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    There will be an on-site IRC application within near future. Otherwise, those of you who want to use a separate client, you can use Mibbit or FreeNode Webchat within your browser, or external applications like XChat or mIRC.

    The direct link (for freenode webchat) to the DiabloFans chat room can be found here.

    The server information is as follows: chat.freenode.net:6667 #diablofans and #diablowiki.

    So drop by and chat with fellow DiabloFans about... anything!
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    General Information

    If you have any questions regarding reporting posts, posting images, the rules, the posting ranks, the different staff members, or just about anything else, please read over this post first. It has been meticulously written to address the most common issues members ask about. If you have any further questions, please post a thread in the Site Suggestions and Questions Forum.

    Reporting Posts

    Administrators, Managers, and the Moderation Team try to patrol as much of the boards as possible, but can't read it all. If you find a post that is inappropriate, report it and they will look into it as quickly as possible. Do not involve yourself. It's simple and keeps you out of flame wars and out of trouble.

    Do not, under any circumstances, publicly discuss moderation about threads, members, social groups, visitor messages, albums, and/or blogs in any public venue. PM Daemaro if you feel you have been unfairly treated.

    For more information on the report-a-post function, please read here.

    Site Guidelines

    Trolling & Flaming
    This section should be very self explanatory, DiabloFans operates on general common sense netiquette. We will not tolerate QQ threads or any kind of ridiculous trolling (posts that are specifically made to incite arguments).

    Do not make personal attacks against another user based on anything and do not flame. Personal attacks will not be taken lightly.

    We do not allow trading of in game items for real cash, unless within the bounds of the RMAH when it is launched. You can make people aware of your RMAH trades by posting a picture of it, they can then search their regional RMAH to find the exact item if they wish, for example. No trading trough paypal or anything similar.

    Do not bump your trade thread more than once every 12 hours. If there is interest in your item people will see it and bid, you won't need to bump it endlessly.

    If you wish to advertise your own or someone else's youtube channel and or website PM Daemaro about it first. It will then be discussed with other members of the staff and a decision will be made. We will not allow more than one thread per channel or site. We reserve the right to refuse for any reasons we choose and are not obligated to explain them. We will never allow advertisement to sites for monetary gain, only ones providing meaningful discussion for our members and relevant topics.

    If anyone posts any links to any leveling, gold, auction house, or economy guides of the sort that are not free and have any sort of strings attached or monetary gain behind them, you will be banned, possibly without warning. This includes links in posts, links in your profile, links in your signature, links in reported PMs, or anywhere else. This also includes linking to your blog, facebook, myspace, or anything else that provides links to where someone would be selling a guide.

    If you are making a guide to help people or just to show friends, whatever, that is fine. I repeat though, if you're charging for your expertise on the matter, you will be banned. This is not a site to advertise on.

    The use of videos and excessively animated (read: seizure-invoking) images within signatures is prohibited. Do note that you are allowed to use animated images, just not ones that are obscenely animated.

    Language Barrier
    Note that this is primarily an English community. Posting in public forums (as well as status updates) in languages other than English is considered spam and will be removed. Private manners, such as PM's and wall comments are allowed, as long as both parties are in agreement.

    Software Piracy and Illegal Activities
    Do not post about trading Blizzard accounts or CDKeys, or the selling of items. Do not post about Blizzard or Activision piracy, we will not tolerate either. As far as other games go... Don't ask, don't tell.

    Account Sharing and Key Selling.
    We do not allow either of these. Sharing an account will get the post deleted or thread closed and possible a warning. Selling a key will get your post deleted or thread closed, a warning, and maybe even a ban.

