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    Ok after taking a look at your armory there're couple of things i would suggest.

    1) Witching hours won't help you as much as Harrington. attack speed does nothing on DoTs so your sheet dps really doesnt reflect on your real damage. Harrington works best as you can loot corpses, and set up your dots and one shot T6 elites.

    2) I would Uhkapian Serpent mojo and use life link zombie dog instead of horrifly. Jade docs are really squishy and dangerous to play as you need to close in to apply locust swarm and you really dont have much survival option besides spirit walk. Would you not like 40% dmg reduction ? (10% from life link zdog and 30% from mojo)

    3) This is by far the most important thing you must do. Absolutely use Spirit Vessel instead of jungle fortitude, Spirit vessel gives you that 2nd chance of 3 sec immortality AND it reduce cool down on your spirit walk AND soul harvest. Literally that passive boost both your survival and eDps. There is no reason why you won't take that passive

    4) use Sunkeeper, you really don't need mad monarch as white mobs will die even from just your locust swarm. you need to maximize your dmg against elites so that you can one shot them instead of dancing around and wait another 15 sec for the second SH. Hence Sunkeeper is hands down the best in slot. If you dont have sunkeeper use azure wrath or craft utar's roar. Imo Mad Monarch is for lower torment farming, its not very effective on higher torment level.

    5) reroll your boots to armor
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    This patch tells me one thing.

    The most efficient way to get gears is do split normal bounties, pile up rift keys, do Rift it Forward, and spend on Kadala. There's absolutely no point to grind rifts if you can just sit in chat channel and wait for invite to get shards, and use those shards to get the BiS gears you want. Mind you, the drop rate from Kadala is insanely good. My guild mate went from 0 piece EQ set to full EQ set in 2 days

    For this reason, there's no progression, you don't progress through torment levels, all you need to know for this game is how to run split normal bounties.

    Blizzard needs to give the players incentives to actually grind at higher torment level other than the infinity of plvl, there absolutely NEED to be some items unattainable from Kadala and/or only attainable in certain torment level, such as certain item only drops from T6 diablo, or T6 mal, or T6 rift guardians...
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    RoS, with the elimination of RMAH is designed for you to build your character to the gears u have, not the gears you want. That way, you will enjoy the process a lot more.

    I played every day 3~4 hours weekday, 5~6 hours weekend hoping to see a scent of immortal king, but i have nothing but 2 full set of blackthorn, and bunch of items that emphasize on return damage ( an axe that scale with your thorn dmg, bracer with 1000% of thorn dmg, and found a set that boost your thorn radius). So I decided to build a thorn barb.

    I found that if you try to come up with the gears combination with what you currently have, and maximize it, it is much more enjoyable. at the same time craft some legs items to compliment your build, run bounties to get the act specific legs.

    This game is really enjoyable if you just make the best out of what u have.
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