fragile old body did not break a single bone; great, good for him. After one of those events we find that he seems to have been running from skeletons the whole time and getting beat on. So in either case, how the hell does he lose to this lady GaGa butterfly? Mind explaining this stupid choice? Yep, nothing you can say other than “Sorry, it was a very stupid move… We really are sorry for being so dumb and we ourselves can not even believe we treated Deckard Cain in this manor.”

    Diablo, ah yes Diablo. Before you go and fight Rakanoth to free the Angel of Hope, Diablo yells at him, saying that if he fails than he (Diablo) will deal with him personally and he will wish he never failed him… Alright Diablo… let me get this straight… I just killed Iskatu, and before that Azmodan and Beliel… And yet you are going to punish this guy if he fails? Are you kidding me? He will be dead… Not much you can do? Plus you are worrying about delaying me every second… what makes you think you will beat me? I just killed the other evils and yet here you think you are so badass… Why? You think that since you are a combination of these failures that makes you something great? Last time I checked my math a negative plus a negative still equals a negative. In your case a fail plus a fail still equals a fail. What a joke… If you were badass you would fight me yourself instead of just trying to delay the inevitable… But after all once I killed you, someone had the great idea to push your corpse off the edge and watch it fall and dissolve… Oops! There goes the black soul stone! Smart choice! Maybe Diablo planned for this too in his stupid grand story plan? After all where is that hoe of a mother to Leah? She is the only lose end other than the black soul stone falling wherever; which you think at that height whatever it hit it would have shattered…

    Azmodan, being the greatest tactician in hell would give away his plans. For example he would say something like “You will never defeat my catapults!” And then once you defeated them he would say “Oh those were not important anyway, but you will never defeat my underground siege breaker guy!” And once you defeat that, rinse and repeat the same crap… So he gives away his plans, says once you defeat it, it was nothing anyway, and tells you what is next? Mind telling me how he is the greatest tactician in hell? If it was not important why did you have it in the plan? Why does he keep on telling me his other plans? Don’t you think after I kept on destroying everything he had, he might have got a bit scared or upset? Or is he so fat he can’t see past his lard to see his stupid mistakes and be scared; like the director of this crappy game?

    Even the first main boss, the Skeleton King boasts how “You will never defeat me! Hahahah” and what does he do? He destroys the bridge in his thrown room so you have to take a detour and fight a few skeleton archers, “The Returned” (just dumb Blizzard), before you can fight him. This is just stupid… First of all it’s not suspenseful… What would have been more suspenseful is walking down that bridge and seeing his corpse there and being too scared to place that crown on his head… Maybe a ghostly words saying “Don’t do it!” as you get closer with some screams and such in the back ground. But let’s face it, Jay Wilson sucks at making games. The Diablo games were a dark, scary, gothic, gruesome looking game and now they just like “WoW” crap. If he just got scared at the end an blew up the bridge, it would not be so bad, but he constantly mocks you till you kill him… Just want to laugh in his stupid face… This game sucks.

    The butcher? Really? Sure it was cool, but nothing led up to him really. He was just there… What was the point? Why was he the ending act boss? How does he really connect? How does the stupid butterfly lady live longer than him?

    5. The Story, it just sucked for the most part and was completely predictable. As soon as I hit act 2 and heard them talking about the emperor I knew he was Beliel. A fan fiction talks about once you kill Beliel he changes back to the emperor and you find out that you really just killed the emperor and now the town people hate you. Wow that would have been a way better twist and something more deserving of a lord of hell. But I guess they are all just a bunch of idiots who constantly give away their next moves then throw a temper tantrum like a little kid once you foil their 3rd grader plans.

    I could go on and on about the crap that the Diablo 3 story was. I can’t believe you put so much time in creating this huge back story about the angel and demons yet you crapped out this POS. What were you doing the past 12 years Blizzard? You guys are corrupted.

    6. The graphics, while pretty, they were not quite Diablo. The darkness was missing; the gothic look. Way to fail Blizzard.

    7. Resurrection timer… WOW… Can this game get more like WoW?

    8. RMAH

    9. The random combination of affixes on monsters that make them impossible to kill which makes the game broke and not any fun to play.

    10. Stupid quests with only a trivial amount of gold and exp as a reward… 600 gold for defeating one of the lords of hell… What’s the point of even giving gold?

    11. All the things that are great in Diablo 2 that you did not continue over to Diablo 3. Here they are again really fast… Unique items that were good, set items that were good, eight people multiplayer and the channel to see them at the bottom that made you feel like you were with a bunch of heroes in a bar, stat points, skill points, being able to move from act to act, runes and words, 7 different types of gems and jewels, the Horadic cube, fun loot/item modifiers, weapons, armor, and helms having more sockets, quests that gave good rewards like skill points, imbue, name your own item, etc, more skill points in a skill = more damage, PVP in the game, casting a town portal and being able to run into it when things got tough, being able to smash pots and have stuff come out, naming games for what you wanted to do, multiple good ways to build a class, the game being fun and being able to get to a max level of 99.

    12. Lack of content

    13. No cow level, the thing you added just is not nearly as cool

    14. Legendaries… Why are they given the title legend? They are all pieces of junk… so why would anyone remember them? So why would they become a legend? It makes no sense… What was wrong with the name unique? Oh yeah you want to make this like WOW…

    15. Can’t customize my character at all. No hair color, length, style, face, eyes, physique, nothing… What year is this again? 2012… Can’t be… Blizzard seems to think it is the 90s.

