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    Quote from "reform" »
    I'd rather see people questionning and complaining than see people saying "it's blizzard so they won't dissapoint".

    They have in the past, and they continue to dissapoint today.

    People are overly eager to leap to the defence of Blizzard. The people who question and complain are some of the biggest fans of Blizzard games you'll come accross. They only want to see the games be as good as they can be.

    You are right that they have occasionally disapointed, they make mistakes like any other humans and mostly, may not see things the way everyone does (this is obvious).

    Blizzard is one of the very last gaming company I know off that still works on their game to make them as good as possible, and not just to rip off their costumers (like EA). They do have a money draining MMO, but Blizzard is smart. The people over here are smart, and want us to really have fun unlike others, because they have the money and a big community following, so they can do so without fear.

    The game -will- be as good as it can be, because trust me, the people working over Blizzard want it, and they have smart people all over. They will always disappoint some people, because so many people want things different ways. But if there is one company you can trust, its Blizzard.

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    Wrong again.

    i hate starcraft one of the worst games i have ever played in my opinion.
    I will not buy and i wont even try to pirate sc2.

    Wow is shit horrible hated it.

    I enjoyed wc3 back in the days now im bored of it.

    D2 great game but now 10 years later comparing it to other games it's a shit game and that's it.

    the reasen i hate people complaining is not beacuz i kiss blizzard arse as you stated it's simply beacuse d2 is shit.
    It's a fact say ohh your not a true d2 fan blablabla........... i dun care
    After 5 years of playing it i finally realised how shit and boring it is.

    D3 looks good and all theire doing is making the game better.
    You guys are just obsessed with d2 and thats it, cant handle change.

    For example the skill trees in d3 are more like wow skill trees than d2. I hate wow but i still accept the fact that wow skill tree > d2 skill tree.

    People that dont complain all the time dont kiss blizzards ass they are just smart enough to notice that d2 was made 10 yeras ago.

    People that complain need to take the d2 needle out of their veins and accept the fact that the more changes they do to d3 the better beacuse im sick of spending my days killing baal a million times than finally you get a good item. You look at it for 10 sec and what do you do after that ? You kill him another 53425235 times and so on.

    ...please, learn how to write your opinion without looking like a frustrated child. You have good points, but have no idea how to properly express yourself. Expect your posts to always be mocked or ignored if you keep it that way.
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    Tried with XP.

    Didn't work.

    Same problem as these guys are saying in the youtube comments.
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    Quote from "Nithilak" »
    People that invest time to get better items should show more profit than the person that does not. If they are smart they can even maximize their time with MF. Magic Find helped you invest less time for better items and you are against it? Levels of productivity can also be measured in a game. Time + effort should equal reward.

    Also, if you believe all times are fun filled ( even in a game ) then you should reevaluate reality.

    I lol'ed. If all times are not fun filled in a GAME then the game failed to deliver. Game were created for the sole purpose of entertainment. And thats still their ultimate goal. Its not saying that every elements in a game is always fun, but putting things in on purpose that are not supposed to be fun is probably the most stupid thing developers could do considering what games are for.
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    Durability would be no issue if it was the same as WoW, and I mean you technically never really run out of durability on an item, if you just repair them when you get the chance (and that can be as little as once a day, even if you play a lot, but in the case of WoW as long as you didn't die too much).

    The way WoW does it, I think its a nice feeling. You still have to pay and feel like you maintain your equipement, which is fun, but you are never really annoyed that your stuff will break and that you would need unnecessary trip to town to repair them.

    That said, I think removing durability completely is not the best of ideas. I personally want durability, but I prefer durability gone than have it like in D2.
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    Diablo III multiplayer only = huge loss of players.
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    I agree that in some case, you wonder if they asked themselves that and just cut features for nothing - but I'm confident that they have good judgement over that matter.

    Following your example, the way keys and chests are done in Diablo 2, there is no discussion: it is a 100% pointless feature that fill up one of your slot bag with a set of key if you want to unlock locked chests. Thats all. And if you don't have one? Portal and buy one.

    I believe in Blizzard (now the only game company I actually trust, like and support) and I think their teams are smart enough to not remove features that would actually add something to the game.

    Of course, if you think having to carry around keys like you did in Diablo 2 added to the gameplay, then you will be disappointed.
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    posted a message on Cant Find info on this subject yet... (Macro and keybinds)
    In D2 you had to select an ability and then use it.. whats wrong with how D3 is doing it now? You have an action bar, press "X" key to use said ability. At least thats how it was in the videos.

    Is there a need for anything else? What exactly?
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    The Horadric Cube in itself was just an annoyance that Diablo 3 certainly does not need.

    Its obvious that we need various crafting features and abilities, just not through the cube.
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    As long as its possible, I'm find with that. Stats are automatically distributed now, which is awesome - feeling the need to seek a guide and know whats the best way to put them, especially when you can't just restat, was a very painful thing to me.

    I don't think you should be able to just freely switch your skills around in the town. At the same time, I don't want the price to be too annoying (I know it was in WoW, even if most people would say 50g is nothing).

    In any case, it makes 0 sense to not have the ability to reset your skills. It doesn't even make sense that you couldn't in Diablo 2, other than the fact that its quite old.
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    A maximum is definitively required, or at least as said, a maximum where you don't get anything anymore. Its nice to have a goal, and achieve said goal. This isn't an actual MMO, I already think reaching 99 was ridiculous especially considering how Diablo 2 works.

    I just want to ask -one- thing, if the cap is around 99...

    then make it 100.. PLEASE... Reaching "99" as the pinnacle is soooo wrong and gives me a feeling of "there is just that big 1 number missing". 100! I want to reach 100, a good looking number.
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    Magic Find is stupid. It shouldn't exist. You shouldn't artificially equip your characters with non-sense to actually get an appropriate amount of magic drops. It becomes a necessity to find enough things, and thats a bad thing.
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    In Diablo, monsters generally go down fast. While a Barbarian must get close to attack, what does that really mean? He's got some mobility moves, can leap great distances, and can attack quick and everything.

    The barbarian can use the crowd going all over him to damage all of them. He can choose when to get out and attack smaller enemies first. Getting surrounded is not always a good thing, unless you can just take the hit a bit and then smash them all in one hit, right?

    My point: As far as I'm concerned, melee class can have a lot of abilities that requires some level of thinking, and not just bash their skull one by one. While the abilities are different, and strategies might involve getting hit, that doesn't mean it requires less from the player.
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