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    Viktor looked down at Jamis and realized that they were not going to have the time to get him the help he desperately needed. Everyone was already to occupied with the invasion against the Riddians.

    "It looks like I am going to have to do my best to heal these wounded, including Jamis."

    Viktor pulled out his book and held it in one hand while he placed the other on Jamis' wound. Viktor closed his eyes and lowered his head. A brilliant gold glow emanated from Viktor's hand. The glow crept from Viktor's hand and moved towards Jamis' wound. Just as soon as the glow reached the wound a giant beam shot up from the wound up into the heavens. Viktor opened his eyes and saw that Jamis' wound was completely healed.

    "I have never done that before."

    He had always known that his faith could allow him to do anything he desired but this was nothing short of a miracle in Viktor's eyes. Viktor then repeated the process for the other injured people from the church.

    "I guess we can abandon the notion of getting help for these people"

    "Jamis' wound has been healed."

    Viktor then sat down exhausted from the miracle he had just performed. He sat there as he listened to the other members toss around their ideas on how to attack the Riddians.
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    Viktor turned around after hearing the loud thud of Jamis hitting the floor.


    Viktor ran over to Jamis and saw how badly his wound still was.

    "Everybody, help me load all of the injured onto the wagon. We need to get them to a doctor immediately."

    Viktor threw Jamis over his shoulder and carried him over to the cart.

    "Dammit Jamis, you way a ton with all of this armor on"

    Viktor stammered over to the cart and roughly threw Jamis back down.

    "Sorry Jamis, I am not as strong as some of you."

    Viktor then went back into the church to gather more injured.

    "Buliwyf, you know this area best, where can we go to get these people help?"
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    "Let's get these people some help. Whatever we can do, whatever we can give, we give it."

    Viktor removed his trench coat revealing a giant cross tattoo on his chest.

    "Here child, keep yourself warm"

    Viktor places his coat on the shoulder of a young boy shivering from the cold of the night pouring in. Viktor then pulled out his book of verses and began praying for not only the people who lost their lives but for the safety of the survivors of the massacre.

    " I am afraid this is all I can offer to you. But know that through our Faith anything is possible. I pray that your loved ones find their eternal rest that they now deserve and I pray that all of you are able to overcome this tragedy."

    Viktor looked up towards the heavens wondering what evil could do such horrible things.

    " WE must find the Riddians and avenge these innocent people."

    Viktor look towards Jamis and Buliwyf, eager to hear them shout out battle orders to the Knights of the Burning Blades. Hoping that he will once again fight for all that is virtuous.
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    Viktor quickly hopped off the wagon once they had reached Tappas

    "What form of evil could bring such pain and destruction"

    Viktor walked around the city, stopping at each victim to give them a prayer.

    Rest now."

    Viktor walked back to the church after offering the lost souls hope.

    "This is why I joined this group. To help rid the world of evil. "

    Viktor joined the others in the church, eager to learn what has happened and more importantly, what could be done now.
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    "Please, Kifu, can you drive a bit more cautiously"

    Viktor looked down upon Jamis and watched him clench at every bump and twist the wagon took.

    "Jamis is already in enough pain. There is no need to aggravate his wound anymore than necessary."

    "I am definitely getting my own horse if kifu is going to be the one doing the driving"

    Viktor grabbed his book on his side as he bounced around in the back of the wagon. Trying to not fall upon Jamis.

    "I just pray we make it to Tappas without any interuptions."

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    I'll go withgrey
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    "I shall ride with Jamis."

    Viktor hops up onto the wagon that Ignis has just loaded Jamis's stretcher on.

    "I will stay close and pray for a quick recovery for our leader."

    Viktor pulls out his book of verses and begins reciting some as he crosses Jamis's arms across his chest.

    "Let us all pray for a safe journey to Tappas so we may help our leader get the proper care he is in desperate need of."

    Viktor closes his eyes and looks up towards the Heavens. Viktor then looks back upon Jamis's face.

    "Don't worry, we will be there soon enough."
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    "what a fine book that is Jethera"

    Viktor eagerly took the book from Jethera's hands and looked through it.

    "The book I read is a book of heavenly verses my mother gave to me when I was five. She had died soon after."

    Viktor reluctantly handed his book over to Jethera but knew it was safe in an archivist's hands.

    "The book means a great deal to me. It has saved my life in more ways than one."

    Viktor saw Buliwyf emerge from the medical tent and mount his steed.

