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    Some Items to have "NAMEME"
    over 80 (updated) items now have a new line of "(NAMEME)" next to the item name. Though they already have names, could be a way to customize? not sure! A few examples:
    • Crafted Hell Set 001_104 - NAMEME Asheara's Bindings
    • Crafted Hell Set 002_104 -NAMEME Guardian's Regalia
    • Crafted Inferno Set 001_104 - NAMEME Demon's Carapace
    • Inferno Set 001_104 - NAMEME Bul-Kathos's Children
    • Inferno Set 002_104 - NAMEME Danetta's Oath

    FYI: All those entries are in the Comment field. They have absolutely no meaning in-game. They were likely put there when they copy/pasted the old set and set item names for reference when they were coming up with new ones (since the new sets don't interact with the old versions, they needed to change the names so that people weren't completely confused).

    For reference, here are the raw string tables:
    Set Names: http://www.d3lexicon.com/data-string-list/item-sets
    Item Names: http://www.d3lexicon.com/data-string-list/items
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    posted a message on d3lexicon.com Updated! (full game data)
    No spoilers in this post, but tons in the links below!

    I just got done updating my website (http://www.d3lexicon.com) with the retail client data. I wanted to get all the juicy spoilers out there ASAP so there may be some bugs still, but I'll be working to fix anything that pops up as fast as I can. (If you want to report a problem directly you can email bugs@d3lexicon.com)

    Here are some great places to get started (MANY SPOILERS):
    * Acts (main quests and waypoint lists): http://www.d3lexicon.com/act
    * Full Legendary list: http://www.d3lexicon.com/legendary
    * Full list of Sets and their items: http://www.d3lexicon.com/set
    * All Quests (including events): http://www.d3lexicon.com/quest
    * All Conversations (game dialog, emotes, etc): http://www.d3lexicon.com/conversation
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    Quote from jaclashflash

    There I think I have it fixed about as good as it can get anyways.

    If you want to include a closed-form version of Spray of Teeth it would be:

    SUM(0, inf, (115 + 50CM) * 0.35^n)

    = (115 + 50CM) * SUM(0, inf, 0.35^n)
    = (115 + 50CM) * (1 / 0.65)
    = (115 + 50CM) / 0.65

    At CM = 1.6 the total damage is 300%, making it equal to Shatter Shot with piercing arrows. This requires hitting at least 3 mobs at a ~53% crit rate, 4 at a 40% crit rate, 5 at a 32% crit rate, etc.

    Quote from Mysticjbyrd

    Now, if shatter arrow doesn't allow piercing its at 230% range with the other 3. Then that would only leave devouring as an outlier. However, seeing as it drastically increases in dmg per pierce it has a high chance to overkill, thus lowering the overall effective dmg.

    Therefore, I think its safe to assume that shatter arrow's won't be allowed to pierce. However, if that is not the case then shatter becomes the only choice, as it will be the best in pretty much any situation.

    If Shatter doesn't pierce then I wonder if it would lose its homing ability as well? If there are 4+ monsters around it wouldn't really matter, but against a boss it would be worse than the non-runed version if it split and never turned around to come back and actually hit the boss.

    You also bring up a good point with Devouring Arrow. It's important not just to look at average damage, but also the probability distribution of that damage. With a 35% chance to pierce, ~96% of all attacks will hit 3 times or fewer. With the normal un-runed version, the first 3 hits account for~ 96% of the overall damage as well. With Devouring Arrow on the other hand, those first 3 hits which happen ~96% of the time only account for ~79% of overall damage. This leaves ~21% of the average damage is coming from that ~4% chance of getting 4 or more hits.

