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    posted a message on [D2 mod] Happy Soloing

    I've been making this D2 mod the last two weeks and the result is a pretty fun experience for replaying Diablo 2. You can download it from here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/happy-soloing

    I'll be happy to hear whether you enjoyed playing it and what you liked/disliked most. We can further improve things if there are cool ideas.

    The mod aims to alter the player experience by making the game less grindy and a lot more friendlier for solo/single playing. At the same time a few game mechanics have been adjusted serving for some tougher challenges. Here is a list with the most important changes:

    Major changes:
    1) No level requirement on item affixes (everything drops anywhere)
    2) Runes and rare/unique items are easier to find
    3) 40 levels instead of 99 with 10 stat points per level (the Ancients are the last boss on Hell)
    4) Potions are disabled/unusable
    5) No mana cost and no cooldowns on skills
    6) Attacks always ignore the monsters' defense
    7) Only super unique monsters and bosses can have damage immunities
    8) Better/easier rolls for rare jewels, which are guaranteed drops from unique monsters
    9) New Horadric cube receipts for socketing and runes (read them at the end)

    Other changes:
    - All runewords are available for single player
    - All skills are bindable to left mouse button
    - Durability on items removed
    - Maximum quantity on stackable items raised
    - Token of Absolution sold by Akara
    - Tomes stack increased from 20 to 100
    - Not needed affixes removed from the drop pool
    - Unique charms are possible drops anywhere
    - Gems are guaranteed drops from champions
    - Reduced pre-requirements for skills
    - Improved experience curve in the very early game
    - Stamina drain severely reduced
    - Only magic items received from gambling
    - Hirelings are a lot more expensive
    - Town vendors have become greedier
    - Town vendors aren't selling armor and potions
    - Cows are less generous
    - Some shrines have been corrupted (reduced duration of their effects)
    - Crafting pool always contains all prefixes and suffixes
    - Socketing of superior quality normal items with the existing cube receipts is now possible

    New Horadric cube receipts:

    4 perfect gems + tsc (scroll of town portal) -> random rune

    1 perfect gem + tsc + 1 armor/weapon/helm/shield -> adds 1 socket
    1 perfect gem + isc (scroll of identify) + 1 armor/weapon/helm/shield -> adds 2 sockets
    1 perfect gem + tsc + isc + 1 armor/weapon/helm/shield -> adds 3 sockets
    1 perfect gem + 2 isc + 1 armor/weapon/shield -> adds 4 sockets
    1 perfect gem + tsc + 2 isc + 1 weapon -> adds 5 sockets
    1 perfect gem + 3 isc + 1 weapon -> adds 6 sockets

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    Greetings friends,

    I made a mod for D2 implementing a D3 like paragon system allowing you to level to 20000.

    Here it is: Paragon Meme. Mod installation is very easy - just replace a single file in Diablo 2 install directory.

    P.S. I am also making another mod (a serious one) changing some of the D2 mechanics to make the game more enjoyable and challenging in some aspects.

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    posted a message on June Development update is live! Team testing playthroughs already.
    Quote from WHHB»

    Q4 2021, thats the best and earliest possible

    2022 is late for Diablo 4 release. Its engine isn't that good to face the potential new aRPGs being developed atm. If they delay D4 to 2022 they'll make a mistake. No matter in what state the game is, it has to drop next year or they risk getting smashed by better games and lose a big portion of the player base they aim to get.

    The truth is Diablo 4 is a great game for 2020, but it would be mediocre in 2022 since the games market is so dynamic. Diablo 4 has to capitalize on what it is in 2021. That's my personal opinion.

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    posted a message on June Development update is live! Team testing playthroughs already.

    D4 open Alpha/Beta is coming after the virtual Blizzcon. Get ready!

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    posted a message on Diablo 4 releasing next year

    Made up or not, the important is how accurate they are lol. D4 Beta is coming, there will be a storm after the silence.

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    Quote from user-13216883»

    most of their current games either dead or dying

    They are all-in with Diablo 4. Right now more than 85% of their programmers work on that title. If Diablo 4 fails there will be no more Blizzard as we know it. This means two things:

    - Their development on the game goes with great speed

    - They'll try to release D4 as fast as possible to make up for lost profits from other games and failed projects

    And Covid-19 while slowing down their development would increase their sales.

    We are getting the D4 BETA after next Blizzcon for sure.

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    Quote from WHHB»

    Q4 2021

    Yes, my current prediction (influenced by the covid-19 pandemic) is the same. What we saw at Blizzcon 2019 showed a game in a very good state. At Blizzcon 2021 they would probably announce the open beta of Diablo 4 and a release will follow in late 2021.

    The aRPG genre is getting more popular with each and every day, and some other top studios are about to release their games in 2022, so Blizzard hitting the late 2021 is crucial for developing a strong player base and protecting its position on the market.

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    posted a message on Is +5 main stat grind fun?

    Let's have a poll guys! You can specify why it's so for you in the thread.

    Also, on:


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    posted a message on Activision Blizzard has several more remakes and remasters planned for 2020

    Remaster or remake doesn't matter when the old servers are abolished - this is simply not fair to the people who had purchased the old game.

    WC3R was another huge misstep by them. It's messy in the kitchen and that's not good news for D4 - we are to witness more absurdity as the release approaches.

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    posted a message on Activision Blizzard has several more remakes and remasters planned for 2020

    Classic D2 Blizzard servers go *poof* the moment D2 HD drops.