    Staff Guidelines

    These are the behavior guidelines we intend to hold our staff members to. If they violate these, please contact the staff member's manager or an administrator. If you are interested in being a Staff member, please understand that you will be held to stricter standards than the rest of the community.
    • Staff members are official representatives of DiabloFans and DiabloWiki and should act accordingly. For this reason, staff members must never be found threatening the integrity of the staff team by breaking any of our regular rules (see above).
    • Since staff members are representatives of the site they are entitled the respect that comes with that responsibility. If any user shows flagrant disregard or disrespect for a moderator performing their duties please let an administrator know.
    • Staff members should never carry out personal agendas with their privileges. If you feel there is a conflict of interest, please report the post or contact a manager or administrator.
    • Reported Posts should be responded to as promptly as possible. Staff members should try to follow reported problems back to where they started and take the appropriate actions.
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Hopefully it's not only a "story" teaser and they'll have some gameplay news to show as well :D
    "Reaper of Souls" makes me believe this will deal in large part with Malthael, the Archangel who went awry and wielded scythes, who just happens to be reminiscent of...?

    You got it, the Grim Reaper.
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    Quote from mitzza

    There are two things I do not like:
    1. Healing pots
    2. Life steal from weapon
    You have spells with life steal, ok. But to play with a weapon with life steal + pots and your spells, i dont think it is fair. For ex: fight with a baba which his hp is around 80k+a lot of rez and when you almost take a half of his life after 5 mins of running he will hit you once and his life its almost full and yours below 30% and this is not bcz i dont have enough dps or hp but i dont think its a good ideea to be allowed those in a real tournament.
    I'm still considering whether pots should be allowed, I think because of the cooldown that the game already has in place, I may allow it. You can't chug them like you could in D2, which is why they weren't really allowed, you could just spam drink them.

    Quote from eldimmy

    Hex HAVE TO be banned, I don't know about others, but hex CC for 8s and don't break on damage. Also it always refresh after the effect expires, NO DR, the fetish lasts until the CD is refreshed, that's why is absurd.
    Truth, I'll have to do some serious looking into this though, as it'll end up restricting builds (depending on the skills and classes). I will note it.
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    Quote from ruksak

    I have only put a small amount of thought into it so far, but some things that jumped out to me as being necessary rules would be;
    No Sweeping Winds. No Control Impairment (fear, cold, stun, knockback, blind etc), making certain items like Echoing Fury, Fist of Az Turassaq, Sledge Fist.....etc, BM.

    As far as the rest, skills etc, I would love to hear some feedback on this. Please keep me informed of any formal gatherings on this issue.
    Restricting skills is something that I've gotten a few times, I'll have to seriously consider that, simply because restricting skills will certainly kill particular builds, so I'll have to be careful.

    Quote from Kyosukekano

    - Should have time frame (eg 20 mins max)
    - Should be first to reach certain score (lets say 20)
    - Should be enforced combat system (like in UFC) where no too much hesitation and running allowed, but focus on combat and exchange of skills
    - No spells should be banned
    - People are allowed to spec accordingly to their opponent (to counter spells, not to ban them)
    - People are allowed to customize gear before the fight according to their opponent (to counter spells, not to ban them)
    - Custom made TV counter for deaths / kills
    - Custom made "killing spree" notifications
    - Enforced colours useage on items by players (as gears allow), or dye on legendaries. For better viewing experience and distinction on mirror matches
    - No camping allowed
    - No harrasment is allowed in chat. Only allowed dialogue is "GG, GL, HF, WP" etc. and in extreme cases 'PPP' before pausing
    - On disconnect the game is paused and returning player is given 10 seconds for adjustment to the map and repositioning
    - Depending on the nature of error, player that requested pause is allowed certain time (example 5 minutes) to replace keyboard/mouse/headset etc.
    - Visible leaderboard for TV purposes with basic statistics and info (build for example)
    - Broadcasters with deep knowledge of the game and good broadcasting skills

    Well this is as much as i could think of in 2 mins. Of course, not all is rule related but also related to broadcasting. This is coming from high ranked SC/WC3/SC2/WoW pvp player. If u need more assistance i could provide you with my paypal for donations! :))
    Good stuff, some of these are a given, as they're already in place in MLG for their other GB titles, etc, but definitely!
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    Quote from ruksak