    "It looks like we will have to continue this talk later."

    Viktor took his book back from Jethera and handed his book back to him. Viktor then reholstered his weapons onto his back and stood up.

    "I suppose it is time we depart from here. The foul stench lingering in the air is becoming unbareable."
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    After hearing Jamis's reply, Viktor felt at ease of the massacre in front of him.

    "Justice was sentenced out here today. No man shall ever take advantage of another without due punishment."

    Viktor stood up from the camp fire to take a survey of his surroundings. He saw both leaders being taken care of in the tents, two beautiful women sitting over by the wagon and by the fire he saw a mismatched group of men sharing stories and reluctantly having a good time.

    Viktor couldn't help but feel some what out of place in this group. Some of these mercenaries worried Viktor, their love for this carnage was almost too barbaric for Viktor.

    "Who am I to judge these people. They are doing what they are meant to do. I supposed in order to destroy evil one must get their hands dirty. I am sure I would have slain a few of these men myself had I arrived earlier."

    Viktor pulled out his mace and crossbow from the holsters on his back, reflecting on all the fights he had been in himself.

    "All that matters right now is that Jamis and Buliwyf heal so we may move on from this site."

    The smell was becoming more intense and Viktor felt uneased around all of this death. Viktor pulled out his book of verses to help distract himself from his surroundings. He took his seat back by the fire and awaited for new orders from his fearless leaders.
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    Kifu danced around the camp fire, excited by the sight of the rotting corpses.
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    Once again, I apologize for my rude intrusion. I would have made my character the first day had my brother told me about it sooner. I hope to continue to participate and enjoy this adventure with all of you.
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    Finally reaching the top of the hill, Viktor saw the gruesome sight before him. The stench of rotting corpses filled the air and was so vile that Viktor clutched his chest as he convulsed and threw up. Viktor quickly regained his composure and began walking closer to the fire that was emanating.

    "What has happened here?" Viktor inquired to the other members. "These humans are not even worthy of our strengths." Viktor looked disgusted at first. He walked through the piles of dead bodies, investigating them to try and figure out what has happened before his arrival. That is when he saw a young man, slain on the ground. "rest now my child" Viktor said quietly as he shut the soldiers eyes and crossed his arms.

    Just then he saw Kifu and Donsro ravaging through the dead bodies. "What do you think you two are doing?" Viktor asked with disgust in his voice.

    "I must know what is going on here?" Viktor said to himself. "There has to be a reason for this. I have Faith that Jamis and Buliwyf would not have us slay innocent people."

    Viktor returned to the fire that Jethera had started and was eager to hear their answer to this horrific sight. Inquisitive of all the other members who had taken part of this massacre, Viktor was still clueless to the scene that lay before him.
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    Character Name: Viktor Elder
    Age: 29
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 160
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair: mid length / grey hair
    Build: average build
    Gender: Male
    Distinctive Characteristic(s): Devout following of a higher authority.

    Personal History: Viktor grew up in a world full of torment. Beat by his Father at a young age Viktor turned to a higher authority for guidance. Every time his drunk father would return home, Viktor would hide under his bed clutching his book and reciting verses from it. Running away from home when he was only 14 Viktor found solace around people who needed guidance. Viktor spent the next 5 years of his life helping other people the only way he knew how, through faith. When Viktor turned 20 he decided to venture off into the world to see what other "good" he could do. Along his travels, Viktor ran into a blacksmith in need of help. the black smith had lost his family to demons that over ran his home. The blacksmith was on the verge of taking his own life when Viktor had intervened. He had shown the black smith the light of purity and discouraged him from his gruesome ending. Thankful for his help, the blacksmith fashioned two weapons for him. First was a mace in the shape cross and the second was a crossbow designed in a similar style. The black smith had told him once again how grateful he was for Viktor's guidance and had told him that he hoped his weapons would help him through his travels and possibly save more people like him, lost in the dark.

    While traveling for many years, Viktor had heard stories of demons coming from hell itself and infesting them upon Sanctuary. Viktor had eventually made his way to the city of Tristram where he saw the demons damage upon the world first hand. Outraged by the thought of this viktor vowed to vanquish all signs of evil from Sanctuary. While talking to the villagers in New Tristram, he had heard of a group of mercenaries who sought out evil and destroyed it. Viktor eagerly found this group, the Knights of the Burning Blade. He immediately joined them on their adventures offering hope and faith when there was little to be found.

