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    posted a message on trade forum with shops and offers??

    I mean you could technically use d2jsp and trade your stuff for site currency, and then trade that for items. Or you could post like...I'm sure there's Facebook groups/reddits. I'd say post here but it's sort of slow.

    When I'm trading I'm sort of lazy and just keep making games until I get a hit unless it's something gucci.

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    posted a message on What are your thoughts?

    It doesn't load for me :(

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    posted a message on D2R is NOT ready for the first ladder season yet, far from it. It'll be a disaster.

    I think in general going more conservative on inventory streamlining than people are now asking for was a good idea. 100% there would have been unyielding angst. This can be easily justified by arguing that the tetris system is part of the original's gameplay and changing it too much changes how we play the game.

    All of this is hard to argue for when they already have our money and this isn't a subscription-based service. I want to say Blizzard wants to earn back a lot of faith after the last couple years, and they don't want the brand to sour as we approach D4, but I struggle believing in them actually supporting this game much more.

    Also, honestly the server stability, login queue, and random shadow banning all need to be fixed before anything else.

    However, I am definitely for everything in the thread re:storage now that I've had some time to play and stew in the revisited gameplay:

    1. Infinite or drastically increased storage tabs (total space and/or number of tabs), and also nameable.

    2. Allow gems and runes to be stackable.

    3. An inventory search bar that searches across all your shared and personal tabs and highlights the ones that have the thing and highlights the thing once the tab is opened.

    Honestly, I think stackable gems/runes would help resolve much of the storage space issue. Gems and runes are consumed like bulk craftables and are completely fungible/interchangable. Definitely still add more tabs/space, but this one change would probably make a huge difference. It would likely require a PTR as the underlying code would have to mask over how the game engine actually handles storage unless they actually hard coded the change to the engine.

    It is also incredibly weird how broken the lobby UI/functionality is while still missing parts of the functionality of the original. We absolutely need:

    1. game filters with a diverse array of options for creator/joiner

    2. Refresh button to work ???

    3. Option to disable auto-refresh

    4. Refresh to not wipe what you have in the game name box

    5. Options to condense parts of the lobby UI that were cool in 1999 but are now just nonfunctional screen hogs

    6. working block option??? I think this worked for me like twice

    7. option to block chat based on keywords

    8. autocomplete game names when you leave to 1) refill box with last game name you joined (and persist this for if you log off/disconnect) AND auto increment it if it ends in a series number (002, x2, etc.)--this was an incredible feature of maphack back in the day

    9. i honestly cannot figure out how to create or join personal channels--if these currently exist, they need to be more visible and would help avoid bots; also, tbh add functionality that works like chatbots of old to moderate and run channels--remember sitting in trivia and stuff back then between games, or using them to help keep channels not a mess?

    10. why do we not have clan options in 2021?

    In an ideal world, I'd like 1 ladder season to pass like the original, and for them to then

    1. add new sets, runewords, items, etc., seasonally to change ladder meta going forward so it's not all enigma/infinity builds with a few others scattered about

    2. Add vanity in-game profile pics/avatars or frames earned by getting to x level by end of ladder season, and/or special visuals for your character while in chat lobby for ladder progress

    3. create new events that double down on farmability and GROUP play, as the more I play this i'm reminded how much of a single player game it is

    4. approach it with a modder's mindset and add systems for new areas, either modifying/reusing assets for randomized maps with new farming goals or adding new content to existing zones (new caves, etc. with new farmables or new overworld spawns/event locations)

    I don't THINK new content restricted to new ladder seasons is too out of the realm of possibility, especially since industry standard for remasters is trending toward this kind of idea (age of empires has done this and continues to, there are others).

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    posted a message on Blizzard breaks promise yet again; removes TCP/IP from Diablo 2:Resurrected

    A lot of the longevity of the game for many was mods, and I wonder how this will impact that. I played almost exclusively on retail, but I know there are many people that are passionate about modding it.

    I think they could have made everyone happy by just saying if you want TCP/IP, your character cannot use Battle.net. Keep them separate like the old days, locally stored, anything you do to screw with your game and cheat is on you. This would also mean no crossplay, I believe, which is one of their selling points.

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    posted a message on D2R - Can't figure out how to show game chat while ingame?
    Quote from Aerisot»

    Did you try pressing the chat gem 50 times?

    The lobby seems like it is currently not working properly.

    I heard if you press it a hundred times andy drops a soj 100%

    Kk ty fren. Felt like I was too old to figure it out or something. Now I know I'm just old.

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    posted a message on D2R - Can't figure out how to show game chat while ingame?

    The message log (M) just shows everyone entering/leaving whether I choose "all" or "world" chat. I remember the original showing chat right on the game screen?

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    posted a message on What time does Season 24 Launch for europeans?

    Have D3 seasons always started on a Friday? I feel like most games this kind of thing happens on a Tuesday.

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    posted a message on Blizzard says it was wrong to allow offline play in Diablo II
    Quote from Rebjorn»

    Quote from Mestiphilous»

    I wish that D3 was available offline, since most of the time, I try to log on, & it keeps disconnecting me. Other times, I complete the 5 bounties, but get disconnected when I use my Town Portal before I can collect my cache.

    I think a lot of players would want that. These disconnects are likely on your ISP or local setup btw, so you may have to look into that. But btw NICE necro of an 8 year old thread ;-D -- Anyway if they for some ridiculous reason all of a sudden decide to make Diablo II: Resurrected 'Online Only' then I think I might sue them for aggravated assault.

