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    posted a message on Anyone else worried the final 2 classes will suck?

    I guess Necromancer and Demon Hunter will be the next 2 ones.

    Necromancer because it fits very well in the story, and makes a pair with Sorceress as INT users/arcane oriented character. If the Necromancers are introduced to game, Hatma maybe will be a central part of events too.

    Demon hunter as they showed bows, and crosbows in panel, but no one of the 3 previous class fits well with them to be a main ranged character. As they will put a great effort to show and explain Demon huters' creation on Diablo Imortal, i think they will put them on D4. And they fit well in story too.


    BUT, i realy want to see WD coming back at D4. I never was a great fan of them, but i guess they were not well introduced in D3. Their relations to Hawezar region and Kurast city would bring a nice chance to make them shine at D4.

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    posted a message on Toughest Class? Haven't tried every class.

    If you found Necro squishy, you must have done something wrong, but every class has a tank-like build you can use.

    But nothing compares to a good Healing Monk, some Barbarian builds and Thorn Crusader.

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    posted a message on Non-season leveling gear for Necromancer
    Quote from hayabusa73»

    Thats the way u do it exept u cant go in a T13 as lvl 1, it can be max T6 and the booster should open so u get "his" T6 and not T6 at "your" lvl 1, but yes 1 cowrun would be enough if booster have a gem of ease.

    GL in S11 ^^

    Sure, my fault! XD
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    posted a message on Non-season leveling gear for Necromancer

    Just with Gem of Easy + HF ring + Leoric's ring + Leoric's crown cubed + ruby socketed on head its is easy to lv up.

    1 - Ask a friend to power lv you.

    2 - Open cow's level with bardich on cube at T13 difficulty and lv 70 game

    3 - Craft a Cain's and Born's sets and put them on bag

    4 - Stay near the portal in cow lv and wait your friend kill all mobs

    5 - Put Cain's and Born's set as soon as you lv to 23.

    6 - Reach lv 70 easily :)

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    posted a message on I got a good question. What's the point of crafting if it isn't affected by your current difficulty setting?

    Back to 2015, crafting was amazing. Several builds used crafted itens, like Cains and Alguhild sets. There was even a pet build just with Carmesin set... But since main character sets got so powerful, crafted itens just became leveling itens. Sometimes, you can use a sage set to farm breaths, or a Cain set to boost a little your xp, but not as they were anymore.

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    posted a message on Temple of the Firstborn map Rifts and GRs

    Adventure Mode


    • (Beta Only) Made changes to reduce the occurrence of dead ends when floors in Rifts and Greater Rifts use the Temple of the Firstborn map.

    Much better now!

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    posted a message on Primals not dropping for me, is anyone else experiencing this?

    Just RNG...

    I found 1 primal since season began...

    3 primal at all since patch 2.5...

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries
    Quote from undefined

    As far as your logic goes, it sounds like you just hate seasons. Playing non-seasonal during a season isn't in the spirit of seasons, for a seasonal player. It would kind of be like quitting? I don't play a lot of Diablo in the non-season. It's not fun nor is it entertaining. I have (now) 9 seasons worth of gear saved up, what are the chances I don't have a perfectly rolled set of Ancient, everything? I get that for a non-seasonal player, Primals sound like a god-send, but when weighed into a competition, they're just another level of RNG, power creep, that puts the fate of your entire season in the hands of RNG. It already is, in a way, but you can get multiple Ancient items, poorly rolled, well rolled, and perfectly rolled. Making Legendaries non-existent isn't a good answer. Capping mainstat isn't an answer. You want people to play for 3 months. You want them to be excited for 3 months. You want them to have fun for 3 months. You don't want them to get capped on day 5 and quit to go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure because they're "done".

    But dude, let me say one thing: Many, if not "most" of D3 players play seasons just to get extra stash and go back to non-season after this. Did you notice seasons are abandoned hills after 2nd month? If you don´t have a really close team, you will need to come back to non-season just because you have no option unless you play solo.
    ANY improvment to game must take it seriously in consideration. Or you will need to get back the exclusives legendaries and create some exclusive seasonal build/sets to keep everyone playing seasons until it ends. And even that way, just those ones how really need the new items will keep playing it until it ends.

