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    posted a message on Help! I cannot make it through Act I Normal
    Quote from Pancakezor

    Enjoy pointing and laughling too -- I can handle it.
    Ok first off there is a thing called a mouse. It has two buttons.
    Prioritize defensive stats over damage. Vit and armor
    For guides just keep an eye on the home page. They usually post the good guides front page.
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    posted a message on Hit detection broken, dodging impossible
    So this is the QQ FotM ehh? Neat.
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    posted a message on 1.0.3 means to hardcore
    Quote from xpose

    No Ones trolling,...If you are saying that the game will still be just as hard when they took out the 45% damage increase in 4 man parties AND nerfed the damage and health of mobs on top of that then I dont know what to tell you other than to wait and see with your eyes.
    He does have a point being possible is infinitely easier then being impossible. They just made inferno infinitely easy.
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    posted a message on Gearing up: Vitality vs Damage Reduction
    Quote from Dysanca

    Very good article.

    How do I calculate my effective DR (DR,Resists,block%,int,etc..) to calculate EHP?

    this is not mine
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    posted a message on Zero Punctuation - Diablo III
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    posted a message on Power leveling people 1 hour = 500k
    thats about 10x the going price for levels
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    posted a message on Better way to do difficulty.
    Quote from TheDFO

    Quote from Zera

    I would say that an option to skip it (or well them not fixing the ways of powerleveling) like you could in d2 with rushing would solve the problem considering most people don't really want it to be harder they just it to be done with so they can get to another dificulty.
    Not to bash on ur idea or anythign and I'm sure people used the /player command to increase dificulty but really all I ever saw it usefull for was to level faster in areas you know you could handle and that gave great xp. And why would people make normal harder for themself when all it does is make it take longer before they get to inferno or hell for that matter which is the real challenge and point (most people don't relvl characters to have fun they do it to try a new chracter and that isnt' really done before you get higher lvl).

    You say it yourself a lot of people aren't interested and the few that are should consider powering through normal so they can get to more chalenging content

    A) Skipping it is only relevent if you're doing it to get to a goal - lvl 60 or Inferno. This is for people who want more of a challenge
    B) Pretty much every review I've seen complained about how easy the game is.
    C) Some people want a game to be a challenge. Telling them to power through Normal to get through to Nightmare misses the point - they shouldn't have to waste their time, and "beat" a game they only intended (or had time) to beat once, just to make it difficult.

    A) If they want more of a challenge he have it in Nightmare, Hell and Inferno mode.
    sunglasses) Professional reviews are made by people who spend a full 8 hour work day on the game. Stop.
    C) 60hrs is the avg time people spend on a game. It takes at mpst about 20 hrs to beat normal.
    If they failed to do the most basic research on a game before buying it then whatever.
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    posted a message on Official DIablo 3 Forums
    I havnt played Wow in 3 or 4 years. All I had to do was a password reset and my forum account was up and active.
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    posted a message on Attack speed, arcane power and you
    This correlates really well to the 1h vs 2h weapon discussion going on in the witch doctor forums.
    WDs have their own inconsistency with weapon dmg vs AS. Spamable DOTs and pet dmg doesnt check for AS at all.

    Making every skill based off of weapon dmg was kind of a late addition. Then after that they realized the mistake of not including AS in their equations. These mistakes seem like the result of hastily adding AS as a variable in spells.

    ps. You math is good and you are obviously going through alot of effort to share it. But some of your post are coming off as kind of harsh. Maybe if you spend some time thinking on how you present the info instead of what you are presenting it would go down smoother. Good job I look forward to reading more from you.
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    posted a message on Okay, I actually died :/
    Quote from IAmMegatron

    Yea that sucks, dying from disconnects is a bitch, but im not sure how blizz could protect us from this, if you didnt die when disconnect you could always just pull the plug when things go bad.

    Let em.
    If people want to play softcore with a HC by their name it doesnt affect me. Playing hardcore is an option so if they want to cheat at solitaire dont ruin our game to try and stop it
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    posted a message on 'Condemned' as possible XPac Class
    A big point of the lore is that neither angles nor demons can be as powerful as the mix of both, nephalem . So your lore wont work but the teeter totter resource systems sounds interesting.
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    posted a message on How do you pick names for your characters?
    Quote from tanis0

    female DH NobbyNobbs. :)

    Dude, you can only play human characters in diablo.

    I just name my guys whatever strikes me at the moment.
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