    16. Set items… if the set is a piece of crap, and rare items are better, why would anyone bother with the set? Sure there is like one, repeat one, set piece that is good as a singular piece…

    17. Nothing really feels connected in this game since I can’t move from act to act via the way points… Game sucks.

    18. How come we did not get to fight Imperius? That seemed like a boss battle worth something. I even figured that once we got him to 10% life he would drop a chest like Majordomo for MC. I mean Diablo was kinda like The Lich King where we just got to sit there and beat on him once we got him to 10% life… Oh, I know why we did not get to fight Imperius, because the story sucked.

    19. Let’s see… Angels and demons are opposites… Yet Angels are made out of light and demons are made out of flesh and guts? Why not darkness? Hmmm but Inarius and Lilith did it and had offspring… The Nephalem… LOL… so did Inarius stick his light saber in Lilith’s whoha? Because that would not work… That would just kill her according to Star Wars… And we all know you guys took Deckard Cain’s funeral straight from Star Wars, don’t even try to deny it! Man this story sucks… Joke after joke… Is the writers strike happening at Blizzard right now or did Jay just take over? Or did Kotick decide he wanted to add his own intelligence to the game?

    20. Four new classes!!! BULLCRAP! I got ya! My turn! What? Think I am wrong? Seriously… The Wizard is the Sorceress, the demon hunter is a mix of the Amazon and Assassin. I mean what a joke! Oh you really think these are new classes? Blizzard you ran out of ideas, as proof, look, WOW also has the monk now! Is Titan going to be as big of a flop of Diablo 3? Is it just going to be a combination of all three of your games?

    Blizzard here is what I want from you…

    First I want an apology for this piece of crap you put out and that you called Diablo 3. I want you to admit that you put out a turd that sank to the bottom of the toilet. Do you know what you did to the fans of this game? I want you to admit where you went wrong, and what choices of greed made you do it this way.

    Second of all I want you to remake this awful game. I want you to once again apologize for putting out this crappy alpha client and actually remake the game and put out a solid beta with a good story and one that looks like Diablo. Once you make a solid story you then have to work on all the items. Stop calling them legendaries, and fix all those crappy sets.

    All the stuff the worked in Diablo 2, bring that all back. We love that, we want that, bring it back.

    What is the point of being a level 60 and finding a freaking legendary for a level 40 person? Have the unique items drop at your level… When I am level 10 I want a level 10 unique item to drop every now and then so I actually use it… And so on. I don’t need to find every unique for me along the way, but a few would be nice. It’s not fun just rare hunting the entire time. Just keep on rare hunting… Maybe you will finally get one you can sell or possibly get an upgrade… Don’t drop items based on the RMAH. Drop them like you did in Diablo 2. Diablo 2 was fun, drop rates were good, Diablo 3 is not fun.

    Level 60 the limit… Can you make this any more like vanilla WOW for me? Diablo max cap level 99… Diablo 2 max level cap… 99… Diablo 3… 60… Do I get to go to level 70 in the expansion or only 65 Blizzard? Do I have to find all new items?

    Diablo 2 let you keep your items! If you wanted a unique item that was for a level 3 sash just because it added 30 mana regen good for you! Those unique items were legendary because they did things that no other things would do. People wanted to use those rings and amulets because they were that good, they were the things of legend.

    You are making Diablo 3 like WOW it looks like. Once the expansion comes to I have to throw away all my items? What a waste of time!!!

    “We have four new classes and one returning class, the Barbarian!” Lets do a head count Blizzard… the Wizard is basically the Sorceress… The Demon Hunter is a combination of the Bow Zon, and the Trap Assassin… The Witch doctor is a combination of the Necromancer and the Druid. The Monk is a combination of the Paladin and the Assassin. How are these really new classes? Just seems like a combination of the old… So much for new an original content… Why don’t you take what was not broke… and go with it; continue it. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, in your case you just took pieces of working wheels and glued them together hoping it would work… Think how much cooler it would have been if Diablo 3 would have brought back all the original classes. Can you imagine the cheer you would have received? It would have been way cooler. Like an old hero returning… Like when Diablo 3 was first announced in 2008. That first noise from the guitar, that infamous sound! If you guys could have been able to say “And yes, all 5 classes are returning to fight Diablo and the hordes of evil once again.” Think what would have happened? I can imagine fans fainting, going crazy, screaming with awesomeness.

    You guys had the greatest chance in the world. You guys had a chance to put out a game people were crying for. You guys had the chance. And you blew it. You threw that chance away and gave us a piece of crap. “Surprise” is the only thing you can say as you walk off with my money.

    Blizzard I want you to succeed and I want this game done right. I am scolding you because I care about you. I have so much passion for this game I wrote a 14 page single space, 12.0 font in Times New Roman to show you how much I care. If this does not show you my passion for the game, well, looks like you don’t care about your fans anyway.

    I hope we can work on this together, sincerely yours, Aurores

    P.S. This game is a huge piece of crap. The first game play video you first released showed fatalities. Jay, you said Diablo 2 made you go to a website to look up stuff. Diablo 3 makes you check the AH before you go to bed, when you wake up, before you start playing, while you are playing, after you are done playing… I spent more time on the AH then I did playing the game. This game is horrible. Wake up Blizzard.
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