    Man do you remember like 10 years ago when they said D3 would be only only I think the term they used was DRM people went NUTS. I think part of it was intellectual property security since forcing online connection would mean continuous validations of copies, so markets like China where software (Windows among them) are typically jailbroken and mass redistributed would be slightly less troublesome.

    Regardless my feeling is that D2R won't go this route since I think they said modding should be possible--someone brought it up in some other thread. With release being as near as it is I doubt that stance could change before launch, but I've been wrong about a lot of things.

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    posted a message on Why am I not getting crafting recipes anymore?

    You get them really fast at first I think because they're all the high drop chance ones. I think after you get most of those high drop chance ones they get rarer.

    It's kind of jarring because the game vomits them at you early on.

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    posted a message on Mods for Diablo 2: Resurrected may be 'fully supported'

    Based on the response, it doesn't look like Blizzard's reaction was really about modding, it was about (using this term for simplicity) hacking and redistributing their product.

    I remember years ago before D3 came out I ran a thing interviewing a bunch of preeminent D2 modders and they all expressed the sincere hope D3 would allow modding with full support, akin to a worldbuilder/map maker like recently released SC2 did. The conversation was very different back then, though. DRM was what big corporate game makers thought was the future, Blizzard was still very much in its heyday, etc. I think we even reached out to the D3 team a couple times for confirmation of modding support. This was back when Bashiok was still with Blizzard, I think we reached out to him and some others.

    I was never personally into mods, myself. I tried MedianXL and some others but I just liked the structure of the official game more. I know for many people they added replayability and enjoyment--I was content to farm until I had perfect gear on the base game, which was literally years.

    Zhuge spent a lot of time fleshing out our wiki at the time for mod content--sadly, it looks like the wiki has since been split from Dfans. It still has our old logo on it, though, if you go to it.

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    posted a message on Dumb question from oldfart
    Quote from Fresiki»

    How would I play Diablo Immortal? You download it on your phone, then use some kind of bluetooth game controller to play it? I've never played games like this on phones. Feels like a stupid question but I gotta ask. Also, how new does your phone need to be? I have a Galaxy S9 I think.

    A Galaxy S9 should probably be fine. The S10s only came out in 2019 and Netease said it was basically ready for release that year. The S9 came out only a year before that. I doubt they would design it for technology that wouldn't be relatively common to the avg consumer by release.

    Imo third-party controller support is inevitable. Blizzard was kind of dodgy about it recently, but honestly esp on an Android phone people make stuff third-party for situations like this all the time.

    I'm pretty out of the loop on the game. I was pretty negative about it after that Blizzcon. Was excpecting D4, etc etc. I've since come around a little, and I am trying to understand whether this is for me or not.

    That's not uncommon. Most people were expecting a D4 or a D2 remaster announcement in 2018 and instead DI headlined it to some tone-deaf (if well-intentioned) rhetoric. I was put-off by it--it felt like a company I had always loved as being one of the most in-touch with its fans really dropped the ball.

    That DI was primarily worked on by Netease added to it, although there is some complexity to be discussed here. China is the world's largest consumer of mobile games by more than double the US in a 2019 stat and the IP will have to do much better than it currently is there to capitalize on this largest market. Also, some things are complicated by their state-owned privately-run sector.

    Definitely washing the Netease logo across the mainstage screens did not help, nor did Wyatt's now-infamous comment. I cannot back the follow opinion up with stats, but I strongly feel that the mass layoffs of support staff and the consolidation of PR/HR/marketing with greater Activision-Blizzard over the two-ish years prior to the 2018 announcement likely contributed to this. These positions were staffed with people whose specific jobs would have been to sell this game to a demographic they would have known intimately and likely avoided this blunder.

    The items (that I found using google image search) seem to have a lot less attributes per item, so it's mostly just some basic stats + legendary abilities. So it's basically Diablo 3 with less item stats and a whole new set of skills for classes with a whole new set of legendary abilities on items.

    I played it a bit with the demo in 2019 but I never feel demos are a good representation of a game like this where there's a certain high level of cohesion needed to sell it on the actual market. But I know some people who play it right now and have put a number of hours into it--people who have streamed D3 since it came out and grew up with the franchise like us as kids, and they basically say it plays much better than D3, although there's concerns about itemization impacting PvP over time. Idk, take that how you will.

    Personally? I might play this a little, but I cannot for the life of me get into mobile games, and not for lack of trying. I just don't get attached to them--the way I like to experience games is not consuming them in quick, digestible spurts. I'm also not a big fan of an IP which has a large selling point of aesthetic and immersion being experienced like this--it felt to me very unattached.

    But that's just me. For anyone that enjoys it, more power to them. I'm much more excited about D2R and D4.

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    posted a message on Games to play while waiting for Diablo 3? (multiple merged threads)

    I went through a D3 phase hard for 2 weeks, got over that, and now I'm on a Civ6 kick.

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    posted a message on 'Wilderness' from Diablo II is a Masterpiece
    Quote from HypMic»

    The entire Diablo 2 Soundtrack is masterpiece. Apparently, the artist experimented with the orchestra and choirs for a long time and could not come up with anything. Eventually he found a guitar theme and then everything picked up pace.

    Yup! The informal, moody, ambient soundtrack really solidified the type of game and tone Diablo became known for. The tracks in Act 5 went a very different turn, which I think made sense since it was the climax of the story and a pretty epic conclusion, but woof--I completely agree. Esp in Act 2, I've always felt swept away on an adventure as grand as it was unassuming, and still rife with danger.

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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4


    Well, good to see ya again. o/

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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4


    I actually went through a D3 phase really hard over the last week, but I get to the endgame and do that for a few days and then...meh.

    What happened to your post count?

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