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    I couldn't agree more, Sia.

    The appearance of Nova in that image is way to barbyish (even with the cinematics... she merely has a 'toughy', 'blown-out', 'minorly grim' look, nothing more... this girl is supposed to be a fuggin' killing machine, and yet she looks like some young-teenage role model, backed by the motto of 'try hard and you can accomplish anything!' (none of which is fully true). I find it hard to explain, but Sia made it obvious. In the book, she mentioned again and again that she wanted to die... I'd see her more as a rough, very awkward (as in un-typical... very much like human-Kerrigan), intelligent, calculating girl; yet 'cute' in a 'warrior' 'Arlene Sanders' theme (Arlene Sanders = bad ass woman in the Doom Novels, with a light, like-able personality, who doesn't mind being called a 'man'). The femme-fatale look isn't revealed very well at all. And I always imagined Nova as the kinda girl who hangs out with the guys (who cares if she was on a dropship in the damn cinematic, guys). She also needs the 'secretive' look, that Kerrigan always put out, socially, or even physically. She looks too bold and confident; which also means arrogance and a very unlikeable personality, for anyone (the only reason Fagin or anyone else hated her in the book is because she kept saying and revealing shit... not because she's a stuck up beauty pagent goer).

    The book didn't give her nearly as much uniqueness as Kerrigan in human form, and I would've imagined her to look less childish, modelly, etc.
    Less barbie, less Milla Jovovich, more secretive/alone Kerrigan/Arlene Sanders personality. I don't mind a vaguely Laura Croft personality (then again, that'd just be cheap). Level-headed, cynical, etc. Those are the kinds of traits (already mentioned) that I'd expect from Nova, too.

    Bah, I'm rambling here. My mind feels too dull right now to string together a piece of writing that's mechanical and easy enough on the eyes. :P

    And once again, I agree. Looks mean alot to any Blizzard game.
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    I'd actually be happier if it wasn't one of the 3 projects. Think about it, the game looked like it seriously sucked a big one; and, it'd raise the odds of the 3 projects being 'Diablo 3', 'WoS', and 'StarCraft 2'. If Ghost was to come out, what would it be? 'WoS', 'StarCraft 2', and 'Ghost'?

    Wait! No diablo3! Oh noes!

    Then again, they've already announced ghost and displayed it at at least 3 E3s, so I'd say announcing ghost wouldn't qualify as an 'announcement'. In that sense, the 3 games are NOT going to include ghost, even if ghost were to ever be released, which looks unlikely. Blizz tends to scrap material that aint top quality.
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    Quote from "darkjay" »
    e3 is in june









    *wonders if any1 will find that funny*

    Dude, that joke was overused, ever since Family Guy.
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    Quote from "Allyosaugh" »
    Archimonde. Case closed. [EDIT] Not Archimonde, Archimonde's just a draenei that joined the burning legion, as an Eredar.

    Archimonde's dead. And he was never a Dranei. All dranei used to be Eredar who chose not to consider themselves by such a name after a self-inflicted calamity befell there race. In other words, Archimonde was only ever, and still is, an Eredar.

    So, by what you mean, Sargeras, the corrupted titan who's goal is to end all of existence, is the one 'behind it all'?

    Seems plausible. The world of Diablo (don't know the name... I haven't actually played much of the game guys, sorry), may be simply another planet in the vast expanse of the 'great dark beyond' (AKA: space), along with Azeroth, Draenor, and Argus. Depends how many fans they'd anger by connecting the two universes, though. Don't know what they'd do with the ratings, either (though, I imagine Sargeras in a 'Teen' rated game, combined with the fact that he's THAT much of an evil bastard, doesn't seem right... personally, I'd go with 'mature' myself).

    As for Tyrael, even if he happens to be a bad guy, he'll just be another bad guy. Simply some guy (or in this case, angel) who vies for power, and can now get his hands on conquoring a world when all the demons can't interfere.

    So if the man behind it all isn't Sargeras, then it's probably some greater entity or 'secret sect' of leadership in hell. It makes sense too, considering a leader in secret has always been seen as a more cunning dictator, without anyone knowing that he leads... and that no one can rebel or assasinate him in this sense. As for the name of such a leader, it'd probably be some other lord like the 'lord of corruption', 'lord of insanity', 'lord of undoing', or perhaps the 'lord of homicidal tendencies'. Either that, or it'd be Satan/Lucifer/that evil egyptian god with the black fox head, or some other religious antagonist... which'd get religions mad, but would feel all the more like your 'attacking the root of all evil', or the 'first commiter of evil'.

    Another idea would be something like the 'hell ringleader' or the 'lord of the nathrezim' considering the nathrezim were the one's led to Sargeras going insane to begin with. Then again, most likely warcraft won't be connected with the diablo universe, so it might be the mightiest member of the most evil race that were inherintally evil, and led to the spread of evil to other races, creating demons.

    Ok, now I'm rambling guys. I'm sorry. That's all I have to say, I know it aint too too much.
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    Quote from "groopielove" »
    Based on the #1 bestselling computer game :confused: :confused: are they refering to the entire warcraft series

    Nah they're referring to SC. Sold over 9 million copies. I aint quite sure, but World of Warcrap may have yet to catch up (last I heard, it was at 8 million copies, but we all know blizz's goal is to sell more then SC so that they can justify eliminating the thing altogether). Then again, you mighta been sarcastic. But all those crazy emoticons of confusion lean to the wing of 'OTHERWISE'. :P

    As for the book, it was alright. The plot of the game acts as a virtual milimeter shell for the whole of the story (additonally, Raynor is the protagonist, and the Zerg Campaign never really caught up with him)... reveals secrets, provides some minor depth, and Tassadar and Zeratul even make an appearance for the very first time in the series. Zeratul's honestly a bad ass. It's worth the read. But it aint as good as Speed of Darkness.

    Shadow of the Xel Naga is by far the worst in the series, so I don't what your on, man.
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    I couldn't agree more.

    And the 'screw this' stage, can also be defined as the point where they can safely say "We aint makin' it, bitch. Run along and play WoW, now."
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    Which they've thought about doing... yet I'm sure they haven't gotten down to yet. They don't really care about it at this point, so either they'll forget about it later on, until they come to the point where they'll say "You know what? Screw this.", or they've already chosen to screw it all together, and haven't bothered with the announcement until they feel it actually matters to make it official that it's canceled.
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    Yah, well if they made Nova as unique a character as Kerrigan used to be (before infestation), intelligent, normalish human, interesting, changed the look of her face to be a little more exotic (like I thought she used to be... she's supposed to be 'natural' too, for god sakes) and not like that of some labotomy and plastic surgery, etc. with the inclusion of a backstory not written by Decandido, and a plot as well layed out as the original StarCraft happened to be, then they'd have succeeded (at least with the female protagonist). Don't know what's gone wrong with Blizz. I guess they didn't get the 'hang' of it after all these years. Perhaps their 'fresh youngster' employees are screwing them over. Perhaps they didn't even try.

    That picture looks far too much like some rendition of Aeon Flux, with added effect of the barbie, blow-up doll, coke addict, supermodel look. Horrible, really.
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