    Is anyone trying to iron out a GM Melee rule-set yet? I've been meaning to put some thought to this.
    GM? Good mannered? If so, yes: myself and MLG. If no, forgive me.
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    I'll look into whether or not banning pots is something we'll want to do; the cooldown on pots is pretty harsh as it is when you're in a 1v1 environment anyway, maybe allowing pots could be interesting (as I'm sure you'll recall, there was no CD in D2).
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    Restrictions on skills/passives isn't actually something I considered, we were too focused on gear "issues." Very good point, I'll have to take that into consideration!
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    I'm going to be working with MLG to help bring Diablo III to GameBattles. We believe in order for this to succeed, some rulesets will need to be put in place [and enforced] to help with potential imbalances and flaws Blizzard will not be resolving in their attempt to remain true to PvE-focused gameplay. With this in mind, I'm open to suggestions -- what kinds of rules would you like to see in Diablo III PvP?
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    Quote from yazoo70

    Same here, no character in my profile.
    I'm on EU.
    Are you going to the US site instead of the EU site?
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    Quote from Sabvre

    Sixen .... your whole point about doing the charm system to stop gear swapping is moot.

    ALL you do is push gear swapping from items ... to now charms. Unless each charm is GUARANTEED to contain both GF AND MF (just in varying %s ) people will swap in the charms that benefit them best for that situation.
    Whether or not it's guaranteed to have both shouldn't really matter. At that point, what you're saying is, you'll be swapping out your GF and MF charms? That's not what's going on atm, as far as I'm aware. What's happening is that people are swapping out for one or the other (or gear with both if they're lucky), but not swapping GF gear for MF gear.
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    Quote from Doorsfan

    It's just out of the question. There has to have been an event, that caused the philosophy change so radically, that in fact, the entire development of D3, took a turn for the worse.
    This is what I'm chalking it up to, there is a completely different philosophy here, and that's the D2 philosophy and the D3 philosophy. I'm just having a hard time pinpointing and explaining the differences between the two. There is a clear distinction between item farming, content, playstyle, and build diversity (in addition to itemization).

    Quote from Doorsfan

    Even if you go about it, like you get MONTHS Of progression, there are still CLEARLY documented moments, where the game literally does not give a single f'ck to regards of what gear you have, it just slaps you silly. Like being Physically blocked in Desecrate, waller , plague etc. - It does not matter if you outgear that, pre nerf, you would NEVER survive that. It does not matter how you do that, you are physically blocked. So you get forced to take other measures, skip packs etc. - And it becomes even MORE redundant if we try to play in HC on this. Because then it really shines.
    Jailer, Waller, Frozen, Vortex, etc is not good.

    Quote from Doorsfan

    This isn't blizzard who designed this shit, this CANNOT be the same team who Made Diablo 2. Because this stuff, this is something you learn by going with afterthought with say, like, couple of moments. And i can tell you, 10 YEARS, is a LOT of time to think and reflect, especially if you show that you had more thought in progress b4 while it was in progress.
    It's not the same team, :/.
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    Hello everyone, I've decided to make a video discussing my thoughts, opinions, and suggestions regarding the Diablo III end-game. After seeing both Kripparian's and Athene's videos on the matter, I felt obliged to make one myself. Feel free to leave your feedback here or in the comments of the YouTube video, I'm just curious to hear what you all think in responses.

    In short, I talk about how there is a lack of end-game (no, Inferno is not end-game, I said this last September!), and what can potentially be added to alleviate this issue. For example, Pandemonium events for PvE, a Competitive PvP, and ladders for both. I explain them in much more detail in the video.


    Originally I only intended on doing one of these videos, but after the positive feedback and discussion that came out of my first video, I decided to do one covering the current issues with the Magic Find system. I very quickly talk about the five (essentially six) options Blizzard laid out in their blog post and then offer up my own [seventh] solution.

