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    @truerasp: Cool ideas! Yes, it is not very likely they would execute the idea at least anytime soon. However, the first runewords to roll in could be as simple as

    "+10% to area damage chance" (might be complex)

    "+5% ancient find chance"

    "+50% to life regeneration"

    "Reduce cooldowns by 0.3 seconds with each kill"

    They are supporting d3 for quite awhile as we are going to get new class by the end of the year. Probably a good idea to release something new prior the Necro release in order to support the sales.

    We'll see :)

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    For those who prefer not to have Runes in Diablo 3, here's an alternative version using graphics from scrapped Talisman:

    Relicwords (basically the same thing)

    Scroll down for real alternative!


    Using Blizzard copyright images to demonstrate a suggestion.

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    Thank you much for the responses! Glad to see you find the potential.

    So an indirect buff to LoN builds? I think this is a great idea but how
    would one know what runes would go together? And what if the runes
    doesn't work together?

    LoN would benefit the most as it has most non-set item slots. Set items would have their chance as well thanks to Rorg and 7 non set slots.

    There could be a list for runewords like there is for Cube Recipe's.

    I like the idea you presented. I hope that Blizzard considers some Runeword idea in order to promote Necro DLC.

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    So they decided to do something else with Primals.

    However, there's no reason why something like this couldn't and even should done based on Ancients instead of Primals.

    Read the following topic using Deckard's Cain voice and always replacing the word "Primal" with the word "Ancient".

    We all agreed that Primals must be more than boring mainstat buffers. I was wondering if we could update the good old Runeword system by following, in order to increase the build variety:
    There would roll a random rune in front of Primal's name, like "Tal Primal Ancient Warmonger".
    Could be any other rune as well.

    When a player equips a runeword consisting of Primals like TalEthUm, the character gets that Runeword, being for example, "+120% more damage to channeling skills" (or then that runeword would give a certain boost to one of the skills for every class, like to 150% to Disintegrate, 200% to Whirlwind, 100% Rapid Fire etc.)

    NOTE! One rune (one Primal) can crossover multiple Runewords if the rune exists in both.

    • Propably set items shouldn't roll with a Rune (or should they?)
    • Primals could now roll without increased stats
    • but still near the highest stats and maybe with 2 stat rolls.
    • Primals could have now a slightly increased droprate.
    • Every salvaged Primal would now yield a imbueable Rune.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Blizzard copyright images used to demonstrate a suggestion.

    Blizzard copyright images used to demonstrate a suggestion.

    Scroll down for a Relicword alternative.

    So every Primal item would kind of be the rune itself. Equipping Primals
    so that a Runeword is formed, the character is granted with a runeword.

    Example of equipped runePrimals:
    Nef Primal Grandfather
    Tir Primal Xephirian Amulet
    Shael Primal Frostburn

    NefTirShael granted:
    5% better chance to find Ancients and Primals.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Combos and depth are endless. The propablity to roll the most optimal Primal gear with desired runes is very small so everyone would have to think by themselves what to do with the build. Imagine the Ourobros rolling with a good rune and you would equip it thanks to that. Not used legendaries would have chance to be used.

    The original topic: Battle.net Diablo 3 PTR forums Including a lot of Runewords and deeper explanations.

    Relic alternation, scroll down for more:

    Q&A of comments already presented:

    "There would be anyway one build that rules them all"

    Was the most common complain I heard about. It's true, but taking how rare Primals are, it's extremely unlikely that you would ever get the desired combo of the most optimal Primal legendaries and runes imbued to them.

    "It's just RNG on top of RNG"

    We have basically 8 - 10 piece sets as every 6 piece sets have such a mandatory supporting legendaries. There's pretty much no viable Marauder6 without Bombardier's Rucksack or no viable UE DH without Yang's Recurve and so on. I'd love to have this mixed up. It'd so exciting to know, that our set-in-stone builds had a possibility to be overwhelmed any time by the drops. Now be basically wait for a better Ancient that has 1% more of something. And that's so boring.