    Special Training: Mostly relying on his faith to vanquish demons, Viktor has learned how to cast holy spells to destroy the enemies in front of him. When Faith is not enough, Viktor is also well versed with his mace and crossbow.

    Weaponry: A mace and crossbow with fashioned in the shape of a cross. He also always carries a book of verses which he uses to aid his faith.

    Armour: Leather armor covered by his classic black robe.

    Goals and Ambitions: To vanquish all that is unpure in this world.
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    I hope I am not too late. My brother (scyberdragon) just told me about this rp today and I definitely want to join. I will create my character and start participating tonight. If I am too late let me know and I will stop posting.
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    Samurai skills

    ---Ancestor Skill Tree---
    The Ancestor tree is the magic side of the Samurai class. Calling upon the spirits of their ancestors imbues them with abilities from the spiritual plane.

    Spirit Blast
    The Samurai summons a spirit to attack the enemy

    Effect: Shoots a small blast at an enemy.

    Ancestral Armor
    The Samurai calls upon their ancestors for extra protection from evil.

    Effect: Surrounds the Samurai in a shield of spirits that absorbs damage from enemy attacks.

    Ancient Lines
    Even demons have a traceable lineage.

    Effect: Deals a blast which jumps to enemies of the same type.

    Soul Release
    The Samurai calls the spirit out of their foes, leaving only a mindless husk.

    Effect: Lowers the defense of enemies in a radius around the Samurai for a limited time.

    Karma Blast
    Samurai have a strong belief that evil actions stain the soul forever.

    Effect: Sends a large blast at a single foe, which branches off and will damage enemies or heal party members it hits. (same as the Paladins Fist of the Heavens from D2)

    Ancestor Mastery
    Becoming so attuned to the spirit world grants the Samurai an increased link with its powers.

    Effect: Increases damage done by Ancestor Spells.

    ---Tactics Skill Tree---
    This tree focuses on a Samurai's fighting abilities and their ability to stay alive in combat.

    Armor Mastery
    A Samurai?s armor is an extension of their body. Both are honed to perfection.

    Effect: Increases the armor of the Samurai by a percentage.

    Weapon Mastery
    If the armor is the body of a Samurai, the weapon is the soul.

    Effect: Reduces the durability loss of the Samurai's Weapon during combat.

    Lead the Charge
    Samurai are never afraid to lead their soldiers into battle

    Effect: Charge an enemy, temporarily stunning them and dealing extra damage.

    Swift Strikes
    A Samurai?s blade is sharp enough to cut through multiple foes

    Effect: Deal extra attacks that have a chance to hit additional nearby enemies.Number of extra attacks, and chance to hit additional targets increased with skill points.

    Blind Defense
    Being constantly in a state of awareness has honed a Samurai's reflexes.

    Effect: Increases the Samurai's chance to parry attacks, but the Samurai cannot move while this skill is activated.

    Call to Battle
    A Samurai always arrives in the nick of time.

    Effect: Increases the Samurai's movement speed, but reduces the Samurai's defense while this skill is activated

    ---Honor Skill Tree---
    The Honor tree works much like the Assassin's martial arts. Building up honor points, but the Samurai unleashes Bushido buffs instead of attacks as finishing moves.

    Honor Kill
    A Samurai remembers every fight, and every kill

    Effect: Deals Extra damage. Adds an Honor point to the Samurai

    Blood of the Enemy (Bushido Move)
    An honorable fight only strengthens a Samurai's resolve.

    Effect: Gives the Samurai and party members within radius of effect a percentage of Health based on honor points.

    Inner Strength
    A Samurai can sometimes channel their fighting spirit into their weapon's attacks

    Effect: attack that deals extra damage of a random element. Adds an Honor point to the Samurai.

    Field Tactics (Bushido Move)
    An honorable warrior shares his knowledge on the field.

    Effect: Grants a temporary boost to the attack rating of the Samurai and any party members within the radius of effect. Attack rating boost and duration increased with honor points.

    True Strike
    A Samurai knows not only how to hit an enemy, but how to strike at their soul.

    Effect: deals an attack which ignores enemy's defense, adds an Honor point to the Samurai.

    Gift of the Elders (Bushido Move )
    Honor is held from one life to the next

    Effect: Temporarily increases the resistances of the Samurai and all party members within the radius of effect. Duration and amount of resistance increased with honor points.
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