    Here's a comparison of roughly 95th-percentile damage:

    No Rune: ~169% (at 3 hits max ~= 96th percentile)
    Puncturing Arrow: ~216% (at 4 hits max ~= 94th percentile)
    Puncturing Arrow: ~223% (at 5 hits max ~= 97th percentile)
    Devouring Arrow: ~224% (at 3 hits max ~= 96th percentile)
    Shatter Arrow: ~235% (at 4 hits max ~= 65th percentile--assuming no piercing after the first, this is max damage)

    This means that, even without additional piercing, Shatter Arrow will do more damage than the other rune options most of the time. It also hits slightly more times on average than Puncturing Arrow (2.05 vs 2.00) if you are fishing for procs. Looking at it this way, it definitely looks like it would be most balanced if the arrows retained their homing ability, but not their piercing ability after the split.
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    Quote from jaclashflash

    Shatter most certainly can't have all 3 new arrows smart pierce as the potential dmg output would be outrageous. The dmg output would be about 708% wpn dmg per shot.

    I think you did something wrong in your calculations. If all 3 pierce after the split then the average damage is about 300%, making it the best rune, but not wildly better than Devouring.

    The damage formula is:

    115 + 0.35 * 3 * SUM(0, inf, 115 * 0.35^n)
    (initial hit plus 35% chance to get 3 arrows that are effectively each a non-runed version)

    = 115 * (1 + 3 * 0.35 * SUM(0, inf, 0.35^n)
    = 115 * (1 + 3 * 0.35 + 3 * 0.35^2 + 3 * 0.35^3 + ...)
    = 115 * (1.7 / 0.65)

    ~= 301%
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    posted a message on n-Depth look at Hungering Arrow
    Your assumption for Shatter Shot that only one out of the 3 arrows after the split continue to pierce seems odd. I've been assuming that all 3 can pierce, but if that's not the case the second most likely option would seem like none of them can pierce.

    I posted a reply to a similar reddit thread earlier today with details on how to calculate these infinite sums as well if anyone is interested: http://www.reddit.co...ungering_arrow/

    Quote from Nivius

    i still like the idea of Shatter shot. makes it an aoe ability

    fire 1 arrow, has 35% chance of exploding
    of these 3 arrows, everyone got 35% chance of exploding again... and so on.
    and its 35% that means its a bit higher then 1 of 3 explode again

    Shatter Shot absolutely will not work like this. If every pierce split and each of the 3 arrows had a chance to pierce causing it to split again, etc, then the expected damage from a single shot would be infinite! (After the first pierce you have 3 chances at 35% to pierce so, on average, you will get 1.05 pierces, which leads to an exponential explosion in damage).
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    Quote from jaclashflash

    I just logged on my DH and I can't use my weapons of course. So i look through the list and the only thing I can make is some POS lvl 4 2h xbow, and all the quivers are lvl 14+.

    How stupid is that shit?

    But ok, I made a 2h xbow. Guess whats on it? 6 to fking strength!
    I make another one, guess what? 6 to fking intellect!
    So I make a 3rd one, guess what? 5 to fking strength!

    Finally on the 4th one I get one with some lightning dmg on it, but I would have settled with just about anything at that point.

    I can only think of one thing to say,
    OMFG Shit design Shit Design Shit Design!!!


    Honestly, though, they should have just done a character wipe with this patch so people wouldn't complain like this. If you level a new character your gear will be perfectly adequate from what drops plus the BS to fill in any gaps. You may not be hitting the same dps as you were in Patch 13, but you can get more than enough to steamroll the beta content.

    Simple solution: delete all beta toons and start fresh. If your gear prevents you from completing the beta then come back and complain. If not, then I guess its fine afterall.
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    posted a message on The BS is BS!
    I've only played up through level 8 so far in Patch 14 (and then the servers decided to crap out on me), but I definitely felt a lot more excited about fighting champ/rare packs. Part of this is that the damage boost rewards you now for tactical play without being overly punishing, which makes them more fun to fight. But they also drop more blues and since there isn't OP gear available from the BS anymore, its actually exciting when this stuff drops since they are potential upgrades now rather than just salvage fodder.

    BS gear isn't completely useless now. I still crafted a couple things, but I no longer feel like I need to check the BS every time I level to see what new gear I can craft. Instead, its just a way to fill out the slots that I haven't had very good drops for yet, which makes you want to get back out in the world to kill the minions of hell so you can get more loot.
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    Quote from Malkishua

    I know, what I meant is does the extra fists only affect "per hit" affixes, or does it generate more spirit

    As far as I know, all resource generators generate their resource on ability use. I'm pretty sure you'll only get 6 spirit per click.
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    Quote from Razboss

    Quote from Molster

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The change to when Hardcore is unlocked is a change that, unless it is changed between now and release, will be the case in retail Diablo III.

    so does that mean HC will be unlocked at lvl 10 on retail? pretty cool! blizz is trying to compromise with all of those die hard HC players!

