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    posted a message on Returning player: current meta/classes setup ?

    Hello guys,

    Considering coming back for a few weeks this season, probably with 2 to 3 friends.
    Haven't played D3 in a very long time and Im wondering whats the current meta regarding classes choice. Still using 1, 2 or even 3 supports? which DPS are really good ? Basically what are the good options for a 3-4 people group in HC ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2015 - Diablo is dead

    Let's face it, D3 was never what we hoped for.

    Blizzard did an amazing job turning D3 1.0 around, from a terrible game to a mediocre/meh one, but that just doesn't cut it.

    I'm not even being ironic, D3 1.0 was so bad, it took some good work/ideas to make it playable, but imho it's time to admit it's just not good enough, and start working on D4. Or whatever is coming next.

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    posted a message on [GROUP] GR40-45 speedrun meteor build ?

    What do you guys think is the most efficient GR40-45 speedfarming build in a group ? Not a huge fan of the Frozen Blizzard one. I feel like Twister and Blizzard adds some interesting cc but not that interesting in a group that has a WD or a Monk.

    So I guess some kind of Fire Meteor build ? With either two hander or a Cindercoat ? I have been looking around, couldn't quite find what I'm looking for..

    Thoughts ? Would love to see some of your builds

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    posted a message on 3 quick questions!


    Can anyone confirm if 2 bubbles stacks ? :)

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    posted a message on 3 quick questions!

    - Delsere Arcane Orb: It's worth using the set starting with 4 pieces bonus right ? or you don't bother?

    - Still regarding the 4 pieces bonus: If you have 2 wiz in a group, do their 2000% weapon dmg/sec bubble stack on top of each other or do you have to spread the bubbles ?

    - If you don't have the Delsere set yet but somehow found the full Firebird, is Firebird worth using until you get Delsere or Tal Rasha ?

    In advance, thank you very much!

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    posted a message on [4 players group] 2.2 Wiz status

    Quite simply: How do you feel that as a DPS in a 4 players group a wiz will perform compared to a DH, with equivalent quality of gears ?

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    posted a message on Which build for which group comp and difficulty setup

    The only 2 options that are off the table are Fire/Furnace pure dps, and cold EP. Don't really have the gears for them.

    I'm starting this thread because I have a lot of possibilities, and play in a lot of different setups and was curious to read your thoughts.

    When solo/duo: Lightning/pillar build.

    When trio:

    GR35-40: a pull, lightning palm build, with sanctuary. That's good if I run with 2 DHs I think. Now what if I'm with a DH and a WD support ? Still worth it? Or better off just go with full lightning DPS build ?

    GR40+: I assume zDPS if with 2 DHs, and full DPS if with WD + DH. Probably a difficult setup in 40+ though.

    When full group:

    GR35-40: pull, lightning palm build with sanctuary when running with 3 DHs. When running with 2 DHs and a WD, should I go pure DPS or still with the pull, palm build ? Assuming the WD will perma terrify the mobs but not really group them..

    GR40+: zDPS when with 3 DHs. pull/palm when with 2 DHs and a WD.

    What do you guys think ?

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    posted a message on From that point, Fire or Lightning?

    Here is my dilemna:

    EU profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Norz-2335/hero/54881712

    All the good items I got say Lightning build but... I got a Furnace yet never seen a Torch in 300+ paragon lvls and also some weapons gambling.

    So my question is, should I try to build fire around my Furnace anyway, despite not having a SoJ fire and weaker fire items overall (I do have a cindercoat however), gamble for Gungdo fire etc, or just roll with lightning build anyway and gamble weapons untill I get a torch ?

    I feel like I got a decent weapon, some good armor pieces, but they don't mix together well...

    Thoughts ?

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    posted a message on Monk 101 ?

    Thanks for the feedbacks!

    Done for today, close to 69. I'll get there quickly tomorow. Looking forward to see what's doable build wise once i get 70 :)

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    posted a message on Monk 101 ?

    Quite simply: Back to the game after almost a year away, (yay season 2) and taking the opportunity to explore a class I don't know much about: Monk.

    Would anyone be kind enough to point me to some good leveling and early end game builds/concepts?

    Basically what's viable to level, what's viable with bad gears at 70, what to aim at when finally collecting some decent gears etc.

    Would be much appreciated!

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    posted a message on 6 Min T6 Rift Clear
    Dear OP,

    Please take good note that


    Followed by comments such as

    "you mad? you jelly?" as well as finishing your sentences with "as fuck" does NOT make you one of the cool kids. It's the other way around, really.

    Edit- Damn, your use of "Dat" deserved a mention too
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    posted a message on 2.0.5 and Doombringer vs Flayer - im confused
    I must have missed something but I never really understood the hype for the Flayer. Sure, it's nice for Plague of Toads (all runes btw?), but man, a Doombringer with 20% phys dmg increase seems pretty sick for a pet build.

    Now with the 2.0.5 hitting I read even more about leaving bats for a Flayer/Toad combo. Is there really a reason I should stop using my 2.2k DPS doombringer with 20% phys bonus to start using my 2.15k DPS Flayer ?

    Forget the FS vs FA, zuni or not etc current debate, at the end of the day you have fetishes as your primary source of damage. Why would you not use a doombringer ?
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    posted a message on WD to Wiz gears transition
    Hello !

    I wanna try out Wiz. I currently have a WD set of gears (Zuni full set) and looted a decent helm I can use as Wiz. I have 200m to use to buy main + off hand, and possibly a head (altho it's probably not necessary). What kind of set/leg should I be looking at ? If that helps, let me specify that I play Hardcore.

    Also some general thoughts? some builds you like for HC ?

    Thanks a lot in advance, wise wizzies !
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    posted a message on HC mode in RoS - change to heroes HC playability
    During D3 vanilla, some classes were better than others at HC mode. Like WD & Barb being super popular whereas Wiz & DH could be prove to be tricky to play.

    Like many peoples I took some times away from D3 and will make a come back with RoS, so quite simply, to those that experienced 2.0 and RoS beta, have change been made in a way that ALL heroes are more or less equally reliable in RoS ? What are your thoughts regarding what's hot and what's not for HC mode in RoS ?
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    posted a message on WTS pretty sick barb ring
    Any idea what I could obtain for it ? nothing similar on AH, by far.

    +55 Strengh
    +136 Vitality
    Crit hit dmg 26%
    Crit hit chance 5%
    Magice Find +20%

    Thoughts and perhaps offer ?
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