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    posted a message on Blue Tracker not working anymore ?

    Also, a global tracker of all games.

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    posted a message on Botters: Get rekt
    Quote from Altreg01»

    wiping out a large portion of your player base in a game that doesnt create revenue might not be the smartest move

    They are surely announcing the big change with botting when it happens. Then if you are THAT stupid to do it again, you deserve your ban.

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    posted a message on Feedback and suggestions on Diablo 4

    This is a cross-post.

    This post is a direct feedback to "System Design in Diablo IV (Part II)".

    1. Affixes

    The addition of Angelic, Demonic and Ancestral (I suggest renaming this to Nephalem to avoid the A-A letter duplication with Angelic) power is a concept strengthening the min/maxing in the itemization and I personally like it, but nevertheless I would suggest an improvement to it.

    The current association of these three powers with buffs, debuffs and procs should be done in a more elegant way.

    It would be optimal to stack only one of these three powers on an item if the power requirements are not bound to specific properties. What I mean is that items having more than one power stat and/or requirement on them would be less valuable from a min/maxing perspective since these would “lock” extra item properties for no expected benefit since experienced players would go heavily in only one direction for a single build.

    You could solve this problem by locking particular item stats to particular power requirement, but this would lower the min/maxing effect (I now read this is the case indeed and I personally don’t like this).

    What I propose is separating the direct association of the powers with the buffs, debuffs and procs, and introducing a system (like the Talents) that would allow players who sacrificed an item property for one of the three powers to choose how to distribute the buff-debuff-proc weight themselves. Such system could also be extended with more stats.

    Removing the affixes-power attunement is also needed so that build diversity is not artificially constraint. I illustrate below why the current way of working is wrong with a simple MMA analogy.

    If we look from a broader perspective we have X stats as item properties. Some of these stats have power requirements. Each of these X stats has its range of how it could roll - for example a resistance stat might roll from 10% to 40%. When they force the brackets on us due to the fixed power requirements you would be able to go from 10% on a particular resistance to say 20% for a specific character path you choose. This simply means shorter stat range.

    So what we have is this:
    1) Stats
    2) 1 + power requirement
    3) 2 + roll range
    4) 3 + sub-range

    You see, we can push this more to 5), 6) etc with more sub-ranges if we want, but this achieves nothing by itself.

    The whole current system is like telling an MMA-fighter to use a martial art from a PARTICULAR pool that is already selected for the fight instead of giving him the possibility to CHOOSE the optimal martial arts himself for each fight.

    Related to the above this is:
    1) MMA
    2) 1 + weight categories
    3) 2 + martial arts choice
    4) 2 + fixed martial art

    So, in case 1) it would be wild - we would have 100kg fighters crushing 60kg fighters for seconds, which is not a good entertainment. In 2) we have the current MMA structure where fighters from specific weight categories are matched to fight with each other. In 3) we would allow the fighters themselves to choose particular martial arts depending on their opponents. In 4) we would choose the martial arts pool that could be used during the combat instead of the fighters.

    There is no need we go to step 4). It doesn't deliver anything meaningful.

    These suggestions would achieve two major things compared to the current way of working:
    - Items will roll with random requirements not attuned to specific affixes, which serves for more variety
    - Players will be free to choose in which direction - buffs, debuffs, procs - to specialize without this being forced due to the power-effect association

    Last, having a general proc chance increase mechanic combined with cooldown reduction may potentially create balance problems in the future, so beware about this.

    2. Rares

    The blog post doesn't specify whether rares have the same number of properties as legendary items now (or would have such with future crafting) aka whether they would be top tier when upgraded, so I would discuss both options.

    2.1. Upgraded rares with less properties than legendary items

    In that case I'd suggest making the consumable more common and received by salvaging legendary items too. This way players would wear upgraded rares until a very good rolled legendary is found.

    2.2. Upgraded rares with equal properties as legendary items

    In this case the consumable should have a very low chance to drop and only in the very late endgame.

    In both cases the consumable should not be tradable and traded rare items should be rendered non-upgradable in order 3rd party sellers to not spoil the game.

    Overall I like this crafting opportunity since it lowers the variance and makes rares more useful than before. This would surely make the inclusion of in-game item filters necessary so that players could easily filter precious rares without inspecting each of these separately.

    Thank you for reading,

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    posted a message on Botters: Get rekt
    Quote from Jelloslock»

    The current main bot source doesn't inject into the game and manually uses your keyboard and mouse and just reads the game without injecting is the main issue with them catching this.

    Yes, but there should still exist some file that runs the bot. How could they not catch this file? Is it masked with some virtual machine?
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    posted a message on Botters: Get rekt

    I suppose this would be something major and global coming before Diablo 4 to counter botting in all of their games.

    If there are people reading the forum and knowledgeable about how Blizzard's current detection works, I'd love to read an in-depth explanation about this if they don't mind to share, so we can speculate what is to change.


    1. Are they scanning ALL files atm?

    2. Do they have problems detecting the cheating softwares?

    3. Do they have problems evaluating whether particular software is a cheating one?

    4. Do they need manual reports to ban someone?

    5. Have players been banned for THUD and/or macros until now besides botting?

    6. Are there any other cheating softwares besides the most popular ones?

    I don't expect someone to show and answer all of these in-depth since he would probably be a cheating fan himself then, but one never know, it doesn't hurt to ask lol.

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