    The most important aspect with the Runeword Primal idea is that every single legendary would have a chance to be used. Currently one of our biggest issue with D3 is exactly that there's so mandatory legendaries so we don't have to think almost at all. Imagine Pandemonium Loop ring to drop with a rune that fullfills a runeword and then you actually might change your build with a Pandemonium Loop which now wouldn't be the case. After that, you would start to look gear that Fears the monsters and so on.

    At least the idea is definitely something worth considering. The much praised D2 had so rare items that I never get them. And that's ok as it is what ARPG's are supposed to be: there should be always a small chanceto have something exciting behind the corner. Now we don't really.

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    Obviously the main issue with Primals is the fact that they buff only the mainstat.

    Super rare drops are actually a cool thing. It was great feeling back in the day to have the first Wand of Woh drop. I never got the all D2 runes and that's perfectly fine. It's the point of ARPGs that there some cool items we are dreaming to drop.

    Primals, however, are very boring and lack excitement as they buff only mainstat and outside the weapon slot, are not necessary even weared with the first Primal drop. An item this rare should be no-brainer to equip.

    Some solutions presented on the forums:

    - Let player to roll 2 stats on Primals (no powercreep otion)

    - Let players to roll every stat on a very high price (no powercreep otion)

    - Make a consumable that allows players to roll any stat they want on their Primals (no powercreep option)

    - Widen also the affix stats and rise the lower level

    - Add another affix for the Primals

    - Make a pool of random affixes able to roll for Primals like "Immune to Molten", "+5% chance to legendary item to be an ancient" and so on

    - Have a very expensive cube receipt for Primals for players who hate RNG or are hated by RNG.

    My point is that whatever they are changing, a rare item should always feel exciting.

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    Excellent idea! Post this to r/diablo in order to get noticed. Of course it could also rate your warrior basing on how well rated warriors you have beated and how often. However, kill count would take less than an hour to code so I don't see why it shouldn't be added.

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    I suggest that...

    ...as we all know, we can milk several goblins from the Greed as she tumbles against the walls.

    However, the event could be rearranged so, that every goblin would be wealthier or different type than previous one but at the same time, Greed would eventually become deadlier and deadlier and finally kill player making all the loot vanish.

    Thus it would be all about how far players dare to fish her and can they resist their own greediness?

    Lore-wise it would mean that she gains power from others' greediness.

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    I like the idea. Though don't know about the route or seperating legs to underwears and trousers.

    I think there's anyway not enough Wand of Wohs in the game. It would be nice if there were something super rare to drop like D2 high runes were.

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    I hope that this change doesn't make GRs more "sterile" excel fest. In a game, it's a good thing to have some unexpectences, it's what makes game more alive. Other change was clearing the entrance of the level enterings. I've had many ruined grifts when my fragile DH has had 2 rarebosses right at her face when entering the next level. And that's fine, that's life.

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    Yeah why not but if they're full steam on D4, it would be odd to sacrifice Skovos (jungle act) for D3 as I guess D4's acts should differ from D3's acts a little bit.

    But I'm all for it. If we will get Druid and "act 6", I'm very satisfied. Pity that they don't reveal their plans but doing D4 would be huge task innovation-wise as they would need to reinvent all the classes and themes so it wouldn't be just the same. And how would it look like graphically? Fotorealism haven't yet been Blizzard's thing.

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    Quote from Demonmonger»

    I think the Druid will come with an Act 6 Skovos pack tbh.

    I also believe that Druid will be the next one but do you honestly think that the main story would continue within a DLC? I would think story won't continue without cinematics and if they really had Act 6 + Druid + cinematics, isn't it very close to an epansion. Personally I've lost most my belief for story to continue within D3 after silence in Blizzcon.
    Although they did upgrade the graphics engine.
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