    I suppose this is an improvement for people that don't want to have anything to do with softcore, but it honestly seems almost insulting now. Before they could at least make the somewhat reasonable argument that you have to "beat the game" (on normal) before you can play HC, but now it just seems like an arbitrary hoop to jump through before you can actually start playing.
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    Quote from Nivius

    if damage dealt was 100
    now its 200
    before a barbarian whit 20% damage reduction would have take 80 damage
    now its 20%+30% reduction, so now its down to... 100 damage :)

    Despite the way the patch notes make it sound, there is no way this is going to be additive with armor reduction. Otherwise you could stack 7k armor at level 60 to get 70% damage reduction from armor, plus 30% Barb/Monk bonus = 100% = immune to all damage.

    What this change really means is that Barb/Monk will take 30% less damage before block, which means with the double damage buff at the start they will be taking 40% more damage before block compared to Patch 13 compared to the ranged classes who will be taking 100% more damage before block.

    That whole double damage thing tapers off by level 20, though, so this change really has nothing to do with early game balance and it much more likely targeted at end-game Inferno play since all classes can stack similar amounts of damage reductions (armor, resists, or dodge) but melee classes will be taking a lot more because they are melee. This should help to even the playing field without forcing the Barbs and Monks to take every singe defensive skill/rune/passive to survive.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Patch 14 - Patch Notes
    Quote from lorien1973


    Ugh. I was hoping this would be like 0.9 or something. It's a minor iteration improvement from the previous patch.

    Previous version (Patch 13) was, so this is the highest build number you should have expected from a new beta patch. If it were just a bugfix patch, it would have been

    Note: There's nothing special about 0.9. It doesn't mean that release is imminent and the next patch will automatically be 1.0. It just means there have been 9 major beta builds so far and the next one will be 0.10 and then 0.11, etc.
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    posted a message on +Skill Item Modifiers Confirmed
    Quote from Nuvian

    I do wonder how the item bonuses actually work, though. After all… there aren’t any skill points anymore, so it’s not like an axe can just have +2 to Frenzy. It’s not clear from the syntax of the item mods as seen via the datamining. Lots of skills don’t do damage, after all, so how can the same modifiers add to damage, or duration, or the amount of buff or debuffs, etc?

    The mods aren't really "+skills" in the traditional sense. Instead, they are more like normal affixes that only apply to a specific skill. These are the possible bonuses right now:

    Power_Cooldown_Reduction: "Reduces cooldown of [Skill] by X seconds." (currently only Zombie Dogs)
    Power_Crit_Percent_Bonus: "Increases critical hit chance of [Skill] by X%."
    Power_Damage_Percent_Bonus: "Increases [Skill] damage by X%."
    Power_Duration_Increase: "Increases duration of [Skill] by X seconds." (currently only Corpse Spiders and Blizzard)
    Power_Resource_Reduction: "Reduces resource cost of [Skill] by X [Resource]."

    Currently I think there are only bonuses for about half of the skills and each skill that has a bonus has only one of these types available to it.
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    posted a message on why split mf will be good
    Quote from Frozenkex

    Most people agree that this will be a good thing, that is all that matters, discussions about MF was brought up here months ago and this was most commonly suggested solution. I love it personally. And if some people think they are going to be negatively impacted by this system, they are just selfish, its true and they know it. Its hard to come up with a better balanced solution than this system.

    Overall, this is probably a good change, but its not without its problems. Under the old system, somebody could queue for a co-op game wearing gear with MF and nothing else and get items without really helping the group. The other 3 people don't have any choice in who they get grouped with, so it pretty much sucked for them.

