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    Quote from ruksak

    You're getting into the realm of console fodder, to be honest. The PC ARPG genre should be an incredible time-sink. When we start talking about guarantees, removing RNG.....you're attacking the very heart of the genre and poising it for a massive dumbing down.

    I'm not aiming this at you, rather a general statement; If a player doesn't enjoy the rigors of RnG, this is not the game/genre for them. These players are truly NOT welcome by core Diablo fans, they need to find something else, preferably a console game where they can touch every item in the game in just the first week.

    Games of this nature are meant to be enjoyed for many many years of consistent play. Remove RnG and that goes away.
    I feel you. A couple weeks ago, somebody linked a youtube video from Diablo 2 of somebody taking a camcorder to their PC screen to show off an item that they had searched for literally two YEARS for. That's what kind of game Diablo and others like it are.

    That is the game. Giving legendaries some kind of assured drop chance would change it into something else... some totally different game. Something that is not what Diablo ought to be.
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    10 minutes into level 70 I got a near-perfect Eberli Chalo shield that I'm still using now in T2/3. Minutes before that, I got an even more perfect Blade of Prophecy, both in normal. Since then, I've gotten a perfect Blackthorns chest, a perfect Magefist, and a fantastic Witching Hour, all in normal or T1. Today, I did a T1 rift and got 3 crappy legendaries, including a mediocre Shafer's Hammer. Yesterday I did a dozen T2 rifts and got maybe 1 legendary among all of them, a dumpy Wailing Host ring.

    And the day before that, I was getting a legendary every 5-10 minutes for almost an hour straight, but every single one was utterly garbage. Immediately after the Kadala buff, I spent 1000+ shards and only got a single crappy leg from her. My buddy spent the same amount of shards and got something like 10 different leg gloves and helms. So other than my first day or so at 70, I've gotten mostly nothing but crap. Most of my gear right now is crafted - Asheara set, Helm of Rule, Reaper Wraps, all crafted stuff. Farmed for 5 straight days to get halfway decent Illusory Boots and a meh Gradeur ring.

    RNG is RNG. RNG will continue to be RNG for as long as RNG is RNG but RNG is definitely not fanboyism. RNG does cause people to whine when it doesn't RNG in their favor, though. I see some people who've played less than me and have full 6-set of the new sets, whereas I'm sitting on just one new set piece that I can't even use, but... RNG is still RNG. I don't whine about it because I know that it's just luck.

    Perhaps you aren't farming efficiently? 12 hours doesn't mean anything if you aren't being efficient about it. Or perhaps you're just unlucky.
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