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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2015 - Diablo is dead

    Let's face it, D3 was never what we hoped for.

    Blizzard did an amazing job turning D3 1.0 around, from a terrible game to a mediocre/meh one, but that just doesn't cut it.

    I'm not even being ironic, D3 1.0 was so bad, it took some good work/ideas to make it playable, but imho it's time to admit it's just not good enough, and start working on D4. Or whatever is coming next.

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    posted a message on Banned for obscense language in official forum. Really?
    OP, go back to official forums please.

    Oh wait lol, nvm
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    posted a message on Hit detection broken, dodging impossible
    Quote from Vladivostok

    exactly this one. this is THE Diablo i've been waiting for 10 years. Not any other. but it has a clear flaw. a hole in the bottom which has been plugged with a bubblegum.You can take that "play another game then"-card away. It's not too good excuse for issue like this.

    This is a very interesting post because it shows so well how people thinks blizz owes them something. As if Blizz HAD to provide the game you've been dreaming of. Sorry to break it for you, they don't owe you anything.

    Blizz releases a game, you like it? you buy it. You don't like it? you don't buy it. They made the "are you supposed to dodge" point VERY clear before release. You don't like it, yet you chose to buy the game and cry about how you don't like it. As if you HAD to buy the game, as if there was no other option, as if you were entilted to get the game you've been waiting for, exactly the way you want it.

    QQing about server stability is something I can understand. QQing about game mechanics you couldn't ignore when you bought the game is just a spoiled brat attitude.

    I'm getting really annoyed by the rivers of tears, and all the anger in the community. D3 has been released for more than a month now, it's time to move the fuck on if you REALLY hate it. I'm sure you'll get over the $60 paid after having played it for probably dozen of hours if not more, not ignoring what the game mechanism are when you bought it.
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    posted a message on Solo vs Multiplayer
    Quote from Antirepublican

    I have to play solo, because I am an asshole.

    meh i could easily suggest a couple names for you to team up with

    hint: one posted in this thread, the other one is a monk!

    All hope isn't lost brah!
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    posted a message on Wrongfully banned from D3 forums
    Quote from Antirepublican

    Don't worry about it, those forums suck donkey balls.
    Nothing but kids and trolls.

    ...while in the other hand, diablofans.com has GREAT and mature contributors such as Antirepublican

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    posted a message on Ranged class advantage over melee
    Quote from grothesk

    Quote from wishedhehadbeta

    Quote from Cheesedoodlez

    Wishedhehadbeta, 2691 posts, not a single one of them written in a good manner. All your posts is trolling attempts or insulting others. This place would be better off without you, so please leave.

    welcome to diablo fans. there are many like me, but this one is mine

    "I understand that I am harming the community but I do not care because it is all about me."

    Lets be fair here, antirepublican is just as annoying and that anton or something monk dude is just as douchey.
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    posted a message on Entry level to Inferno got nerfed!
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go again!


    also who cares since we don't even know how really hard it is/was etc etc
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    posted a message on To those of you saying Inferno was nerfed!!
    Lol, sooo many angry posters are going to have to eat their words now :P
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