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    What Wizard "nerf"? Cooldown reduction buff isn't a nerf. Damage reduction increase isn't a nerf. Increasing damage from 2500% to 3500% isn't a nerf.

    So yeah, you're wrong, on a couple levels it seems. Poor choice on use of "retarded" by the way.

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    Best part is that he's got her running a T6 Rift so she dies instead of a T1 where she would at least survive. Bravo! Dang funny...

    You realize that if women could kill spiders (and open jars) they wouldn't need us guys.

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    Quote from tcorneliubrv

    I did like 10 bounties in repeated games (last 3 days) and I did cleared also some other areas in Adv mode so I guess it took me about 30 min/game ... we shouldn't farm for a celebration event... not to mention it's boring and pointless in the end. I am pretty sure some others found it faster and some are finding it 4 times in a game, just as I found only one furnance in 2 years and others are finding 6/week. This is the way these guys made this game ... pure RNG. The point is they should have increase the rate since it's their anniversary event. Not to mention you dont get any rain of legendaries in that level ... just a bunch of chests and lots of arcane ... which everyone lacks nowadays.

    I took my mind out of it anyway, BUT I do think it's a proper way to celebrate 3 years of D3 ... I mean the game is heading towards ruin so why making an event that will show otherwise.

    I hope Legacy of the Void will be release soon, so I can forget about this game that was once something nice. At least S2 has a decent dev team ... just like the other Blizzard games.

    Best part about all the cows is that they produce milk, which makes cheese, which goes great with all your "whine". Seriously no one cares....

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