    *Option 1: Solves gear swapping. Kills min/maxing.
    *Options 2/3/4: All MF over time can all be gamed (gear swapping still exists).
    *Option 5: Has non-MF related problems and can all be gamed (gear swapping still exists).
    *Option 6: Gear swap button, this doesn't solve the problem, it encourages it.
    *Option 7 (my option): Re-implement the talisman, charms, and the Mystic. Remove MF/GF from all items and only allow them to spawn on charms. Allow the Mystic to enhance our items with MF/GF and potentially craft charms.

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    posted a message on Diablo Daily & State of Sanctuary Shows

    Website: http://www.Sixen.tv
    Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/Sixen
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Sixen
    Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3PM PST/6PM EST

    Hello everyone,

    If you haven't heard of the Diablo Daily before, my main goal is to inform the uninformed, entertain the veterans, and have some fun hacking n' slashing along the way. The structure of my show will vary from the pilot to post-release of the game.

    The episodes' pre-release are all about covering game mechanics and systems. Through the release of the game, I covered a lot of lore/storyline and looked at quests/events/areas. After that point is where the real fun begins: Mondays are Build Discussion/Theorycrafting, Wednesdays are Fundamentals and Tips/Tricks, and then Fridays are for State of Sanctuary, a podcast-styled game analysis show with special guests. Also worth noting is the launch party stream I did, co-hosted by djWHEAT.

    If you miss the show live, you can always watch the VOD, which is immediately uploaded afterward. Feel free to leave comments, questions, or concerns below. As always, I appreciate any and all feedback!


    Diablo Daily

    Episode#1: What is Diablo? (Part 1) - twitch.tv/sixen/b/315410806
    Episode#1: What is Diablo? (Part 2) - twitch.tv/sixen/b/315414450
    Episode#2: Character Classes - twitch.tv/sixen/b/315624904
    Episode#3: Lore & Storyline - twitch.tv/sixen/b/315959042
    Episode#4: The World of Sanctuary - twitch.tv/sixen/b/316154454
    Episode#5: Runestone System/Skill Runes - twitch.tv/sixen/b/316358794
    Episode#6: The "new" Mercenaries - twitch.tv/sixen/b/316722899
    Episode#7: Crafting and the Artisans - twitch.tv/sixen/b/316931496
    Episode#8: Resource System - twitch.tv/sixen/b/317129873
    Episode#9: PvE Encounters - twitch.tv/sixen/b/317469831
    Episode#10: PvP Combat - twitch.tv/sixen/b/317673654
    Episode#11: Battle.net & Multiplayer - twitch.tv/sixen/b/317856112
    Episode#12: Post-launch Discussion & Tips - twitch.tv/sixen/b/318437747
    Episode#13: Act 1 Story - twitch.tv/sixen/b/318642685
    Episode#14: Act 2 Story/Encounters - twitch.tv/sixen/b/318959066
    Episode#15: Act 3 Story/Encounters - twitch.tv/sixen/b/319149382
    Episode#16: Act 4 Story and Beyond (Part 2) - twitch.tv/sixen/b/319345002
    Episode#17: Wizard Leveling Build - twitch.tv/sixen/b/319668963
    Episode#18: Utilizing Followers - twitch.tv/sixen/b/319864260
    Episode#19: Gameplay Analysis with Guest - twitch.tv/sixen/b/320060715
    Episode#20: Monk Leveling Build - twitch.tv/sixen/b/321143720
    Episode#21: Fundamentals of Farming (Part 1) - twitch.tv/sixen/b/321353447
    Episode#21: Fundamentals of Farming (Part 2) - twitch.tv/sixen/b/321355892


    State of Sanctuary

    Episode#0: Gameplay Analysis with Guest - twitch.tv/sixen/b/320060715 (w/ ProzaicMuze)
    Episode#1: Auction House Analysis - twitch.tv/sixen/b/321573147 (w/ Markco)



    Diablo III Launch Party - twitch.tv/onemoregametv/b/318246126 (w/ djWHEAT)
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    posted a message on Unlock #2 - Diablo III: Book of Cain
    Quote from Molster

    As someone who already read the Book of cain... :QQ:
    My thoughts exactly, :(.
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