    Edit: Ok, i know "most of players" dont abandon seasons and seasonal player base é really enough to keep playing if you really want to. My bad. But doesn't anwers the question: What to do to keep seasons interesting after 2 months and keep non-seasonal players not moaning about it?

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries
    Quote from Hellgate2038»

    Does nobody realize that this is actually a good thing?

    Paragon will now be even less important considering the diminishing returns on mainstat...

    This is a step in the right direction people!

    Sry. No, it's not!


    IMO, this patch, like previous ones, are directed to casual players at most.

    There are some usefull changes to everyone, like the bônus cache (thanks a lot for this), or the armory (coming late, but that's ok). But this primal ancient thing is just garbage following recente mobile games trends. You can play any mobile game now and you will see this same direction at itemization. One difference here: there's no PTW in diablo like there was before with HA.

    Like others told before, introducing primal items to D3 will only works as a "wow!" moment to most of casual players. And a new boring objective to 24/7 pro-gamers. Any one in midle it will only be mourning that his perfect primal weapon didn't drop yet.... and most importante, no complete set of primals with + 3300 main stats (11 x ~300 main stat improvment from ancients = 3300) will compare to 1500 paragon levels difference between players or more (1500 x 5 main stat = 7500). Best of all, remember that if you play 4h/day, you will have 80% less chance (or worse) to get a good primal than a 24/7 bot farming endless times a day, you will bave less legendary gems to use in it as well, etc...

    Diablo devs seem to be going to same way as WoW devs were some time ago. But there, WoW devs decided to come back and revamped itemization and drop farming rotes, reworked power level and all about it. I dont know why diablo team seems to keep going this way only improving numbers when they would improve game play at all. We keep having unbalanced builds, some classes keep being off scene every season/patch, paragon farm is the only effective way to push GR levels (they have adjusted a lot this, but not enought, i must say).

    There a lot of things i would love to write about now, but its going too far. Sry for my looooong text. ;´)

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    posted a message on Staff Of herding Recipe??

    +difficulty = better chance of drop.

    Items from HS can drop from any level and difficulty mode.

    Gibbering stone is the hardest to find.

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    posted a message on Returning player: current meta/classes setup ?

    There are some good guides at redit, and here, at main page. But, quick answer: yes and may be.

    One monk generator build with barb + monk healer + WD dps or support is working very well.

    Edit: I will leave the HC question to HC players! ^^

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    posted a message on Keep the traditional isometric perspective or try something new?

    I would love to see a 3rd person cam at Diablo séries, but only if it becomes an open world game...

    But we can heve na open world game without a 3rd person cam too!

    If Diablo series become a 3rd view perspective, it would be a totally diferent game. Nice, but not a Diablo game at all as we are used to play.

    1- No more endless mobs to stack kills

    2- No more speed builds as they are now

    3- No more teleport skills as we would not know what could have behind every corner

    4- No more impressive effects from AoE

    5- No more pet builds as we know it too

    6- Much more NPCs to Interact with

    7- Less image quality or less interaction with scenario/background (no more rack, just slash!)

    8- List keeps going on...

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    posted a message on Conection insue problem

    Ok, is it happening just to me or you are getting disconected every 10min of game play?

    Since sunday, i'm getting disconected often while playing, but today, i barely stay 10min conected at all before getting disconected. I've lost many GRs due to this problem. My internet conection is ok. Done a lot of conection tests, Turned of my downloads and nothing makes the game stays online enought to finish a single GR!

    It is pissing me off...

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    posted a message on trngrsk - secret of vizjerei (diablo 2 inspired lofi beats)

    I liked the mood and choices, but sometimes it sounds lile a slow motion sound track or somekind of out of compass melody. Maybe you could add some tones or speed up the track, i dont know...

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    posted a message on Noob Question about Create Build

    Sometimes we see an "in progress" build there and it sucks. If there was a "draft" option it wouldnt happen.


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