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    posted a message on Not Flame but....the Diablo stuff isn't over yet @ Blizzcon2016

    You're 100% correct. Anyone who is jumping to conclusions about the upcoming content is purely focusing on their gut reactions and not thinking about all the other information that we have yet to receive.

    Don't say the patient is dead if you haven't checked for a pulse. (Regardless, the Necro would just rez them now, so....)

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    posted a message on "Numlock" and equivalent Macros.

    I don't use numlock. I think that part of the skill in playing is to remember stuff like cooldowns. Even when I played WoW, only macros I used were for repetitive tasks.

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    posted a message on blizzard doesnt love diablo anymore.

    If they are going to announce anything, I see them doing it at Gamescon with much more emphasis in Blizzcon.

    I still think it would be really cool to do a game for a major platform that has a mobile-app tied to it. You can already play hearthstone on your phone and there area lot of mobile ARPGs already. I'm a little surprised that Blizzard hasn't done more to tap into that market.

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    posted a message on Missing from patch notes? ET ?

    I expect to see something like this though:

    "Energy Twisters spawn new energy twisters on each hit of an enemy. Energy twisters spawned by energy twisters can spawn energy twisters."

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    posted a message on Why I need to play other games

    The other day I asked myself this question, how much do I play Diablo compared to other games? The answer: 99.5 percent Diablo, 0.5 percent other games, roughly.

    I’m a busy guy and don’t really focus on games that can take a lot of scheduling with a team of folks or large time blocks to complete something to enjoy. I left WoW years ago because I couldn’t fit in time for dailies, raiding, building faction rep, farming mats, leveling skills, and the trillion other things that dedicated players with more free time could enjoy. It became a job to remain a “good player” and I already had one of those, so I quit the game and switched to D3. There, I could leave half-way through a rift when the kid started crying and not really care. The opportunity cost was significantly lower than leaving half way through a raid and risk having my guild be pissed.

    However I have noticed a few of things since I stopped playing other games:

    My opinion of Blizzard started to decline because I began to believe in the vocal minority.

    I spend a lot of time reading fan sites for Diablo and see a lot of well constructive arguments/criticisms, but I see more people saying stuff like “Blizzard sucks”, “Diablo is dead”, and “The Devs don’t listen to us.” If you see something long enough and often enough, then you begin to believe it. I fell into that trap.

    I spent some time outside of Diablo and tried some other indie games as well as a few AAA titles. If you want to know what a broken game/company looks like, then I highly recommend you go explore some of the options in the Steam/Origin store. There are some atrocious examples of how a company can try to ram a game down your throat, ignore feedback, and try to get you to purchase something that you should have received as part of the base package. It wasn’t until I looked at those titles that I realized that Blizzard has some faults, but they are far from being broken or “dead.”

    I was coming up with less creative feedback recommendations on how to improve the game.

    When you think of how to improve GRifts, what do you use as a basis of comparison? D2? Torchlight2?

    If you live in the world of ARPGs and dungeon crawlers, then you are limiting yourself in your ability to provide feedback that can help shape the future of a game that you enjoy.

    For example, the 4 man meta is broken. There are a couple of iterations that work, but mostly the same builds and classes doing the same thing. So what if we take a strategy from popular FPS’ out there and let you change class after you die? You just encountered an Elite pack that just crushed you on your current party design? No problem, swap classes while the rez timer is counting down so you can re-optimize your group for the way the GRift has changed your strategy. Now, the new meta is working together to build a library of characters that can be used in new strategies instead of sticking to a single meta. Those who can build and improve based around the group’s strategy on dealing with certain situations wins.

    Another example, I’m a hardcore solo player and I’m about to die. I have an item equipped that lets me tag in another one of my characters to continue the fight for me. Now I don't lose that character and can try a different strategy to win the fight. It helps me in Marvel vs. Capcom, so why can’t I look at the same mechanic here.

    I was burning out on a game I loved.

    Finally, I was getting burned out on the grind. I didn’t find pleasure in the things I enjoyed in the past. Smashing my head against the GRift tier, trying to quickly farm mats, helping folks power level, etc. When I started to play other games and then come back for some time in Diablo, I began to enjoy those things again. It’s like eating the same food every day without ever trying something else. What you do becomes bland, unpalatable, and you ultimately end us disliking it.

    Think of it like a diet. Most diets don’t work because you give up on them and don’t allow yourself to cheat. If you’re true passion is Diablo, then play it but also “cheat” on it. Find some other titles from other genres and go to town. I think you’ll like being refreshed when you re-enter Sanctuary.

    In the end, I really, really recommend that you don’t make the mistake I did and lock yourself into a single game. Since I’ve started to branch out, I have started to appreciate my time in Diablo a little more. I see it with a different lens and I can enjoy the good aspects of the game and make better recommendations on the things that need improvement.