    Under the new system, somebody with really good gear that has enough dps/survivability to kill quickly and safely *plus* MF/GF will get paired with people that probably haven't been focusing on MF/GF so the geared person will lose most of their MF/GF (if nobody else has MF/GF then their values are essentially only 25% effective). This sucks for the geared person, but unlike the old system, the person it sucks for is the person that can do something about it by just not queuing for a co-op game and playing solo instead.

    Quote from PiousFlea

    Extremely overgeared players will always "carry" other players, giving the other players more kills and loot than they deserve. That's true of any multiplayer co-op game. If you're ridiculously overgeared you will probably have guild or friend groups to team with. I don't see it as a problem.

    There's a difference, though, between carrying more than your share of the work in the group and having your drops actively penalized because you are playing co-op with less-geared players. Normally if you can kill at about the same speed in a co-op game as you could in a solo game, it would be worth-while to play co-op even if you were carrying some other less-geared players. Under the new system you'll have to be killing up to 4 times faster in co-op as in solo to make it worth playing.

    People with more MF/GF than the average player will be penalized for playing co-op instead of single player (assuming similar killing speeds in both places). Because of this, many "above average" players will play solo rather than co-op, which will further lower the average MF/GF you see in a co-op game, which will further encourage people with MF/GF who can play solo to do so rather than play co-op.

    This cycle could continue to the point where co-op is primarily for people who are still focusing on gearing up their dps/survival stats and may need some help from other people at that level to clear the content and gear up. Once people start to be able to incorporate MF/GF into their gear, they will be encouraged to play more single player and less co-op in order to gain the full benefit from their new and better gear.
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    posted a message on why split mf will be good
    This seems like a good change to combat leaching, but I'm worried it will now discourage people with the very best gear from joining co-op games through the match making system. If you've managed to put together a set of MF gear that also has all your important dps and survival stats, then playing in a co-op game with lesser geared people would not only let people leech off your killing power, but also your MF. Why would you want to potentially give up 75% of your MF in this case?
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    posted a message on No hatred generators.
    Quote from azuresky808

    @Chippy you really should take this info to a new thread. Not saying I don't want you here it is just a wealth of information being wasted in an off topic fashion. I know it all stemmed from a question about the builds but we keep getting so far off topic and I would like to at least try to stay on topic in this thread. I implore you to take this to a new thread and show the community the work you put into this! The math is honestly amazing and the datamineing you have done far surpasses my own, it really deserves its own thread.

    Yeah, sorry...I was thinking I was starting to go off-topic, but didn't really feel like starting a new thread.

    Quote from azuresky808

    Possible yes but I was only factoring things that were guaranteed we only know the rates of some hatred/disc returns on attacks. Night Stalker may have good potential but since we don't know the proc rate and the average crit level players will have it is impossible at this point to tell if it is a good passive for these builds or not.

    As of now, max crit% from gear is 54% plus 5% base plus 10% from Archery with hand xbows plus 10% from a Scoundrel follower. That's enough to get you to what I've heard is the hard-cap of 75%. Again, standard caveats that you actually have to find the gear and that we don't know what the proc rate is yet. With 75% crit you'd be getting anywhere from 0-1.5D/hit depending on proc rate. So, its possible that you could have the MS Discipline generation benefits with any multi-target skill this way.

    Quote from azuresky808

    Also my issue with multi is that it is very short range. 15? (b.net is down so I can't find the actual value) yards is short. I've had this exact convo in the monk forums about another skill that was 15 yard range that people were talking about as if it could hit anything on screen. Problem is none of them had access to the beta and this is far from the case. 15 yards is surprisingly short. For a DH who has absolutely no good means of damage mitigation other than avoidance and slows to get in close to use this sort of build will be highly deadly.

    Not sure where you got this 15 yard number from, but I can assure you its wrong. You can see a video of MS in action on the official skill page: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/demon-hunter/active/multishot. The shot seems to be hitting nearly to the edge of the screen which is at least 35 yards (roughly Vault distance). Perhaps 15 yards has something to do with how wide the shot hits?

    As for mitigation, MS should give enough Discipline regen in most cases to allow very high uptime on Shadow Power w/ Gloom. That's 65% damage reduction with 20% life steal, which seems like it should be plenty tanky to let you go toe-to-toe when you want to.
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