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    Development in progress while waiting d2r. Here website you will find latest tools added to it: https://d2cube.web.app/


    • Crafting runes recipes (v0.1-rc)
    • Runewords with search and filters (v0.1-rc)
    • Popular Crafting recipes (interactive mode v0.1-rc).
    • Search by: Level req., RW Title, Rune name, Amount of sockets.
      Filters by: Non-Ladder, Ladder, 1.10, 1.11, Original.

    Planned Features:

    • Breakpoints/Map locations/MF or other not sure.

    Please write feedback if you have an idea which tool you would like to have. Also if you have suggestions for more complex filters or something.

    Other tools:

    • Already created D2 Skill calculator for Android OS: Skill calculator Diablo 2. Not sure maybe I should transform to website and create similar tool or should make more complex one with full UI still is a question. Android App has custom data for that reason algorithm is not finished for Assassin and Druid synergies.

    Here some snippets if you beware to click links up :)

    Interactive popular crafting recipes: (Suffixes now later will be Prefixes)

    Just for fun without Level requirement. Guide Summary taken from D2JSP All you need to know when crafting those popular recipes.

    RW interactive list:

    Easier to daily use image only for transmutation:

    Runewords search window:

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    I created an Android app during free time main idea is to create simple tool which is working offline too.

    • Basic Idea have all 7 classes and skill trees which is display basic descriptions and some synergies.
    • You able to make and save your build to favorites. Also you can share those builds with other users.
    • Copied from clipboard code is base64 encoded text and you can encode and see class, skills from left to right moving from tab1 and row by row.
    • basically 30 numbers you can change and then encode to base64 to make custom code with some online tool if you need it :)
    • But basically is oriented to Mobile phones and if you need share you simple send code to your friend which will open your build in his phone ofc need an App install and import to app your build. Play Store Diablo 2 Skill Calculator

    All critics and features suggestion for feature releases are welcome :)

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    Already added to Play store v1.0: Skill Calculator - Diablo 2 (package name: id=eif.viko.lt.shortguidediablo2)

    At a moment there is options to:

    - Add points to skill tree.
    - Save builds to favorites.
    - Share base64 code for other app users (No need to sign in at all).

    Basically you able to decode and encode to base64 online and enter random numbers to import from copy clipboard.

    For example :

    Decoded Text:

    0 6 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    > 1 line class

    > 2 line points left

    > 3 line skill tree 30 skills from tab1 to tab 3 each tab has 10 skills for each class moving from left to right in each row.

    for e.g. first is JAB skill next one is power strike and so on :)

    > 4 line must to include

    > 5 line is name of build

    Encoded Text:


    - Import base64 copy clipboard codes.
    - It oriented to offline users.

    Need some feedback: about app and which functionality is missing because I see a lot of similar web apps already exists and decide create skill calc only not sure what to add more will be great because I believe that developers will create Like runewords in game or something :)

    Also was Idea to create web and save all builds to database to view in browser or mobile app, but not sure is it needed or not.

    Screenshot Image

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