    If you haven’t branched out lately, then I recommend you do so. It might be what you need to carry you through the rest of the season and keep the fires of the Nephalem burning inside of you.

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    posted a message on THUD got hacked?!
    Quote from Nachten»

    Quote from H0p31355»

    It will be interesting to see how the LB competitions progress now till the end of the season :).

    Or if the players find a new "pizza" ;) .

    in my opinion if nobody re-develops something like Thud or if Killerjohn doesn't come back, this will result in a dead game.
    I disagree. There are a lot of people, such as myself, that do not use THUD and still find the game very playable.
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    posted a message on Ban wave in EU and US
    Quote from Pressfirenoak

    Increase the fonts size of your signature, i still can`t see it properly..

    Gabynator has been banned so many times i just feel bad for him. He once was a legend, but now hes just another boter..
    I don't feel bad for him. He knows the ToS and chooses to ignore them. That's his decision and gets to live with the consequences. The only thing better would have been if they banned them a couple days before the season ended. Not a couple of weeks.
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    posted a message on 2.4.1 Datamine Commentary & Release Dates
    Quote from Enslaved2184»

    I would like WW set to get some more boost than just triple rend action, as I don't see how would it keep up with MotE, IK or Raekor, with conclusion that IK/Raekor build will get even more op with IK 6 pieces damage boost. I don't mind using rend with WW, but this way it seems we are forced to use it with this set and to find space for lamentation as belt in our builds. That means witching hour will lose its place on barbs as PoC is mandatory for grifts (if anyone even play WW anymore lol) anyways.

    The biggest problem with using Rend is that it cancels your WW and leaves you more vulnerable to damage. If they could allow you to Rend through passive animation, then it would make sense to equip it. The other thing to consider is does using Rend worth it compared to a build using F/R and some generator attack (like Furious Charge)? I'm not sure that Rend does enough damage to compensate for all of the buffed damage that the tornadoes bring.
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    posted a message on Commentary on DFans

    Hi Everyone,

    I just hit 1,000 posts after spending a while in the forums. I wanted to take a second to reminisce on a couple of things that I’ve observed about DFans:

    1. This is the best Diablo fan site. Bar none. I can’t think of another comprehensive site that has this kind of quality content and access to tools. The site admins do a great job of updating the site and trying to find good content to highlight on a regular basis. While people may complain about spam, as someone who runs a community and its team, I think that the admins and moderators do a great job in keeping that at bay when the system doesn’t catch it.
    2. The fans here are the best on any site. This is something that I want to highlight as well. There are lots of other places that have people discussing the game, asking questions, theory-crafting, etc. but I think that DFans does a good job in being a place where anyone can constructive contribute and engage with other people who play the game.
    3. This site has the best quoting system ever. Not really, I just wanted to see if you actually read this far. J

    Let’s keep growing the site, help each other become better players, and improve the Diablo experience!

    Note: I was in no way paid for this testimonial. Purchase not necessary to win. Not valid in states where marrying a cousin is legal. Void where prohibitied except for places where voiding is prohibited. This post is worth more in Canada but worth less in the EU. If you see this post and it's 2am where you're at then go to sleep. Wash behind your ears and don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

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    posted a message on Leaderboard idea

    Hi Everyone,

    I was thinking about the paragon problem in the leaderboards, especially on season. Basically, if you bot, gain power, then you can push higher and stay on the ladder.

    Well, I thought of a way to reduce the influence of paragon on the ladder. I introduce to you the "Ladder Score."

    The idea behind this concept is that a player at any point can be competitive based upon skill without having to rely on paragon to become a contender for the ladder. Here is how it works:

    SCORE = ((GRift level x 10) x seconds left on limit))/(average paragon level)

    Solo Examples:

    Player 1: ((75 x 10) x 300))/800 = 281.25

    Player 2: ((75 x 10) x 120))/225 = 400.00

    In this example, the second player pushed the same level with less time remaining and a lower paragon but got a higher ladder score. Skill > power.

    Group Example (using 4 man)

    Group 1: ((87 x 10) x 50))/((1200+1050+1100+1300)/4) = 37.42

    Group 2: ((85 x 10) x 50))/((800 +1200+750+950)/$) = 45.95

    In this example, the 4 man group with more paragon pushed higher and had the same time remaining, but didn't get the higher score because of their power levels.

    I know it's not perfect, especially once you account for GRift difficulty scaling, but maybe it could be used as a base line. For example, instead of the numerator above, it could be a set score placed by the devs with the incorporation of the denominator.

    Anyways, that's just a thought. I'm interested to see what you all think of it or your take on how to improve it.

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