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    posted a message on Simple Loot Solution
    Just can't see how BoP is in any way a good thing. No thanks.

    Quote from Aldoran

    my thoughts: 90% of ideads from the forum are better than what is in game now, but blizzards do not give a fuck about uhappy minority, that acts like this game is a mmo

    Really? I have the exact opposite impression - 90% of ideas proposed on the forums to "fix" D3 are far worse than the current game. This one for example.
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    However, once a character is properly geared for Inferno, it is no harder than Hell mode in D2.

    LOL. You do NOT remember D2 Hell accurately :P

    Still, all of this depends on what you mean by "properly geared". If you're wearing i62s/i63s then yeah D3's Hell is a pushover, but of course that's because you outgear it. I found D3 Hell way harder than D2's Hell (which was not hard AT ALL except for total immunities which were just cheap, if your character couldn't break immunities you couldn't kill them) while leveling, using only self-found gear. And the AH allows you to bypass the entire Inferno gearing so yeah, you can buy a bunch of gear off that and call yourself "properly geared" and faceroll it... no kidding, you basically paid for the privilege of skipping the progression of the game. Try doing Inferno start to finish without the AH if you want a challenge.

    The game gives you challenge if you want to, and if you don't there are ways around it. It gives you CHOICES.
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    posted a message on Controversial AH & Loot Fix
    I think BoE in any form in D3 is a crap idea. If you don't like short-circuiting gear progression don't use the AH.
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    posted a message on Paragon Levels stupid?
    Didn't take long for this kind of thread to pop up lol.

    I wasn't totally keen on the Paragon level thing but reading and thinking about it it kind of grew on me.

    I sure hope they don't do what they did in D2 with LoD when the expansion comes out. Creating a new Act in all three (four now) difficulties just meant a longer grind through to Hell on every new alt... yuck.
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson vs David Brevik
    I'm sort of torn between concern that this Jay guy (who is apparently some lead developer? I don't know why you people cyberstalk the devs, I just play freaking games I don't care who made them) made a post like this in a place where obviously everyone will see it and the forums will go nuclear with raging scumbags and everyone will get personal and laughing because it's kinda funny. Assuming this is real.

    It's pretty unprofessional but on the other hand this Brevik guy was pretty much saying haha you fired us and now you suck to the people he used to work with so kind of understandable. Also some pretty unfair digs, like blues being more powerful than yellows (which was no more true of D3 than it was in D2, he obviously didn't actually play D3 and is parroting this crap which was on the forums on release night), the fact your DPS works off your main weapon (I assume he means for casters, which is a departure but personally I think it's more fun than when they were just stat sticks like in D2). And something about things would be better if everything was BOE? What the hell is he even talking about there, nothing has ever bound on any Diablo game, and that was hardly a change the community would've welcomed back in D2, I remember those discussions on the forums. The guy clearly is getting his info on D3 from forum whine.

    I feel kinda sorry for him, has to suck making a really successful game and then getting fired (or quitting? I don't freaking know it's none of my damn business) and then trying to make your own studio with visions of complete creative control and it not really working out (sadly never does). Maybe if he'd made D3 it would've been awesome, maybe better than the one we have maybe worse, nobody will ever know. Honestly though people are greatly exaggerating the original Diablo creative teams, I don't think any of them have been amazing perfect games, that goes for D1-D3. They're good games, I played D2 for years and D1 has a special place in my heart but they weren't the work of genius or anything. And making D3 a reskinned D2 would've been a terrible mistake. D3 has to move on from D2 just like D2 did from D1.

    On the other hand funny though it was Jay Wilson's post was pretty foolish :P

    Quote from st0rmie
    Good stuff. Few thousand more permabans and the official forums might potentially become a place where people who play Diablo III can gather to discuss Diablo III. Radical idea, I know.

    Wordpress and blogger.com are over that way if people want to post spittle-flecked rants. That's why they were invented.

    So much this. Bring on forum eugenics!
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    posted a message on Does 1.04 address resource usage???
    Quote from RockmanDoom
    The D2 philosophy was perfect, by endgame you had pretty much free resource, you are supposed to feel like a god at the end...

    Oh yeah infinite mana (every class used mana) based on a stat you should never put points into which you used to spam like 1-3 abilities, that's perfection alright.

    Resource management makes a game more interactive and take more skill. D3's system isn't perfect but it's lightyears ahead of D2.
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    posted a message on Legendary information released! plus Bashiok is a Troll <3
    Sounds cool. Now watch as the prices on rare items hit rock bottom :P

    Quote from thomasmgp30

    Proof that Blizzard supports gold farming bots and will never ban them. Why else would they be adding this?

    Er... because... it's fun? God forbid!
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    posted a message on reminds me of D2
    Quote from Epking
    Yup, but at least you can upgrade them with a cube recipe... oh wait..

    Upgrade a unique with a cube recipe? How is that exactly?

    Quote from Epking
    Well they'll be good on one of your dozen different specced alts... oh wait..

    Every Normal/Nightmare unique was pretty damn useless in D2 as well... and the Hell ones were damn hard to find :P

    Quote from Epking
    Well I'm sure they sell well... oh wait...

    Everything except extremely rare runewords and a tiny handful of uniques was worthless in D2 kid :)

    Quote from Epking
    Well you can shard them for something useful... oh nvm...

    Definitely couldn't do that in D2.

    Quote from Epking
    Vendor gold is still gold?

    Gold was worth literally nothing in D2 so I'd say that vendoring is vastly more useful in D3!
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    posted a message on Diablo III is dead.
    Quote from Visioned
    Maybe its because I'm older. I played the crap out of Diablo 1, Diablo 2 but looking back I just don't know how I did it.

    I often wonder about this. A lot of players complaining about D3 don't like the fact that once they kill Inferno Diablo all there is to do is indefinitely grind more items they don't need or roll an alt and grind through to Inferno again. But that's all there ever was to do in any Diablo game. In D2 it was the same only there was no Inferno and Hell was a pushover... man imagine the QQ if D3 had been as easy as D2... no farming required ever...

    D3 is exactly how I remember D2, I suspect that if those people who find they can't play D3 but played heaps of D2 actually went back and tried to play D2 again they'd find it's them that's changed.

    P.S. Don't create polls with BS options just to be a jackass. Also, you don't deserve a refund for not liking something.
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    posted a message on Should i continue farming?
    If you don't like farming why play a Diablo game?

    Haven't noticed yet that there is nothing else in the game to do?
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