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    Haha I've been gone for a bit it seems. Didn't expect a total site revamp.
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    posted a message on Skyrim - Your Progress
    Decided to halt my Stealth Archer playthrough and begin a new one as a mage. Still female breton haha. Plus I also downloaded some mods and my character looks great (no more Breton forehead wrinkles!)

    Yeah yeah I know the picture is suggestive, but I had a modding spree and this was produced from it. And no this is not going to be my regular mage gear throughout the game, just purely aesthetic (and for roleplaying purposes)
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    Finally figured out how to do action shots, I think this one turned out well (even though I sacrificed a fourth of my health potion supply for it [was worth it])

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    posted a message on Followers.. Why was the aspect brought into the game?
    I dunno I kind of liked having a dude fight with me back in D2, it brought a whole new level of bro-time in the game.

    Not only that but now D3 followers are more viable and have a decent/interesting backstory I guarantee I will have alot of fun killing demons with my bro-follower.
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    posted a message on Sequel to Lineage...D3 in danger?
    MMO and reeks of JRPG but that's expected.

    As for being a threat to D3, I don't really see it. I facepalmed when in the beginning the dude just walked up the curved stairs like it was nothing with orcs literally jammed packed into it. Not is it not only realistic, there's no variety of the monsters.

    Edit: Like other people have said, Blizzard dominates every genre it's involved in with gameplay not graphics.
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    posted a message on D3 Wizard Pony
    So being addicted to the new show MLP FiM I've been drawing ponies (don't judge me). Doesn't mean I forgot about Diablo 3 however, so what's the best way to manage the two interests? Merge them together of course. I present to you the Diablo 3 Wizard in Pony form!

    Yes, it's not that great, but I would like any critiques on how to improve (preferably pony wise)
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    Very sexy and beautiful French singer Alizee

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    posted a message on [Movies] Best movies you've seen recently?
    Forrest Gump
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    posted a message on Firefall
    I'm going to play devil's advocate here, so far, I don't like it.

    Graphics-wise, I detest Borderlands graphics with the dark outline on characters and whatnot, the only exception to this for me is League of Legends. In addition to Borderlands-like graphics, it doesn't help that everyone looks like steroid-infused buff guy AKA Tychus Findlay from StarCraft 2 with 3-4 large cylinders sticking out of their backs, makes me wonder when they are going to fall over.

    Gameplay-wise, looks a bit cheap. Whenever said Tychus Findlay person does his rocket-boost-of-awesomeness-and-lands-on-ground-causing-mini-earthquake I think of Halo: Reach, and atleast in Halo: Reach said move was realistic and you don't slam in ground after jetpacking.

    Story/Plot-wise, looks weak. In Halo you have the Flood (all-consuming entity) and the Covenant (Council/Group of higher beings). In Warcraft you have the Burning Legion (endless demonic legion) and the Scourge (literally scourge of all life). In StarCraft you have the Zerg (ZERG RUSH) and the Hybrid (entity of unknown). Compare all these antagonist titles to the one in Firefall, the Medling... pales in comparison doesn't it?

    I'm expecting this game to flop, but I'll try it out nonetheless.
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    posted a message on FORUM CHALLENGE - My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie
    Warning: Mature Content in the FORUM CHALLENGE link, viewer discretion is advised.

    Now I've decided to do a FORUM CHALLENGE here on diablofans.com. This challenge will be based on the infamous My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie. What is My Immortal you ask? My Immortal is basically the horrendous fan fiction ever created on the internet based on the J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe.

    The purpose of bringing this challenge here? Nothing really, I just thought it would be fun. Back 1-2 years ago when this was created/released I attempted to read it through but couldn't because it had so much fail in it, a complete butchery of the English language and the art of fan fiction in general. So, in addition of bringing this challenge here I will also attempt to reread this piece of 'literary work'.

    And who knows? For any aspiring writers out there (like me) this might give you insight on what not to do when writing.

    Anyways let's get to the FORUM CHALLENGE

    The challenge is to basically read the whole fan fiction (Chapters 1 - 44) entirely, the cost? If you succeed you win Internet Pride if you fail you are rewarded with a hit to your Internet Self-Esteem.

    So, as of right now, let the FORUM CHALLENGE begin!

    Can you handle the Fail? (<--- BTW that's the link to the fan fiction)

    -Anathemic One
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